How to Shotgun a Beer Faster: Step by Step Guide To Impress Everyone

How to Shotgun a Beer Faster a guy after shotgunning a beer

Knowing how to shotgun a beer faster without making a mess is pretty challenging, especially if this is your first time. But it is possible, and we’re sure you’ve seen it done before.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to shotgun beer as fast as possible without spilling it. Our step-by-step tips have been tried and tested, so you can be sure to shotgun beer like a pro at your next beer hangout.

How to Shotgun a Beer Faster

Here is a step-by-step guide on chugging a beer like a pro.

– Choose Your Beer With Care

If you’re shotgunning beer for the first time, it’s best to use a canned beer. So the first step is to choose the right type of beer, and by that, we mean a can of beer. Another essential process is to ensure the beer you’re choosing is one you’ve actually tasted before. It’s a lot harder to shotgun a beer if you don’t like the taste.

Also, make sure the beer you’re choosing has a low alcohol content since shotgunning involves chugging beer at a very fast pace. Light beer is usually recommended, and some examples include Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, and other low ABV drinks.

Unless you’re certain that you’re an expert at shotgunning beer, it’s best to stay off Hazy IPAs, Stouts, or other high ABV drinks.

– Choose the Right Location

Where you’re planning to do this is very important too. Shotgunning beer involves spillage, and even the best chuggers can spill. To avoid incidents, make sure to avoid shotgunning a beer in places that are already wet and slippery. It’s usually advisable to shotgun beer outdoors.

It wouldn’t make sense to ruin your carpets or mess up your furniture if a mess occurs indoors. You can shotgun beer on boats, balconies, and places with fewer objects on your path. Of course, you can shotgun at house parties, but avoid shotgunning in locations where there are younger kids, cops, or older adults.

If you are shotgunning indoors, it’s best to do it over a sink or bathtub.

– Check the Temperature

There’s no hard or fast rule as to how the temperature of the beer for shotgunning should be. Some people prefer using warmer or room temperature beer because they believe it’s a lot easier to drink. While this is true, beers at room temperature or warmer tend to be foamier. When the beer is foamier, it slows down the time it would take to chug the beer.

On the other hand, you do not want to use a beer that’s freezing cold. Chugging a freezing beer can likely lead to a brain freeze. To avoid this, make sure the beer you’re drinking is cold but not in a freezing condition. Let the beer defrost for about 10 – 20 minutes before trying to shotgun it.

– Position for Puncture

Positioning your beer can for puncture is essential for the shotgunning process. This can be quite tricky for first-timers and can result in a lot of waste if done incorrectly. The best way to position a can of beer for puncture is to lay it on its side on a flat, sturdy surface. This reduces spillage by moving the bubbles to the sides of the can.

Setting the can upright for puncturing may result in a lot of beer wastage since all of the air is right at the top of the can. You don’t necessarily have to set it on a surface if you’ve shotgunned beer before. You can just hold it in your hands and aim for a puncture.

– Dent the Can

After positioning your can for a puncture, the next thing to do is dent the can. This means that you’ll need to mark the spot where you want to puncture the can. There are tricks to help dent your can of beer. First of all, choose a can made from aluminum as they’re a lot easier to puncture.

Secondly, make sure you dent the can an inch away from the bottom. This part is usually softer than other parts of the can and is easier to mark. To dent the can, you simply have to press your thumbs to the bottom of the can; remember to keep it an inch from the bottom. After denting the can, the perfect place to puncture should be obvious.

– Puncture

Once you’ve marked the spot for puncture by denting the can, the next thing to do is to make the perfect puncture. At this point, you’d need to use the right tool. Any object with a sharp or pointed edge will do, but most times, the common tools to use are a key, knife, or shotgun claw.

All you have to do is place the key or knife into the dented part of the cab and press it in. At this point, you’d have to be careful to avoid spilling the beer, so you’ll have to gently apply force when pressing the sharp object on the dented part. If you can’t find a sharp object, you can use your thumbs to do a puncture as well.

However, you’d have to be very careful to avoid cutting yourself on the aluminum can. It is not advisable to try using your teeth to crack open a hole. This is quite hazardous and can ruin the fun of shotgunning your beer.

– Make the Hole Bigger

Insert the object you used for the puncture back in the hole and move it sideways or vertically, depending on how you want the hole to be. However, you have to be careful to avoid making the hole extremely big. This could lead to choking or creating more mess when chugging the beer.

Check that your mouth can still fit and cover the hole completely when making the hole bigger. You don’t necessarily need to make the hole bigger if you’re new to shotgunning unless you’re sure you can swallow fast enough.

– Drink Up

The previous steps all lead to this step, which is the most essential. The purpose of beer shotgunning is actually to drink beer quickly. Once you’ve created a hole, it’s time to drink. Rushing to drink your beer immediately may not be the wisest thing to do.

Instead, hold your can of beer at a horizontal line to avoid spillage and place your finger on the tab of the can. Place your mouth on the hole and make sure your lips completely seal it while still holding the can horizontally. Slowly raise your head until the can is held vertically and then open the tab.

The point of opening the tab is to let the bubbles and air rush to the bottom of the can so you don’t have to suck on it vigorously. This lets you chug the beer faster yet smoothly without having beer all over you.

– Assess Your Limits

How to Shotgun a Beer Faster drinking beer from a jug

Shotgunning beer can be one of the exciting drinking games to play at your beer hangout or party, but you must know your limits. While going for this exciting activity, you’re likely to get drunk a lot faster, especially if you’re a lightweight. If you’re a lightheaded drinker, shotgunning a can of beer is enough.

As fun as it can be to chug beer quickly, you must know when to stop. However, you’re free to chug as much beer as you want if you’re prepared to deal with a terrible hangover.

– Shotgunning Other Drinks

Beers aren’t the only drinks you can shotgun. You can also shotgun using other beverages, especially if you’re a beginner who needs to practice. Any drink that comes in a can be used for shotguns. However, you’ll need to watch out for drinks with too many flavors, sodas, and high ABV content.

Shotgunning with drinks that have too many flavors makes it harder to swallow fast. Sodas contain a lot of carbonation and can upset your stomach if chugged at a fast speed. High ABV drinks will get you drunk even before you finish the can, and that just ruins the fun of chugging your beer.

How to Shotgun a Beer Faster Without Spraying

Even the best chuggers often create a mess when shotgunning a beer because this is almost unavoidable. However, there’s a way to do it right. The first thing to do is to hold the can or place it on a firm surface horizontally.

Next, dent the point where you want to make your hole. It’s best to mark this point close to the bottom of the can, and it’s usually best to keep it an inch or two away from the bottom. You then make a dent with either your thumb or any sharp object.

Once you’ve dented the hole, you then widen the hole with your key, beer claw, or knife while it is still in a horizontal state. Once the hole has been cracked open, flatten the layers of the can with your thumb, key, or any tool you used in creating the hole.

By doing this, you ensure that chugging is safer and faster. Place your mouth over the hole while it is still held horizontally, raise your head and open the tab. Now you can shotgun your beer smoothly and faster without spraying it all over the place.

How to Shotgun a Beer Bottle

You can also try shotgunning with a bottle, but the process is entirely different from using a can. Shotgunning with a bottle is called strawpedoing. The process of strawpedoing with a bottle is a lot easier than shotgunning with a beer can. All you have to do is uncork your bottle and insert a straw.

Once the straw has been inserted, bend the tip of the straw so that it folds over the lips of the bottle. Since the straw end is bent over, air would rush into the bottle, making it easy to shotgun.

All you have to do is tilt your head back and chug the beer without moving your hands off the pinched end of the straw.  Although strawpedoing is quite easy, using a beer can is a more accepted form of shotgunning a beer.

How To Relax Your Throat When Chugging Beer

One way to relax your throat when chugging is to take a deep breath and let the drink pour in. Trying to gulp or breathe while swallowing can reduce the time it takes the beer to go down. All you have to do is swallow right before the beer hits your throat. That way, it becomes easier to drink nonstop.

FAQs About Shotgunning Beer

– How Do You Speed Chug a Beer?

There are several ways to chug a beer faster, and the first thing you need to do is lay your can of beer to the side and create a tiny hole an inch away from the bottom. Make sure the hole is small but can fit in your mouth without spillage. Gently tip the can to the top, place your mouth on the spot and simultaneously open the can at the top.

Immediately after you do this, air enters the top of the can, causing the drink to flow quickly to the bottom. Simply relax your throat and allow the drink to pour in. Slam your empty can down and you’re done! You can also shotgun beer faster from a bottle or glass, although the shotgunning method varies.

– Why Is It Easier To Chug Warm Beer Than Cold Beer?

It is easier to chug warm beer than cold beer because warm beer contains less CO2 than cold beer, making it easier to chug. Chugging a cold beer can lead to brain freeze and stomach ache due to excess carbonation.

Some drinkers prefer chugging at room temperature, and while this isn’t bad, it doesn’t work well for chugging. Beers at room temperature are a lot foamier and can slow down the shotgunning process. It is also very hard to swallow the beer easily since it is too cold. You should allow your cold beer to sit for about 5 minutes before chugging it.

– How Do You Chug a Beer Without Throwing Up?

You can chug beer without vomiting by first allowing the beer to get warm before chugging. To avoid vomiting when shotgunning beer, do not drink ice cold beer. You should also allow the drink to pour freely into your throat. Trying to take gulps as the beer flows quickly can lead to gagging or choking, which may lead to vomiting.

If you’ve chugged more than a bottle, you should take water or allow your system to settle for a while before you continue. Excess alcohol in the body can lead to alcohol poisoning and death, so vomiting is your body’s reaction to excess alcohol content. If you ever feel like vomiting after chugging, it may be your cue to stop.

– What Is the Easiest Beer to Shotgun?

Any beer with less than 4 percent alcohol content and a light flavor would be very easy to shotgun, and one of the most popular beers to shotgun is Miller Lite. Due to its low ABV and unassertive flavor, it is a favorite in beer chug contests. Other beers include Bud Light, Coors Light, and Guinness Draught.

There are several other beers you can try out when shotgunning. It is advisable to use light beers when shotgunning because shotgunning involves taking on excess alcohol at a fast pace. Beers with high alcohol volume will get you drunk faster, and the last thing you want to be is drunk at a beer-chugging contest.


There are days when you just want to savor the taste of your beer, and there are other days when the occasion calls for shotgunning. Here’s a summary of all that was discussed in the article:

  • One of the first steps to properly shotgun is to use the right type of beer.
  • How you position the can for puncture matters, and it’s best to position it horizontally.
  • When making a hole, make sure it is wide enough for the drink to enter your throat but not too wide that your mouth can’t fit over the hole.
  • Although chugging is fun, it is best to know your limit, and once you start to feel tipsy then you have to stop.
  • You can shotgun with other drinks, and you can even shotgun beer using a glass. However, using a can is a lot better and easier.
  • How to Shotgun a Beer Faster two guys shotgunning beer

Now that you’ve learned how to shotgun beer like a professional, you can go ahead and show off at your next beer party. While you’re having fun chugging, remember to know your limits and make sure to drink responsibly.

Disclaimer: none of the authors, contributors, administrators, vandals, or anyone else connected with, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from this web page. Use at your own risk!

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