Folded Mountains Pale Ale Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

Folded Mountains Pale Ale has generated a lot of buzz in the beer world recently. This doesn’t surprise us, considering the brew’s quality, and it is hands-down one of the best products of Custom Tap Brews.

Folded Mountains Pale Ale Review Infographic

You sure are missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried this brew, and luckily, you can find this unique pale ale in liquor stores in New York City and neighboring regions. However, before you go check it out, here’s a review of all you need to know about the craft beer.

Folded Mountains Pale Ale Stats

Country New York
Brand Custom Tap Brews
Style American-style pale ale
Taste Fruity-malty taste
Body Medium light-bodied
ABV 5.3 percent alcohol content
Flavors & Aromas Floral, herbal, citrus hop with earthy malt and bready nut making up the other half
Serving Temperature 45-50F

Tasting Notes

Folded Mountains Pale Ale Tasting Profile

Folded Mountains Pale Ale Review

Below are some of the important features of the Folded Mountain beer, which help in determining if the beer is the best option for you.

– Appearance

All American-style pale ales are known for their piney, fruity, citrus-like floral, resinous American hop. Folded Mountains beer has a light to medium body with an average caramel. The beer has a white head with loads of malt in it. Below are more specific physical characteristics of the beer.

  • Opacity: A glass of Folded Mountains beer has a slight clear haze.
  • Head: The beer is frothy and has a white head. There’s moderate retention of the head. Additionally, it has moderate carbonation, thereby giving rise to bubbles when poured.
  • Color: Folded Mountains beer has a deep golden to light brown color.
  • Lacing: Folded Mountains beer has a low lacing due to its fair head retention.

– Aroma

Folded Mountains Pale Ale has a strong citrus aroma, and it fits into the characteristics of the standard American pale ale. Also, it has layers of malt flavors, almost like bread or cookie. To finish off, there is a toasty aroma at the end. Due to the mild use of the ingredients, the overall aroma is not overpowering.

– Mouthfeel

Folded Mountains Pale Ale has a smooth feel in the mouth combined with a mild effect of carbonation. The ale’s texture is smooth and doesn’t have a strong flavor in the mouth. To finish it off, it has a very crisp, hoppy mouthfeel. The Folded Mountains ale has a medium body and a toasted maltiness that you can taste in your teeth.

– Flavor

Due to the low alcohol concentration of this American ale, the flavor is often light and pleasant. The hops leave a fruity, bitter citrus flavor in every sip of beer. You might also notice caramel’s very faint but not overpowering taste. The makers of this beer employ the ideal fusion of all the delicate flavors to produce the best.

For the ideal taste balance, serve the beer at a controlled temperature of 70F. Further, many experts regard this Folded Mountains as one of the beers that go well with fruit.

– Food Pairings

Folded Mountains Pale Ale goes well with any kind of deep-fried food and cheesy pizza. It pairs well with pork, chicken, steak, etc. Fresh cheese or dessert-like decadent apple pie or pudding is also great for pairing with the Folded Mountains beer.

If you love spicy food, you can also take it with the beer. The beer’s light flavor will eliminate the spicy food’s hotness and quench your thirst. Moreover, Folded Mountains beer goes well with salad, chicken, and seafood like oysters, salmon, lobster, clams, crab legs, mussels, shrimps, etc.


Folded Mountains beer ingredients include crystal malt, pale malt, Columbus, Chinook, cascade, or centennial. It also contains Amarillo hops, Palisade, Warrior, Simcoe, Sorachh Ace, Perle, and Willamette. All of these ingredients combine to give the beer its crisp and refreshing taste and flavor.

A special ingredient of the Folded Mountains beer is yeast. Yeast adds life to beer and adds more flavor. Another main ingredient in the production of beer is water. Without water, there won’t be beer. However, they do not use ordinary water, using specialized filtered water instead.

Nutrition Facts

Folded Mountains Pale Ales abv is about 5.3 percent. The alcohol content perfectly fits into the standard alcohol content of all American ales. This alcohol content is perfect for all beer lovers, whether you’re a light beer or double IPA lover.

A 12-ounce bottle of Folded Mountains Pale Ales contains 13 grams of carbohydrate and 159 calories. Folded Mountains has no fat, so it is perfect for beer lovers who want to manage their weight. It also has 0 percent protein, and you can’t get fat from consuming this beer. The beer should be served at a low temperature of 45-50F.


The American ale has an impressive history involving geological proximity, foreign trade, invention, and the root of the industrial revolution in England.

Custom Tap Brews in New York produce Folded Mountains Pale Ale. It is an indigenous brewery that has existed since 1819, situated along the Genesee River in Rochester. The brewery was established to produce top-notch beer for all kinds of beer lovers. It is one of the most common beers in the United States with indigenous history.


We’ve discussed the essential things you need to know about the Folded Mountains Pale Ale. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • This beer is one of Custom Tap Brews’ best products, and you can find it in liquor stores in and around New York City.
  • Folded Mountains beer has a light to medium body with an average caramel. Due to the low alcohol concentration of this American ale, the flavor is often light and pleasant.
  • The carbonation of the beer is mild and has a smooth mouthfeel.
  • It has a white head with layers of malt flavors, similar to bread or cookie with a toasty malt finish.
  • This beer goes well with many foods ranging from salad to chicken.

That’s it about the properties and characteristics of the beer you should know before checking it out. However, for the total beer experience, you can visit liquor stores in New York City and surrounding regions or simply order online.

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