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Why you still get drunk drinking “session” beers

We begin with a quiz: When it comes to our body’s alcohol intake, what’s the real difference between 4% and 5% alcohol by volume? (a) 1% (b) 20% (c) 25% (d) Much more than 25% The...
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This is why my brewery shut down

  Since the mid-2000s, opening a brewery has been a pretty solid business decision. Even as the total number of breweries in the U.S. rapidly climbed toward the highest it’s ever been,...
know about grisettes

What you need to know about grisettes

At this year’s Shelton Brothers’ The Festival, a gathering that brings together some of the world’s most revered breweries, I noticed more breweries pouring grisettes than I would have expected. (Which...

Need-to-know details on Mikkeller/Three Floyds brewpub, WarPigs

Chef Andrew Hroza and head brewer Kyle Wolak When Denmark’s Mikkeller and Munster, Indiana’s Three Floyds team up, the results are anything but normal. Expect some curve balls from WarPigs, the collaborative brewpub opening...

What’s the difference between stouts and porters, anyway?

But seriously: What is the difference between stouts and porters? It’s a question we get from our readers several times a week. Their confusion is warranted: Both beer styles are dark;...

Anheuser-Busch’s The High End responds to ‘independent craft’ seal

ABOVE: Six Viewpoints from The High End from The High End on Vimeo. Earlier this week, the Brewers Association, a trade group representing small and independent breweries, unveiled its “certified independent craft” seal. The association encourages breweries that meet...

Will it fall? A look at America’s brewery boom

As beer drinkers toast the brewery boom, the beer industry isn’t celebrating just yet. By Joe Stange These are heady days for beer drinkers who like options. Here is a picture of our...

Hop compound biotransformation: What’s it mean and what’s it taste like?

  As your elementary school teacher used to insist, learning is fun—especially when you can learn through drinking. Accordingly, I’m a big fan of beers designed with educational intent. Brews like those...
cider statistics from CiderCon

6 new hard cider statistics from CiderCon 2016

This week, I’ve had the pleasure of attending CiderCon 2016 in Portland, Oregon. It’s the largest annual conference for cider makers; think Craft Brewers Conference, but for the apple crowd. I’ve...

Hot beer drinks for cold days

Some people—maybe you are one of them—would rather live in sunny, tropical places all year long if they could manage it. My wife is one. Not me. I like seasons. I...
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Running the beer mile

You can’t really call yourself the Beer Runner if you don’t run the beer mile from time to time. But my last beer mile...

America’s great beer ’hoods