How To Order Beer at a Bar: Your Ultimate Guide To Be Confident

Common beers at bars

Knowing how to order beer at a bar is a great way of having a fun time. This is especially the case when you are visiting the bar for the first time. Answering questions like “How do you want it?” can be pretty confusing. Don’t worry, you are not alone. This guide aims to put you through the proper ways to order a beer at a bar. Let’s get right to it!

How To Order Beer at a Bar: Enjoying Your Favorite Beer the Right Way

Several factors come to play when it comes to ordering beer at a bar. In this section, we will focus on the right way to interact with your server. The following easy steps will help you get through this phase as easily as possible.

– Maintain Eye Contact With Your Server

Bartenders often tend to be very vigilant, looking out for the things happening in and around their bars. So, you can expect them to glance your way at some point. Do well to look their way, making eye contact.

You may also nod or wave at them to signal that you want to order a beer. This step goes a long way in establishing an excellent first-time relationship with the bartender.

– Stay in a Clear Spot at the Counter

Staying in a clear zone will enhance your visibility, helping the bartender locate you quickly. It will be best if you do not stay behind seated customers or beer taps. Locate an empty area in the bar and position yourself where the bartender can easily see you.

What if the bar is too crowded? Then, you can wait until there is a clear spot where you can stand once it is free.

– Remain Patient and Polite

Things can get hectic quickly at the bar – servers may have their hands full when you place your order. It is always important to be polite and patient. While you are waiting for your turn, always speak respectfully and remain courteous. That way, there is a higher chance that you will get better service.

– Take Your Time To Decide What You Want

We will go through the common beers at bars later in this guide. However, there is usually a drink menu to look at before you order a beer at a bar. Taking a glance at beer taps will also help you choose a beer in advance. It is best not to make the bartender wait before deciding your order, especially in a crowded bar.

– A Little Tip Will Go a Long Way

Tipping your server after an order is a welcomed practice at bars, especially in regions where tipping is traditional. You can tip your server more than once, depending on how many times you order a beer. However, you must note that this is not a compulsory thing to do in certain places.

How To Order Draft Beer at a Bar

We know how daunting it can be to confront a variety of beers available at bars today. Breweries continue to increase by the year, with several beers available for beer lovers. Draft beers are among the most popular options you will find at bars. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to order the right beer in the right way.

  • Choose your bar wisely – Begin your journey by searching for the proper bar. Finding top bars that are committed to draft beers puts you on a rollercoaster ride.
  • Go for a clean place – A bar might have an excellent collection of beers but may also have poorly maintained tap lines. As a result, the flavor of your favorite beer tends to get muddy faster than usual. Please don’t assume the beer is good because it is on draft, and consider the cleanliness of the bar as well.
  • Be open-minded – Not all draft beer bars will have the beers you are familiar with on their list. This should not discourage you because you can order draft beer with dozens of options available. If you are unsure about the specific brand, ask the bartender.
  • Request for tastes – It is often good to try draft beers out before committing to full pours. However, you must be reasonable. Do not try to pull a fast one on the bartender to get a free beer.

Don’t forget the glass – Always choose the glass size that is best for you. It could be a pint glass, some goblet, or a glass fit for kings. Ensure that you are self-conscious about your choice.

How To Order Beer at a Bar on a Date

How to order draft beer at a bar

The options are never-ending when it comes to beers. It may sound overwhelming to you, but it is a good thing in the end. Who says you can’t grab a beer with your date? There are several options to choose from, ranging from conventional to draft beers.

However, the thought of what to choose to satisfy you and your date may be frustrating, as you don’t want to make mistakes. Why not take the surprise route and amaze your date? Having a conversation with the bartender goes a long way. This way, you will learn about the various beers available on tap.

A mini taste test will help you choose a taste preference. Most bartenders will offer you samples of beers on tap so that you can make the best choice. A great beer choice is an excellent conversation starter. Likewise, it shows your confidence. Remember to always tip the bartender if it is customary in your area.

Common Beers at Bars: Knowing What To Order From a Multitude of Options

Bars everywhere have a variety of beers available for order. These usually include ales, pale ales and bitters. Lagers are also popular beer options available in many bars. They offer some lagers on tap, while a wider variety of the lagers are available in bottles.

There are local craft beers available in the United States, and there are others from brands overseas. One of the most popular beers available on tap is Guinness. So, if you want to order beer on tap, this can be an excellent option.

According to YouGov research, some of the most popular beers in the United States include the following:

  • Guinness
  • Heineken
  • Corona
  • Budweiser
  • Samuel Adams
  • Miller
  • Blue Moon
  • Modelo
  • Coors
  • Stella Artois

Selecting a Beer To Order at a Bar: Which Beer Is Best To Order?

Now that you know the common beers you should expect to see at a bar, which one is best to buy? The following guide will help you make the best beer choices.

– Find Out the Beers Available at the Bar

You can read through the bar’s menu or scan the handles of the tap. On the other hand, you can ask the bartender what beers are available. If you have a favorite option, ask for something similar. If you are unsure, ask the bartender what they would recommend.

– Order a Lager for a Crisp, Clean Beer

Lager beers are light and refreshing, which is why they are the most commonly ordered. Most bars have these beers on tap mainly due to their popularity. Lager beers offer a simple yet thirst-quenching experience. You expect to get them around 4-5 percent alcohol. Heineken and Budweiser are good examples.

– A Pilsner Gives a Perfect Mix of Lightness and Flavor

Pilsner beers contain more hops to provide you with an intense taste. Suppose you prefer a slightly bitter-tasting brew. In that case, you should consider Pilsner beers. You will find them at 5-6 percent alcohol content.

– Pale Ales Are for Fuller Tastes

These craft beers come in an extensive range of variations. They have light colors but with stronger flavors than Pilsners and Lagers. Pale ales help you ease into the world of craft beers. Their alcohol content may range from 4-6 percent.

– Stouts Offer You a Roasted Beer Feel

Only a few beers come close to stout beer when it comes to consistency. They are also very rich in flavor. Stout is one of the most common beers at bars because of its thick, creamy texture and dark, roasted feel. Guinness comes to mind first when you think of stout beers.

– Choosing Beer Sizes at a Bar: What Are Beer Glass Sizes?

There are three major types of glass sizes for beers at bars. They are the 4-ounce, 8-ounce, and 16-ounce glasses. They all serve specific purposes, which depend on you in most cases. Beers can also be served in cans. Brands now offer their beers in different can sizes: 8.4-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce, and 19.2-ounce cans.

You also have the option of getting a bottle of beer to get a standard-sized drink. Pints of beer help you to have a longer and more relaxing drink. They often come in 16-ounce glasses. On the other hand, a pitcher of beer will save you some money if you’re drinking with friends.


What is the best beer to order for a first time drinker?

The best beer for a first time drinker depends on their taste preferences. A light lager or a fruity beer like a wheat beer could be a good option.

How do you order beer in slang at a bar?

Slang terms for ordering beer at a bar vary by region, but some common ones include “brewski”, “cold one”, and “suds”.

What is the standard beer pour at a bar?

The standard beer pour at a bar is typically 12 ounces for a bottle or can, and 16 ounces for a draft beer. However, some bars may offer larger or smaller pour sizes.


By now, we believe that you already know so much about how to order beer at a bar. We covered different aspects of the top. Let’s have a quick recap to help you get a good summary of the guide.

  • How to order beer at a barAlways have a good interaction with the bartender.
  • Keep calm and patient whenever you are ordering beer at a bar.
  • Keep an open mind whenever you order draft beers at a bar to ensure you make the best choice.
  • The common beer types at bars include lagers, pale ales, ales, pilsner, and many more.
  • Choosing the right glass size is a crucial aspect of ordering beer at a bar.

Learning how to order beers at a bar should never be a painful process. This easy-to-follow guide will help you do all the right things while enjoying your favorite beer.

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