Insignia Kegerator Review: Matching Convenience With Innovation

The insignia kegerator review all you need to knowThe Insignia kegerator review shows its dual capability to hold either a one-fourth slim keg or a half keg. It also features a convenient thermostat that lets you easily adjust the temperature and keep your cold beverage cold. In this complete review, we have covered everything you need to know about the product, so keep reading and see what this product has to offer.

Pros Cons
Good looks with an elegant finish Faucets can be better
Value for money The kit comes with basic equipment only
The reliability of a reputed brand – Best Buy
Easy setup and operations

Insignia Kegerator Highlights

Not just a well-known brand, the Insignia kegerator boasts several advanced features that make the process of storing and pouring beer easy for you. These features include:

  • Locking wheels
  • Reversible stainless-steel door
  • Thermostat
  • 6 cu ft capacity
  • Dual tap dispensing
  • Dual shelves

Insignia Kegerator Review

The after-party scene is a rather dull moment after hours of frenetic banter, activities, and interactions with your friends, family, or acquaintances. You often wish there was a way for you to keep the party going. Well, we do have some good news for you.

If you are someone that never likes to wind down their night of the party, the Insignia kegerator is the perfect choice for you. It’s a dual tap kegerator with a 2-tap beer dispensing system boasting a total of 5.6 cu ft of capacity that can hold either a half keg or a one-fourth slim keg so that you never run out of beer during your house parties.

A kegerator is a must-have if you wish to have the convenience of never leaving the comfort of your home for a few drinks of the freshest beer, and the Insignia kegerator comfortably ticks all the right boxes.

Even after you have wrapped up for the night, as a cooler kegerator, the Insignia kegerator can be easily transformed into a beverage cooler that acts as a full-fledged refrigerator within its rights. This means you can use it to store a host of other beverages that need cooling, like fresh fruit juices, condensates, and soft drinks. The Insignia kegerator also utilizes its internal space efficiently with the added convenience of two wire shelves.

This means you can utilize every last cu ft of its internal capacity by storing beer kegs, drink bottles, or any other beverage that needs refrigeration.

Compared to other kegerators that do not feature a dual shelf system, the Insignia kegerator is highly useful in storing more quantities of the product, giving you a better value for your money. Also, compared to other similar products, the stylish stainless-steel body of the Insignia kegerator is fitted with a convenient door that allows for left and right-handed operation. This means that just about anyone can handle this effectively, even after downing a few mugs.

The reversible door ensures that your kegerator can fit inside even the tightest of spaces without anything blocking the opening of the doors. As with most kegerators, the Insignia is fitted with a thermostat on the outside that lets you adjust the internal temperature easily. This is critical for storing different kinds of beverages that need different storage temperatures. You can even set individual temperature ranges for different kinds of beer that need different temperatures to preserve freshness.

And finally, it comes fitted with a set of locking wheels that significantly enhance the maneuverability of the kegerator, making it a highly portable kegerator. This is especially helpful when the kegerator is full of beverages and needs to be shifted to a different room or an area within the same premises. The locking mechanism of the wheels allows for smooth and stable operations as it keeps the kegerator in place if you wish to use it by opening and closing the door.

Product Features Breakdown

Keeping the Insignia kegerator organized is a breeze with its dual wire-shelf configuration. Of course, these are only a few of the many exciting as well as utilitarian features the Insignia kegerator boasts of.

The new Insignia kegerator has upgraded its dispensing capability with a dual tap beverage cooler system compared to previous products that had the option to use only one tap for dispensing. This speeds up the process of distributing beverages to your guests even within a sizable group. You rarely have to wait for your drink to fill up.

– Locking Wheels

Locking wheels ensure that heavy appliances have portability so that they can be hauled from one space to another without much effort. The locked wheels fitted with the Insignia kegerator make moving the appliance from one spot to another a breeze. This is perfect for people who organize parties at their own houses frequently as it lets them serve guests in every room even helping transform it into an outdoor kegerator.

Many refrigerators or heavy appliances like the kegerator are fitted with locking wheels or rollers that make moving it easier to serve multiple people or for cleaning. However, compared to appliances with simple rolling wheels, locking wheels ensure that the appliance moves only when you want it to. In any case, you would want to exercise caution when moving the kegerator on smooth or tiled floors.

Difference of Insignia Wheels

Most refrigerators, however, only come with a rear set of wheels and have stands in the front portion to level the appliance. This setup is useful while rolling the refrigerator in a leaning posture and is limited in its scope of being moved across various locations.

On the other hand, the Insignia kegerator comes with a full set of wheels that provide maximum movability and ease of leveling on smooth surfaces.

Wheels Prevent Rolling

The locking wheels of kegerators are especially helpful when you are trying to open its door. Due to the size and bulk of the door, there is a good chance that the kegerator will end up rolling on a smooth floor. The locking wheel system of the Insignia kegerator prevents unwanted rolling or movement of any kind while working with the appliance.

If an appliance does not have locking wheels, users usually have to wedge the wheels with a furniture coaster or a piece of plastic or wood as a stopgap measure.

– Reversible Stainless-steel Door

Insignia kegerator highlightsThe Insignia kegerator is fitted with a reversible door, i.e., a door that allows you to change the direction it opens. The reversible doors of the Insignia kegerator lets you set the appliance up in any given space, no matter where you approach it from. Let’s say you are setting up your brand-new Insignia kegerator inside your kitchen. Having reversible doors ensures that the door doesn’t get in the way when using the kegerator to either pour or take out a beverage.

Also, if you are short on space, you can adjust the door in a manner that doesn’t bang against other furniture or appliances like a cabinet or even walls when you try to open the doors. Another benefit of reversible doors is a two-handed operation. Most appliances are designed keeping right-handed operation in mind, but with the Insignia kegerator, you can seamlessly use the appliance even if you prefer using the other hand as the doors will switch to allow proper functioning.

Here are some more benefits of a reversible door:

  • If you are unsure where the kegerator will fit in your home, you need not worry. The reversible doors ensure ease of access in most spaces inside your home. Yes, even in constrained ones or for people that live in small apartments or have a lot of furniture or goods taking up a chunk of living space. Now, they do not need to compromise on having the freshest brew in the comfort of their homes.
  • Having reversible doors ensures that using the kegerator to pour a beverage, take out a beverage, or even modify components will be a breeze no matter where it is placed. Reversible doors give you the freedom of choosing the direction of operation, thus eliminating any possible blockages or barriers inside your home.
  • With reversible kegerator doors, you no longer need to worry about your dominant hand of operation. You can simply change the direction of the door as per your convenience and preference during the installation process. If you are left-handed or have some physical constraints with one of your hands, your kegerator will still be easily operative.
  • Avoiding blockages while opening doors means that there are almost no chances of bumping your kegerator door against anything that can get scratched or dented. This makes sure that the shiny, stainless-steel door keeps looking like new year after year.

– Thermostat

Your Insignia kegerator comes installed with a thermostat that essentially controls the cooling system within the kegerator. The thermostat on the Insignia kegerator consists of a dial to adjust the cooling level. You can also gauge the temperature inside the kegerator with a thermometer and use the dial to adjust the cooling accordingly.

In this case, the temperature range is between 32-45 degrees Fahrenheit. For draught beer, the recommended temperature is between 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

How the Thermostat Works

Contrary to popular belief, the thermostat itself is not responsible for changing the temperature inside the kegerator. It just transfers the settings applied to the main cooling system and the compressor that lets the kegerator achieve consistent and uniform cooling.

In most cases, instead of making the inner air cooler, these systems simply remove heat from different components, thereby adjusting the temperature. The thermostat is a key component of this process and regulates either the beginning or the end of air movement around the kegerator system.

The thermostat also directly affects the functioning of the compressor, because when the desired temperature is reached, the sensor within the system shuts off the compressor. When the temperature rises again, the compressor gets restarted to reinstate the cooling. The thermostat acts as the guidance system that dictates the functioning of the kegerator cooling unit.

Using an accurate thermostat is an absolute must for kegerators. This ensures that your beverages are kept fresh and ready to consume without losing any of their features like taste, aroma, or carbonation. Without this, you would be unable to regulate the temperature inside the kegerator and the stored beer would go off fairly quickly.

– 5.6 Cu Ft Capacity

Your Insignia kegerator has an internal storage capacity of 5.6 cu ft. This lets it store either a one-fourth slim keg or a half keg of beer. This gives you a perfect understanding of the amount of beer your kegerator can hold and, depending on your consumption, the number of dispensed mugs it will have.

While purchasing a kegerator, the internal capacity will play a major role in determining how you use the appliance. It is important to ensure that there is sufficient space to hold beverages during events and whenever it is being used. It also determines the cooling capacity needed to maintain the desired temperature.

Problems With Capacity

However, there is another side to this logic. Having a kegerator with a large internal space, while great for storing a higher amount of beverage, may make the kegerator cumbersome to use. This is especially true if you are planning to use it within the confines of your room. And if you are already running low on space, you need to ensure your kegerator has optimum internal space that gets the job done without taking up too much space.

Therefore, it makes sense to carefully weigh your conditions, requirements, and choices before getting this product. Ideally, if you are looking to purchase a kegerator for home use, like the Insignia kegerator, the sweet spot in terms of capacity is somewhere in the middle of it. This ensures you have just the right amount of beverage ready to be dispensed without going overboard on the size and the bulk of the appliance.

– Dual Tap Dispensing

The Insignia kegerator is a dual tap kegerator – i.e., it is fitted with two different taps that dispense your beverage instead of a single fitting. This is an upgrade that it enjoys over its previous iterations which were mostly limited to a single tap. With dual tap dispensing, you can enjoy your drink of choice even more conveniently.

Imagine you have a bunch of friends over for a night of banter over beers. The last thing you would want to see is a long queue in front of the kegerator with everyone waiting their turn to fill up their drinks. Now, with a dual tap dispensation system, you can fill everyone’s glasses and mugs considerably faster, meaning there’s way less waiting to get your beer and more time to indulge in chit-chat and conversation.

How To Use Dual Dispensing

To use the dual tap system, stand side by side if used by two people, gently open the faucet handle and proceed to fill up the glasses. The glasses should be placed at a 45-degree angle to the faucet, leaving just a bit of space between the top of the glass and the bottom of the nozzle.

Once the glasses are filled up two-thirds of the way, straighten them and top them off with a foamy surface. Once done, promptly close the tap but be sure to do it before removing the glasses from under the nozzle.

– Dual Shelves

The Insignia kegerator features dual shelves. That means the internal space is divided into two distinct sections. This allows you, as the user, to maximize the utilization of the inner space by storing other beverages on top of the kegs. In the case of other kegerators without the division, a lot of vertical space is wasted, leaving little space for beer and other beverages.

Having two completely separated areas means that you get to use the cooling system not only on the beer kegs but also on other beverages that require refrigeration. This extends the usability of the Insignia kegerator quite in contrast with its competitors. This also means that you optimize the electrical consumption by maximizing the utilization of the cooling system.

This feature fits in perfectly with the dual usage feature of the Insignia kegerator. To completely revamp the kegerator from a beer dispenser to a fully functioning refrigerator, simply follow these steps:

  • Remove the kegs along with the entire system by first disconnecting the beer lines. Then remove the beer kegs to free up internal space.
  • The next step is to remove the CO2 tanks by first shutting off the CO2 valve, disconnecting the CO2 gas line, and then removing the CO2 tank.
  • The top cabinet plug needs to be replaced as well.
  • Use the plugs provided to cover the guard rail installation holes only after removing the guard rails.
  • This is when you will be able to use the two different wire shelves provided to utilize the whole space by dividing it into individual sections.
  • Install the wire shelves and use the thermostat to set the desired temperature. It would depend on the kind of beverage you wish to store in your newly transformed refrigerator.

With this, you will be able to use your Insignia kegerator as a refrigeration unit that fulfills the promise of added versatility that Insignia offers. The multi-shelf system ensures you can use the unit as a well-functioning refrigerator and not just as a stop-gap arrangement.


Of course, this is just scratching the surface. The stylish Insignia kegerator boasts a classy stainless-steel finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your interiors while being a highly useful appliance. Moreover, the kegerator is installed with the most modern features, including a thermostat, locking wheels, wire shelves, and a dual tap dispensation system that makes it a definitive choice for the next generation of beer connoisseurs.The insignia kegerator review what to expect

The wide array of modern and innovative features is paired with good old-fashioned trust and quality, making sure you will enjoy many years of effortless beer drinking right from inside your home. So, if you are in the market for a kegerator, your search ends here. The raving customer reviews portray quite the accurate picture and dole out the final verdict. Insignia kegerator will certainly match all your requirements, built on years of expertise and a rock-solid promise of quality and durability.

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