Chug Beer: Master These Techniques To Become a Beer Chugging Champion

Men chuging beer from the glassChug beer with your friends to have some fun and it might just spark a friendly competition. So, what is chugging? Simply put, it means drinking beer in massive gulps.

If you wish to unfurl all the mystery around chugging, keep reading. This article will teach you how to efficiently and quickly chug beer and will also discuss a few other chugging-related tips.

Ways to Chug Beer

Some individuals are inherently better at chugging, but there are strategies you can master to increase your chugging capabilities.

There are not one but three ways you can chug beer. Let’s dive into each of them in detail in an attempt to find the best way to chug beer:

– Technique 1: Chugging From Glass

This is the basic technique, to have some extra fun with no hassle!

Choose a Beer

One of the best ways to chug beer is by using a glass. Firstly, pick the beer you will be drinking. Nowadays, there are many different types of beer to choose from, so zero in on the one you prefer.

Next, pick a brew that isn’t too frizzy. If you fail to do so, the fizz and bubbles will make it challenging to drink the beer, and you may feel blechy and inflated after chugging.

Choose a beer that has a moderate level of alcohol and is simple to chug. If you are at college and want to party, keg beer will suffice. If you don’t have access to PBRs and Bad Larrys, try APA or blonde ale.

Choose a Glass

Make things easy for yourself by selecting the appropriate glass. You can chug beer from a plastic cup, but refrain from doing so if you seek a holistic experience!

Use the right shaped glass (you can also use a mug) made of natural materials. Choose a cup with a holder that’ll make it easier to hold the cup, and a bigger aperture at the head will pour more beer into your mouth. A pint glass without a holder is also a good choice.

Pour the Beer and Wait

Wait until the bubbles have dissipated before drinking a frothy, foamy beer to avoid stomach aches, nausea, and acidity. Waiting allows the beer to warm up a little — this helps prevent brain freeze after you’ve chugged it!

Specific techniques, like tapping the bottom of a can, bottle, or glass, can assist in releasing the CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the brew. The lower the amount of carbon dioxide in your stomach, the better. There is more room to gulp now!

Catch Your Breath and Unwind Your Throat

Relax your neck and let the alcohol flow straight into your stomach. Allow gravity to do the thing for you.

Hold your breath and avoid stopping the beer flow since this may slow you down and possibly cause you to spill valuable beer. Keep in mind that your throat’s rear is where the beer hits during a real chug.

The ability to relax one’s gag reflex is what distinguishes true chugging champions from beer chugging noobs. Your throat contracts when something touches the bottom of your mouth or the area behind your tonsils. This is called a gag reflex.

– Technique 2: Chugging With Cans

This second technique is a bit more advanced, but guarantees extra fun!

Select Your Beer

The first step, much like when drinking from a glass, is to choose your brew. The same factors apply, so pick one that’s moderate, not gaseous, and doesn’t have a high alcohol concentration.

Taste is also important while choosing a beer. A simple plain pilsner or pale lager is the finest choice. You want something light so it can swiftly digest and settle in your stomach.

Choose something that isn’t overly alcoholic, as consuming too much alcohol within a few seconds might make you feel nauseated.

Cut a Tiny Hole in the Head of the Can Using a Knife

Carefully apply mild pressure to penetrate the can. Make sure to grip the can and knife securely to avoid its tip from sliding.

The air passage will probably slow you down the most while chugging from a can. Air must flow into the can to replenish the beer and allow it to flow smoothly and swiftly; otherwise, the beer would come out in gulps.

Take a Long Breath and Place Your Finger on the Hole

Place one finger over the cut in the can, take a long breath (as if you were sipping from a cup), elevate the can into your lips, and lean your head backward.

The hole you cut is known as a carburetor, and it serves as a vent for air to enter the container.

Let Gravity Do Its Work While You Rest Your Throat

Remove the finger blocking the vent and tilt the can to allow the beer to flow out. As the beer empties, tip the can higher and higher to keep the flow smooth and even for easier chugging.

Relax your throat and get gravity to flow the beer outside the can and inside your mouth, exactly like you would with glass. Try not to pause or swallow because this will reduce the suds stream toward your stomach, much as the previous way.

– Technique 3: Shotgunning Using a Can

This is a technique for real pros!

Choose a Beer

Make sure it’s a beer you enjoy. If you don’t like the flavor, you won’t like shotgunning, and your performance will surely suffer.

Make sure you’re drinking a lighter beer. It is more challenging to shotgun heavier drinks (anything with an ABV over five percent).

Make Use of the Appropriate Tools

Puncturing the can with a key or knife is simple. If neither are accessible, use anything sharp to make the hole.

Just be cautious not to pierce the can too hard, and don’t be reckless with the hole — you don’t want to cut yourself or create a large hole.

Hold the Beer Horizontally in Your Hands

Place the can on a surface that’s level or in your hand so that it is sideways. This causes an air bubble within the can to move to one side rather than to the top, wasting a lot less beer after cutting the hole.

Find the Right Spot To Puncture the Can

Woman chuging beer from the big glassThe safest position is 1 inch from the can’s bottom. The aluminum in this portion of the can is softer, making it easier to puncture it.

Tilt the can until the air bubble starts to move beneath your thumbs. Press down on the can until you can feel the air pocket. Make a tiny dent to mark the position of the hole.

Puncture the Hole

Cut the hole by pressing down in a single quick motion. Remember: It is typical for beer and frizz to flow out of the hole.

Any sharp instrument will suffice; just be careful not to puncture the can on the opposite side.

Tilt the Can Towards You With Your Lips Over the Hole

Drink your favorite beer as much as you can in a short amount of time. Allow gravity to do the work as you open the tab with your other hand.

Keep your throat open and drink as much beer as you like.

Make sure you have your head leaned back, since this will aid in the rapid pouring of the beer. Instead of gulping or sucking on the can, make sure your throat is open so that the beer simply pours down. Drinking beers in this manner allows you to become inebriated much more quickly.

You will become drunk faster by shotgunning a beer than by sipping a beer regularly. Keep in mind that the quicker you drink, the more intoxicated you’ll become.

How To Chug a Beer Fast?

Are you in a rush and want to drink a beer fast? Or do you simply wish to stand out from the crowd and be crowned as the beer chugging champion? Here’s how you can chug a beer quickly.

– Take a Straw and Put It in Your Beer

Open your beer bottle and insert a flexible plastic straw into it. Bend the straw’s top section down toward the bottle. The straw allows air to enter the beer bottle, allowing the drink to flow out faster and without spilling.

– Begin To Chug While Leaning Your Head Back

The straw will function as a carburetor, allowing the beer to flow out of the bottle faster. The faster the beer runs, the quicker and easier you can drink it.

Make sure the straw’s bent end is protruding out of the bottle’s top. Position yourself to drink the beer by placing the bottle’s opening into your lips.

– Chug the Beer

Allow the beer to go straight through your throat on its route to your stomach by keeping your throat open and relaxed.

The straw creates a vent in the bottle, forcing air into the bottle and propelling the liquid to its eventual destination–your stomach. You should be able to finish your beer in under five seconds.

Easiest Beer to Chug

Having learned that chugging a beer isn’t as easy as it looks, here’s another truth bomb — choosing which sorts of suds to consume can be challenging too!

Smooth and palatable, easy, chuggable drinks should not fill you up too quickly. Lagers are simple to drink, whereas pale ales are enjoyable too. The best beers to chug are inexpensive, which makes them ideal for a party.

Miller Lite is a well-known beer for this purpose. This no-frills beer has all the ingredients for an excellent chug, including a low price, mild flavor, and 4 percent alcohol by volume.

Try the dry Irish stout Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day if you search for a chug-worthy challenge. Also, when it comes to easy-to-drink beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon is an ideal choice.

Here are a few of the best beers to chug:

– Pabst Hard Cold Brew

Pabst Hard Cold Brew is a unique crossover drink for chugging. PBR has more bready characteristics and a strong malt flavor, but the corn flavor is still there.

It features a sweet beginning, a light-bodied mouthfeel, and a sharp and dry finish.

– Red Stripe

Red Stripe pours with a true-to-style look. It has a pale straw hue and is highly transparent, with fewer bubbles than other beer types. The head rises in a medium-density white and lowers fast.

Red Stripe’s scent is gritty sweet with a touch of delicious apples. Its flavor is the same as well, with a bland sweetness and a hearty sting of carbonation on the tongue.

– Lone Star

Lone Star is a light lager. As a result, the alcohol concentration of Lone Star beer is only 4.7 percent per 12 ounces. This beer is full of malted barley and corn extract, two of nature’s best brewing components.

Lone Star’s ingredients give it its natural taste. This beer’s variety mashing routine achieves the optimum mix of alcohol, body, and character, while the finest hops add depth and scent.

– Coors Light

Coors Light is an American-style light lager beer that is crisp, light, and refreshing. It contains 4.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and 102 calories per 12-ounce drink.

This light-calorie beer comes loaded with Rocky Mountain enjoyment, a light body, clean malt aromas, and mild bitterness. Coors Light beer in a carry case is a terrific chugging beer.

Tips for Chugging Beer

Here are a few additional tips that’ll help you chug your beer quicker than most:

– Open Your Throat and Place the Bottle Correctly

This may sound like a silly demand to make of you, but you have to do so. Practice with water before you attempt it on beer.

Instead of gulping the drink, let it trickle down your throat. You can do this by drinking beer fast yet slowly enough to allow some air to pass through the liquid.

Place the can or bottle at a 45-degree angle. Gravity will assist you in getting the job done if you position the bottle or can at a sharp angle.

– Temperature

A case of icy cold beer sounds fantastic, especially on a hot summer day, but it’s not an option for swallowing or, even worse, chugging.

When it comes to gulping drinks, ice-cold beer is a big NO — your throat muscles will be under duress owing to the freezing temperature, not to mention the risk of brain freeze. So, for the ordinary chugger, room temperature suds are best.

– Get Rid of the Bubbles

If you’re drinking from a cup, collect as much fizz as you can when pouring it and then wait for the bubbles to dissipate.

Also, bang your glass on the table shortly before drinking to release the CO2. This is a great way to get rid of excess air.

– Choose the Right Beer Container

When it comes to guzzling a drink, the air movement carries great significance. Different vessel types manage air and liquid flow in different ways.

The lips of various containers vary. Hence, it’s more challenging to spill beer from a bottle than it is from a beer stein.

– Take Huge Gulps

If you can’t drink big gulps of beer, try taking a massive chug of water, and strive to finish it in one sitting. You’ll be ready to chug for real in no time at all!

– Neglecting Numbers

Keep in mind that most beer kinds include a significant amount of alcohol — consider this before purchasing a bottle.

It’s perfectly okay to drink the one with 10 percent alcohol provided you like it. But for chugging, the best option is to choose one with less than 5 percent alcohol by volume. If you enjoy draught beer, always inquire about its ABV from the bartender.

– Tilt Your Head Back

Gravity is on your side. The more you tilt your head backward, the simpler it is for the beer to pass down your throat without you having to swallow it deliberately.


Do you gulp when chugging beer?

No, it’s not necessary to gulp when chugging beer. In fact, gulping can increase the likelihood of choking or inhaling the beer, which can be dangerous. It’s better to take controlled sips and pace yourself to avoid any mishaps.

How to chug beer without throwing up?

To chug beer without throwing up, try taking smaller sips, taking deep breaths between sips, and pacing yourself.

How to do the tornado chug?

To do the tornado chug, hold the beer horizontally, open the tab, and spin the beer in a circular motion to create a vortex before chugging.


Man chuging beer from the glassThere’s still hope for people who struggle to drink a beer in one go, and by using the tactics and advice we’ve provided in this article, you may work on developing the vital life skill of being able to gulp a beer quickly!

Avoid drinking rounds and shots and, when essential, learn to say NO. Set your boundaries and enjoy yourself — this is the essence of all wisdom and the purpose of drinking beer. Cheers!

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