Hydra Brewery Review: Close Look at This Craft Brewpub in Sioux Falls

Hydra brewery all you need to knowHydra Brewery is a brewery that specializes in craft beer. The brewery has a rotating selection of beers on tap and in bottles. Hydra has a rich and diverse taproom with various entertainment options, and the brewery is also available for private parties and events. Keep reading this complete review to learn more.

What Is Hydra Brewery?

Hydra Beer Company is a brewery in Sioux Falls that is the product of two friends who wanted to make great beer without sacrificing quality or taste. They use the highest quality ingredients and never cut corners.

Everything About Hydra Beer Company

The beer company is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57106, on Shirley Avenue. The beer company offers tours of their facilities, conducted by their knowledgeable staff. The Hydra Beer Company has a variety of beers they offer year-round and seasonal and special release beers. Their year-round beers include Blonde Ale, IPA, Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Stout.

The beer company strongly focuses on quality, and they use the best ingredients available. As a result, the differences between the beers’ ABV percentages range from the Morningstar at 3.3 percent to 10 percent.

– New Creations

Mortalis Brewing Company is one of the most exciting new breweries to hit the scene in years. But first, they debuted their newest creation: Hydra. Hydra is sure to become a favorite among craft beer lovers, boasting a bold and unique flavor profile.

Hydra Melted Gelato (Fruited Sour)

The fruit flavors of this beer are delicious, with notes from blackberries and raspberries mixed to create one head that won’t quit. Tin Barn has been known for their creative brews like these Fruited Sour beers, so look out.

Hydra Raspberry + Blueberry + Grape (Fruited Sour)

The Fruited Sour is a blending of raspberry, blueberry, and grape that will have you searching for more flavor combinations. The beer is light and refreshing, perfect for any occasion.

You can find Mortalis Brewing Hydra at the brewery’s taproom, located at 714 Main Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You can also find Mortalis Brewing Hydra at select retailers in the Sioux Falls area. In addition, you can follow Mortalis Brewing Instagram to get updates easily.

– Food Menu

If you are looking for a Sioux Falls brewery with a food menu, look no further than Hydra. The brewery offers a variety of options when it comes to food, and they have something for everyone.

From donuts and beer pairings to savory options like popcorn and pretzels, the combinations are endless. And, of course, no visit to Hydra would be complete without trying one of their famous beers.

– Opening Hours

If you’re planning to pay a visit to this brewery, make sure to come in during these hours:

  • Sunday: 1 pm to 7 pm
  • Monday: 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Tuesday: 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Wednesday: 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Thursday: 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday: 1 pm to 12 am
  • Saturday: 11 am to 12 am

– Entertainment and Events

Hydra is the perfect place to drink and play games. You can bet on rounds over games like Mario Kart. Mario Kart is the perfect game of choice, as there are plenty of options when it comes time to place your wager. The rules are simple: if you lose the race, you pay your debt.

In addition to Mario Kart, Hydra hosts various other events such as karaoke night, live music, and trivia night. So whether you’re looking to drink, gamble, or just have a good time, Hydra is the place for you.


Hydra is a great place to drink beer and eat food. The brewery has several selections of food to appeal to a wide range of tastes, and they’ve got something for everyone.Hydra brewery what to expect

  • Hydra is a brewery located in Sioux Falls that offers a wide variety of food options and beers.
  • The Hydra Beer Company has a variety of beers they offer year-round and seasonal and special release beers.
  • The brewery has a taproom open to the public during set hours.
  • They host a karaoke night, live music, and trivia night.

The beer list is impressive, and they have a variety of barrel-aged and sour beers. In addition, the events that they host are a lot of fun, so make sure to include the brewery in your itinerary!

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