Yeti Growler Review: Is the Yeti Growler Worth Buying?

Yeti growlerThe Yeti Growler review to find out everything about this excellent double-wall vacuum insulated stainless bottle that has taken the insulation bottle industry by storm.

Being an addition to Yeti’s already illustrious product catalog, much was expected of the Yeti Growler.

But has the Yeti Growler lived up to the hype, or is it just another disappointment in a highly competitive industry?

You are about to find out as we comprehensively review the product, examining its pros and cons, highlights, features, and ultimately decide if it is a good investment.

Pros and Cons of Yeti Growler

Pros Cons
Very durable and puncture-resistant The seal is not air-tight
Highly functional No rubber base
Sturdy grip and easy carry
Dishwasher safe


There are several standout features of the Yeti Growler, especially compared to other rambler bottles.

They include:

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Double-wall vacuum
  • Triple haul design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No sweat design

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The Yeti Growler had lofty expectations on it coming into the industry. Many people were curious as to how it would fare against the top dogs of the industry, and it’s fair to say it has met, if not exceeded expectations.

For starters, Yeti’s insulated growler is made with kitchen-grade insulated stainless steel, making them puncture and rust-resistant. In practical use, this correlates to an extremely durable and rugged product.

In addition, the Yeti Growler has double-wall vacuum insulation. This design essentially stops heat transfer, keeping your beer cold and your coffee hot for several hours. What’s more, the interior wall leaves no metallic aftertaste or residual flavors from previously-stored drinks.

So aside from being durable, the Yeti Growler is very functional.

Call that brawn and brains!

One of the more underrated features of the Yeti Growler is its triple haul cap, which is leakproof and allows for a sturdy three-finger grip. This technology ultimately makes carrying the bottle easy, especially on campsites and rough trails.

The Yeti Growler now comes in three different sizes – 18 oz., 26 oz., 36 oz., and 64 oz.

Just imagine how much liquid content you can carry with a 64 oz bottle!

Carrying this bottle about is a lot easier than many of the previous models in the industry – thank you, triple cap design. Aside from the ease of carrying, the cap is leakproof resistant, further validating its place in the Yeti Growler bottles.

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If you still have doubts about whether you should buy it or not, read about its features to understand if it’s suitable for you or not.

– 18/8 Stainless Steel

The type of steel used in a rambler bottle is vital in determining the overall quality of the bottle. This is because any puncture to the steel will significantly drop the insulation properties of the bottle.

With that said, companies usually use high-grade steel for their insulation bottles. As far as it concerns high-grade steel, there are few better than the 18/8 steel. This kitchen-grade steel is the best type of steel that can be used for a water bottle.

Bottles, like the Yeti Growler, with this steel type, are puncture- and rust-resistant. Using steel of this quality means the bottles are incredibly durable and rugged. What’s more, the 18/8 steel used for the Yeti Growler is not lined with plastic or other substances that could leach into the liquid content in the bottle.

The use of 18/8 steel alone makes the Yeti rambler a great option among other insulation bottles in the industry and a joy for all insulation bottle enthusiasts.

Seriously though, who says no to rugged, durable, and safe?

– Double-Wall Vacuum

The concept of double-wall vacuums in tumblers and stainless steel water bottles is not new, but the Yeti growler seems to have perfected the technology.

Basically, the goal of double-walled containers is to create some sort of vacuum in the bottle. Manufacturers do this by leaving a space between the two walls of steel or whatever material is used for constructing the bottle.

Why is the vacuum important, you ask?

Well, a vacuum is a space devoid of air molecules. And since heat transfer requires molecules to be in close proximity, the vacuum acts as a barrier to heat transfer. In essence, the vacuum prevents cold liquid from gaining heat and hot liquid from losing heat.

Because of this design, the Yeti Growler can keep liquids at their set temperature for several hours. This effect is even more amplified in the Yeti Growler as they use 18/8 stainless steel, which has ultimate heat retention capabilities.

The double-wall vacuum feature makes the Yeti Growler perfect for people that need to store beverages for several hours, even up to half a day.

– Triple Haul Design

Yeti tumbler and growler chug caps comprise the triple haul cap and a shatter-resistant clear spout just below it. The triple haul cap on the Yeti Growler allows the bottle to be held with three fingers. This is a welcome distinction from many insulated water bottles where you have to carry the bottle with a rope or by its body.

Furthermore, the triple haul cap is totally leakproof and adds to the general insulation of the bottle. While this cap is made of plastic, unlike the rest of the bottle made of steel, it is just as solid and sturdy.

In short, the triple haul cap serves the following purpose: better grip, easier carrying, and added insulation. This design will be particularly handy for people who have to take the bottle to campsites, hiking, mountaineering, and similar activities.

– Dishwasher Safe

Hey, less work!

Unlike many competitors, the Yeti Growler can be washed in a dishwasher. Traditionally, people had to manually clean and wash their insulation bottles. That is both time-consuming and stressful, making this feature very much welcome.

There’s more. Although some insulation bottles in the market are dishwasher safe, you have to disassemble them before placing them in dishwashers. Some don’t even have both the caps and the body of the bottle dishwasher safe. Not the Yeti Growler, though, as you can just throw the bottle in the dishwasher and let the machine work for you.

While all components are dishwasher-safe, there is a preferred placement arrangement for best results. The body should be stood upside down on the top or bottom rack, the straw lid and bottle caps should be placed on the top rack away from the heat, while the gaskets should be on the silverware trays on the bottom rack.

Trust us, we wouldn’t blame you if you chose this product over others solely for its dishwasher compatibility. Like Yeti has remarked, “who needs more work to do?

– No Sweat Design

Now, this is one feature many overlook when reviewing the Yeti Growler. It is not uncommon for people to have sweaty or frostbitten hands after holding on to an insulation bottle for too long. Sweating and frostbites make handling difficult, not to mention the obvious discomfort problem.

There is a special no sweat design in the Yeti Growler that, as the name strongly suggests, keeps you from sweating when handling the product. Your hands will remain dry regardless of the heat in the bottle.

This feature will appeal more to people who sweat easily on their hands. Also, people who are very sensitive to temperature changes will strongly appreciate the Yeti Growler.

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– What Type of Mouth Does the Yeti Growler Have?

The Yeti Growler has a wide mouth. This is due to the over-the-nose technology employed by Yeti in the growler. This technology makes easy loading, pouring, drinking, and cleaning possible.

– Is the Yeti Growler Better Than the Hydro Flask Growler?

We think so. Note that saying one growler is better than the other is tricky, as there are few scientific studies to back up any claim. However, the Hydro Flask is not dishwasher-safe and is not as effective as the Yeti growler in maintaining temperature.

– Is the Sale of the Yeti Rambler 64 Oz Discontinued Today?

Absolutely not. You can get one at stores around the United States, as well as order from Yeti’s website.


Yeti growler reviewThe Yeti Growler bottles are some of the best you will see in the industry, if not the best. While Yeti’s main selling points with these bottles are their durability, function, and compatibility with dishwashers, there are other exciting features.

These include the no sweat design, triple haul cap, and overall ease of carrying.

This bottle is an industry leader, and we will 100 percent recommend it to anyone who needs a growler.

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