How Many Pints of Guinness are Consumed on St. Patrick’s Day Worldwide?

how many pints of guinness are consumed on st patricks day worldwide what to expect

If you’ve ever thought “How many pints of Guinness are consumed on St. Patrick’s Day worldwide?” then this detailed guide will have the answer you are looking for. St. Patrick’s Day is a global holiday known for its festivities; no one dreams of missing out on the fun.

Ever wondered how many pints of Guinness beer people end up drinking on St. Paddy’s day? Well then, get yourself comfortable and read this complete guide to know more.

How Many Pints of Guinness are Consumed on St. Patrick’s Day Worldwide?

People worldwide drink 13 million pints of Guinness beer within 24 hours on St. Patrick’s Day. Since over 33 million emerald green-dressed Irish lovers drink Guinness on this day, there is always a hike in the sales of the beer. The Irish stout is one of a kind, one which is a perfect choice for a day of celebration like St. Patrick’s.

St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness

Guinness beer has an Irish origin. This makes it a suitable beer for celebrating everyone’s favorite holiday. St. Patrick’s Day partiers consider taking the Guinness drink on this day a practical tradition. The Irish and non-Irish revelers end up chugging 13 million pints of Guinness beer on this day.

– Guinness Sales

Precisely 33 million beer drinkers and non-drinkers consume Guinness beer on this day. This amounts to a total of 5.3 billion dollars on the Guinness beer within these 24 hours of celebration. Guinness enjoys the sales on this day due to the high returns that come with it.

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities do not have a specific official beer sponsor. If at all it will eventually have one, it is most definitely going to be Guinness. Millions of people worldwide enjoy the chilled rich dark creamy Guinness pouring down their throats as they celebrate.

– Location

St. Paddy’s Day is a memorable holiday in March when all partygoers come together dressed in green and celebrate with a couple of Guinness beers. Most of the residents of England arguably take the most pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. Another interesting fact is that more than 20 percent of New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents in the United States have Irish ancestry. This is a large number of people who have come from the Emerald Island to settle in the United States.

A notable local band in Massachusetts, Big Bad Bollocks, sang a song about Guinness. The piece is remarkable and helps to enjoy the tremendous creamy beer even more. Residents play it at the yearly St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The more, the merrier, the higher they turn up, and the higher the Guinness beer people take.

There are other Irish-American partygoers in other states; Massachusetts is not the only city with a large population of Irish-Americans in the country. New York City is another state with a concentrated number of Irish revelers. Illinois residents turn things up a little as they pour about 50 lbs of dye into the Chicago River, giving it a green look.

– Guinness Around the World

The truth is that what you have inside your beer glass is the same product as it is in every part of the world. The same brewery produces all the Guinness beer that is used to celebrate worldwide. Therefore, the wide assumption that Guinness is better in Ireland than it is in the United States is categorically false.

One exception you may want to keep in mind is the Guinness Blonde. It is an American lager produced in the United States. The only reason you may feel it’s different is because of where it was produced. The taste remains the same in every part of the world.

– St. Patrick’s Day Party Appetizers

St. Paddy’s Day is a 24 hours celebration, so beer is not the only thing people consume. Most people tend to take an interest in eating other traditional recipes as they gulp their favorite beer. Aside from the beloved Guinness, several party appetizers also fit into the menu on this day, including:

  • Irish Nachos (Carbs)
  • Mini Beef and Guinness Pies
  • Soda Bread Pudding
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Corned beef and cabbage sliders
  • Guinness Dubliner Dip
  • Shamrock-shaped cupcakes

– What Does St. Patrick’s Day Commemorate?

This holiday celebration honors the memory of the Christian missionary St. Patrick and serves as the anniversary of his death. History shows that Saint Patrick is responsible for the spread of Christianity to Ireland. People worldwide celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March of every year.

This day involves the coming together of people in and from Ireland. Its parade started as a religious celebration in several countries in the 1630s. Many Catholics come together in attendance at their churches early in the morning and take part in holy feasts at noon.

The Irish contribute the most to the growth and spread of St. Patrick’s Day worldwide. They were the first to celebrate this day, which spread to other parts of the world. As of date, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Irish culture all around the globe. It is a good day to dress up in green, drink beer and eat cabbage.

– What Color Was Originally Associated With St Patrick’s Day Celebrations?

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration was initially marked with a blue color. This color preference is due to the 13th-century representation of St. Patrick. Ireland’s patron saint in the 13th century was often dressed in a blue robe. This sky-blue robe was called the “St. Patrick’s Blue.”

– Effects of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the style of celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in the U.S. and worldwide. The breakout of this pandemic prohibited all public gatherings and prolonged outings. People remained in their homes and were forbidden from coming in close contact with others to avoid spreading this virus.

In 2020, only 28 percent of Americans organized a special dinner, in contrast to 2021, when more than 42 percent of people did the same. Also, only 10 percent of the usual amount attended restaurant parties in 2021, in contrast to the 27 percent that participated in 2020.

– St. Patrick’s Day Facts

Asides from knowing the number of Guinness beers consumed on St. Patrick’s day, you should also learn some interesting facts about this day. You may be surprised when you read some of them. Here are some fun facts for you to share with your friends:

  • Americans have celebrated St. Paddy’s Day for more than 281 years. The first parade in the United States occurred in 1737, and Boston hosted this parade, arguably the first in the world. Ireland joined in the parade tradition years later.
  • St Patrick’s day statistics show that revelers consume more than 174 percent of beer than the average recorded. Pubs nationwide sell an additional 153 percent of spirits, more than the average regular sales.
  • There are Irish Americans scattered all over the cities in America. Each of 193 states in the US has about 10 percent Irish-Americans in its total population.
  • Each individual spends 40 dollars or more on St. Patrick’s Day. An average person spent 42.33 dollars on meals and Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, 2022.
  • Insider confirms that Guinness is not the only product that records a massive sale on St. Patrick’s Day. It also reveals a 70 percent hike in cabbage shipment in the week of the Irish holiday.


how many pints of guinness are consumed on st patricks day worldwide

St. Patrick’s Day is a memorable day to rejoice in unity and freedom as everyone honors the death of their favorite patron saint. This article describes St. Patrick’s Day and how many pints of Guinness people drink; here is a quick recap of it all:

  • The St. Patrick’s Day celebration is held on March 17 of every year. Everyone dresses in green and drinks delicious beer.
  • This celebration commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who died in the 5th century.
  • During the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Guinness drinkers take more than 13 million pints. It means that each person drinks up to five Guinness beers.
  • People of Irish descent and many others who enjoy participating in this celebration dress in Emerald green costumes.
  • Restaurants and bars record about 153 percent more than average beer sales during the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Partygoers love the tribute to St. Patrick, the patron of Ireland, and they enjoy the moment with their favorite beverage in their hands. Nevertheless, always drink responsibly and get home safe after celebrating.

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