Best Beer To Get Drunk: Highest ABV Options on the Planet

Best beers to get drunk

There’s no doubt that you need the best beer to get drunk when you’re looking to get wasted on your night out.

While most beers you see have ABV values of 4 to 10 percent, it might surprise you to know that some beers have alcohol content that go as high as 60 percent or more.

Although some enthusiasts will say that beer is consumed for the flavor and experience instead of the buzz, many others will disagree. If you’re one of the latter, you can check out our complete list of the best beers that will get you drunk quickly.

Best Beers To Get Drunk

Here are the beers with the highest alcohol content we could find in the market. If you’re looking to get drunk fast, these are definitely the best options for you.

– Brewmeister Snake Venom

The highest alcohol content beer on our list is the Brewmeister Snake Venom beer, which features a mind-blowing ABV of 67.5 percent. It is considered the most potent beer in the world, with 8.1 ounces of pure alcohol in a 12-ounce bottle. The aroma is strong and alcoholic with an afterburn with each taste, making you feel like you’re drinking tequila or whiskey.

The beer is not ideal for chugging, as you’ll see on the label. As for the flavor profile, it has an aroma and taste featuring nutty, sweet, smokey and fruity components. Even with the high alcohol content, there’s no doubt that this is beer, and it’s pretty expensive too.

– Brewmeister Armageddon

Another high alcohol content beer, the Armageddon, is also from Brewmeister and features 65 percent ABV per 330 ml bottle. This German Eisbock beer has a silky mouthfeel and warms you up with each sip, making it perfect for winter days.

The brewers obtained the high alcohol content from fractional freezing, which freezes the beer when the water is frozen but the alcohol isn’t. Through this process, the ice is removed while the alcohol remains. You will also taste flavors of bubblegum and caramel with each sip of this beer.

– Schorschbrau Schorschbock

Schorschbrau is a German brewery well-known for having the most expensive and strongest beers in the world, so if you’re looking to try something classy, the dizzying 43 percent ABV of this beer should do the trick. It has already made a name for itself among beer enthusiasts.

While it’s an amber ale, it will surprise you with each sip, featuring a fruity flavor on the tongue and a tart finish. Only 450 bottles of the 43 percent ABV beer are released every year, and it never goes stale.

There is also a 57 percent ABV version from the same brand, which is ideal if you want something stronger. It’s a bit similar to the 43 percent, except the flavor profile features herbs, fizz and earth.

– BrewDog Sink the Bismark

The classic Sink the Bismark from BrewDog features a 41 percent ABV. This imperial IPA is known for its hoppy flavor and bitter taste, but you can’t deny that the alcohol character is prominent in the flavor profile.

It features a golden appearance similar to whiskey and is best consumed when sipped and not chugged. You will also taste hints of spice and resin, as BrewDog made the beer with freeze, kettle, and dry hopping.

There are other high ABV beers from this brand, but they’re currently available in Scotland, so if you want to try them out, you’ll have to ship them to your location to enjoy them. These other beers include the Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32 percent) and The End of History (55 percent).

– Baladin Esprit de Noel

Featuring an alcohol by volume of 40 percent, the Esprit de Noel is an Italian beer that will engrave its taste in your memory. Baladin is already a reputable brewery, originating in 1996 and increasing in popularity ever since. It’s known for its dessert-like taste, featuring a chocolate aftertaste.

The beer was first bottled in 2011 and is sold in wine bottles. It also features a faint amber color that can be mistaken for wine, but don’t let it fool you as this tastes like beer from the moment you take the first sip. You need to serve the beer chilled and complete the flavor profile to get the most of it.

– Sam Adams Utopias

Sam Adams is a famous and domestic US brand with a wide range of beers for all palates, and the Utopias is best for anyone in need of alcohol. Utopias feature an attractive ruby color that adds to the experience and features an ABV of 29 percent.

As the brand makes new versions of Utopias, they blend it with previous versions, some aged in wood barrels for over 20 years. The beer is made with a freeze hopping process, but the brand calls it ninja yeast.

– Evil Twin Brewing Molotov Cocktail Heavy

Now that you’ve seen super-high ABV values to get drunk off beer fast, the 17.2 percent ABV of this Evil Twin beer might seem like a small value. But don’t underestimate it, as it’s a great way to get started into drinking highly alcoholic beers.

This beer is an IPA, so you can expect the hops to pack a punch. There are hints of mango and caramel on the malt backbone, and it features zero carbonation, so no head retention. It has a dark amber appearance and feels malty and alcoholic on the tongue.

– The Bruery Dentelle

The Bruery is another well-known brand for high-ABV and delicious beers. They have exclusive beers that are open to those with memberships, but they also offer beer for the general public. Fortunately, the Dentelle is available to everyone, so they can enjoy its 17.1 percent ABV.

The Bruery made the beer with the Spanish solera blending method, which involves aging in bourbon barrels. It also blends different ales from the brewery, giving you a complex flavor profile. The taste is similar to whiskey, making this beer unique. You can also taste hints of toffee, dark fruit and vanilla.

– Avery Brewing Rumpkin Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale

If you’re looking for a fruity beer with a high ABV, this pumpkin ale features 16.3 percent alcohol in its 12-ounce bottle. This easily accessible beer is one of the best pumpkin ales out there, and it’s not only because of the high alcohol content.

Because of the aging process, you will perceive the rum on the nose, but it is hardly featured in the taste, and you get a sweet candy-like mouthfeel, pie-flavored taste, and a thick texture. It finishes sweet and will taste great with fruity desserts. You can purchase the beer whenever it is released between August and October.

– Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

While there’s the 60 and 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head, the 120 Minute IPA has the highest ABV level. It ranges between 15 and 20 percent depending on the brew batch and is very hop-forward. The IBU is set at 120 as the beer is made with different American hops.

This beer is also boiled longer than the standard IPA, making it appear and feel different. The color is dark golden with aromas of pine and a moderately heavy body. It manages to provide you with a complete experience without being too complex.

– Three Floyds Dark Lord Day Russian Imperial Stout

This 15 percent ABV beer is only available once every year, and that’s during the Dark Lord Day festival in Indiana. But this beer will exceed your expectations, so you’ll be glad that you checked it out.

This beer features a well-rounded taste and a supple mouthfeel that feels nice on the palate. It is also a rich beer with explosive flavors and a pretty decent IBU of 50.

– American Solera Chet

If you’re looking for an entry-level beer that’ll ease you into the world of high ABVs, you can never go wrong with the American Solera Chet. The Imperial Stout is pretty famous and gets cleared out of shelves quickly. It is a delicious beer brewed in chocolate, giving it a rich brown appearance with a thick texture.

This doesn’t mean it’s too sweet because of the chocolate, malty backbone and coffee-tasting notes. The sweetness is subtle because of the 13 percent ABV, and the beer is best consumed by sipping. It also features a silky feeling on your palate and a medium body.

Top Alcoholic Beers With Low-calorie Count

Beer with low calorie

In many cases, getting a beer with a high ABV means you’re signing up for high-calorie content. If you’re looking to cut your calories without affecting how drunk you get, you can go for very alcoholic beers with a low-calorie content.

Since the calories have been cut down, you can’t expect super-high ABV values like those in the previous section. Instead, the beers in this category only go as high as 6 percent.

– Bud Lightning Platinum

The Bud Lightning Platinum is a high alcohol low calorie beer, with the ABV set at 6 percent. It features 137 calories per serving, and 83.46 percent of these calories come from alcohol.

You can enjoy the beer in different places around the United States. It features a crisp and refreshing experience for all situations.

– Natural Ice

Next in our list is this 5.9 percent ABV beer with 130 calories per serving, 86.39 percent of it from alcohol. It is made with American-grown hops and some imported ones, giving it a unique taste. You can also enjoy the malt and corn blend that contributes to the sweet taste of this beer.

– Michelob Ultra

This beer features a 4.2 percent ABV and is also made in the United States. It has super low carbs and calorie levels set at 2.60 and 95, respectively. It gives a refreshing taste and feels very light on the palate.

– Miller Lite

Also with a 4.2 percent ABV, the Miller Lite is made by the famous Miller Brewing Co. in the United States. It’s well-known as a beer that you can drink for a long time without getting full, although it will still get you drunk.

The drinkable and refreshing nature makes this beer attractive, and it has only 96 calories per serving.

– Keystone Light

Keystone Light features a 4.13 percent ABV and is brewed by Coors Brewing Company throughout the year.

It also features 104 calories per serving. The drinkable nature and bitter finish distinguishes it from other beers.

– Corona Light

With a 4.1 percent ABV, the alcohol level might seem small on the Corona Light from the famous Mexico-based brewery.

It features 99 calories per serving and has a very light taste on the palate because of the low carbs and calories. It tastes even better when you add lime to it and is excellent for relaxing or sipping during hot weather.

What Is ABV?

ABV means Alcohol by Volume, and it indicates the percentage of alcohol in a bottle of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages. For example, if your bottle of beer contains 12 ounces and the ABV is 5.0 percent, that means there are 0.60 ounces of pure alcohol in the beer. The average alcohol content is 0.60 ounces of alcohol.

The concept of high ABV differs based on the type of beer you’re drinking. Most of the time, 9 to 20 percent is considered a high alcohol level for beer, but some beers have so much pure alcohol that they can be regarded as liquor instead.

Tips To Help You Get Drunk Faster With Beer

While the fastest way to get drunk is to drink beer with a very high ABV, there are other things you can do to speed things up. If you can’t access some of the highest ABV beers on our list, you can get yourself drunk faster by following the tips below.

– Don’t Eat With Your Beer

What keeps you sober for the first few drinks you have is the fact that you’ve eaten. Your blood is meant to absorb the ethyl to make you drunk faster, but if you’re eating, then you won’t be getting drunk. Thus, to speed up the process, avoid eating anything while drinking.

– Chug It Down Fast

When drinking your beer, you won’t get drunk quickly when you take small sips. Except when the beer label tells you to sip, you should gulp your beer down to become drunk within a shorter period of time. Before you know it, you would have already consumed multiple bottles of beer with room for more.

– Make It Into a Cocktail

You can make your beer into a cocktail to increase the alcohol content and open up your taste buds. Add distillates to your beer such as spirit to enhance the flavor and alcohol content, or you can ask the bartender to give you a beer cocktail with a high alcohol content.

– Use a Vaping Tube

You can get drunk within seconds if you consume your beer with a vaping tube rather than drinking it. Although you might not get the whole experience of drinking beer, it opens your eyes to a whole new world.

The tube will boil the beer until it’s evaporating, and you can smoke the vapor like a cigarette. It immediately travels to your brain and you’ll get intoxicated quickly.

– Drink Cold Beer

While some people might genuinely like a cold beer because it’s refreshing when the weather is hot, it’s also the quickest way to get drunk. Cold drinks make your blood move faster and generate heat against the cold substance. This causes the blood to absorb the ethyl, which is alcohol.

Factors That Determine How Fast You Get Drunk

How fast you get drunk is also dependent on different factors and varies from person to person. While some people get drunk after one bottle, others will need five or more bottles to become intoxicated.


Those who weigh more get drunk slower than thinner people. This is because having more fat in your body slows down the absorption of ethyl into the bloodstream. Such people need to drink more to get fully intoxicated.


How tall a person is also influences how fast they get drunk. Shorter people get drunk faster because they don’t have a lot of body space for blood circulation.


It’s not surprising that the more you age, the more difficult it becomes for you to stay sober after a few drinks. Since you’ve lost your muscles, the alcohol concentration is less contained. This is also the case for recently legal drinkers.


The blood alcohol content in your body also affects how fast you get drunk. Those with high BAC will have the ethyl multiplying continually in their body, making them intoxicated in a shorter amount of time.


1. How much beer will get you drunk?

As a general guideline, it takes around 2-3 standard drinks for most people to start feeling the effects of alcohol, and exceeding 4-5 drinks in a short period can lead to impairment and drunkenness. It’s important to note that alcohol affects each person differently, so it’s best to drink in moderation and avoid driving or engaging in other risky activities while under the influence.

2. What’s in beer that gets you drunk?

The main ingredient in beer that gets you drunk is ethanol, which is produced during the fermentation of the sugars in grains such as barley or wheat. Ethanol is a psychoactive substance that affects the central nervous system, leading to the feeling of being drunk.

3. Is it okay to drive after 2 beers?

This depends on factors such as a person’s weight, gender, and metabolism. However, it’s safer to avoid driving after drinking any amount of alcohol.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Night Out!

Best beer to get drunk

You now have everything you need for your night out. Whether you’re buying an expensive high-ABV beer to have at home with your friends or going out in search of good alcohol, always remember that safety is the number one priority.

  • ABV stands for Alcohol by Volume, indicating how much pure alcohol is in a beer bottle.
  • The beer with the highest ABV in the world is the Brewmeister Snake Venom at 67.5 percent.
  • You can find beers with high alcohol levels, up to 6 percent, and low calories.
  • You can make yourself get more drunk by having cocktails, not eating, and drinking your beer faster.
  • Factors like height, weight, age and blood alcohol content affect how fast a person gets drunk.
  • Regardless of how drunk you want to be, it’s essential to drink responsibly no matter what.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the top ABV beers in the market to get plastered as quickly as you want.

Disclaimer: none of the authors, contributors, administrators, vandals, or anyone else connected with, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from this web page. Use at your own risk!

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