Yuengling Pronunciation: Tackle It Like a Craft Beer Pro

A Brief Review of Yeungling Beers

Yuengling pronunciation may be tricky, especially for non-German lovers of this popular beer brand. Many people pronounce it rhyming with “bungling” or “penguin,” but this is quite wrong.

This complete guide aims to help you on how to pronounce Yuengling effectively, including other vital details of this top brand. Read on as we find the “i” in Yuengling.

What Is the Correct Yuengling Pronunciation?

The correct pronunciation of Yuengling is “YING-LING,” rhyming with “mingling” or “jingling.” It’s that straightforward. As a craft beer enthusiast, you must know the correct pronunciation. You wouldn’t want bartenders wondering what to serve into your glass.

Now that you know the correct lager pronunciation, let’s give you some more details about Yuengling.

– What Are the Origins of the Word Yuengling?

Yuengling came from the German word Jüngling, which means “young man” or “youth.” In fact, this German beer brand was initially named after the brewery’s founder – Jüngling. However, the name changed as soon as it arrived in the United States.

The tricky name caused some beer drinkers to mistake it for a Chinese brand, and this created some marketing issues for the company. The company survived a 14-year Prohibition substituting it for a low-alcohol variant, “near pint,” and making Yeungling ice cream. However, it is important to clarify that Yuengling is not a Chinese beer brand.

All About Yuengling

Yuengling remains a family-owned business, but we must mention that the company entered a long-term partnership with Molson Coors. Although Yuengling is already being sold in 22 states, this arrangement will expand its geographic reach. There will be an even splitting of the board of directors between the family members of Yuengling and Molson Coors, with the chairmanship remaining with Yuengling.

– An Overview

Yuengling’s history started in 1829 when David G. Yuengling, a German immigrant, started his brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Originally called The Eagle Brewery, the name changed to Yuengling & Son when Frederick Yuengling joined his father as a partner in operations. The prohibition and sale of alcohol back in 1919 proved to be a shaky period for the brewery.

However, Frank strategized to ensure the company’s survival by producing four different “near beer” recipes. The 14-year Prohibition Era eventually ended, and Yuengling celebrated by making the “Winner Beer.” This marked the start of modernization and the production of exciting beers. Yuengling Brewery is the survivor!

Despite many breweries throughout the United States closing down after some time, the Yeungling brewery survived the test of time. It is now among the oldest breweries in the United States, thanks to the remarkable contributions of its owners and continued innovation throughout its history. It remains an embodiment of strength, pride, and delight. This was evident in its award as the top U.S. brewery for five straight years.

– Kind of Beer

All About Yuengling Beers

Yuengling is more than the popular amber lager. Most beer lovers know this brand for the popular Yuengling lager beer. However, this specific beer did not become mainstream until 1987. The first few beers from this brewery were Lord Chesterfield Porter and Ale brands, which were released over 150 years earlier.

Yuengling still produces these beers along with the Traditional Lager, Light Beer, Premium, and several other options. Regardless of your choice, you are sure to get optimum satisfaction.

A Brief Review of Available Yeungling Beers

The popular Pennyslavia brewery is renowned for its amber lager, but there are many other options to try. Here’s a brief look at them.

– Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager is famous for its medium-bodied flavor and rich amber color. A large head complements the clear body with good retention and some small bubbles race to the surface of your glass. This beer exudes aromas of roasted caramel malt and subtle sweetness, thanks to the perfect combination of cascade and cluster hops.

Upon sipping, you get a note of toasted biscuit and some dark caramel. The mouthfeel is soft and full, finishing with mild lingering hop notes. The alcohol content of 4.5 percent and IBU of 12 make this beer very drinkable. Upholding the iconic Yuengling heritage, the Traditional Lager is a true classic!

– Light Lager

Here is a perfect example of what you want from a Light American Lager, staying true to the style’s light fruitiness and generic adjunct character. Yuengling produced this masterpiece to maintain the full flavor of the flagship Lager. If the Traditional Lager has too many calories or carbs for you, Yuengling Light is your best substitute.

A 12-ounce serving comes with 99 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs. Yuengling beer alcohol content is 4.0 percent ABV and it has 15 IBU, further making this Light Lager a healthier option for you. A skillful pairing of mild hop character and caramel malt flavor gives an excellently rich beer that finishes clean and smooth.

– Dark Brewed Porter

Yuengling is one of the biggest producers of Porter beers in the United States, and the Dark Brewed Porter is a major offering. This specialty beer has been available since 1829, delivering rich, full-bodied flavors and a creamy, faint malty aroma. It pours dark with a thick foamy head that disappears after a while.

The robust and smooth Dark Brewed Porter has unique characters combined with slight chocolatey hints in every sip. It is a perfect complement for different delicacies, ranging from steak to chocolate desserts and seafood. It has an alcohol percentage of 4.7 percent and an IBU of 20, making it an enjoyable beer with unwavering quality.

– Premium

Yuengling’s pilsner-style beer is one of the best offerings you’ll find in town. Thanks to its clean, thirst-quenching taste, it is a top choice among regional beer lovers. Yuengling Premium pours in gold color with a pale malt character.

It comes with a great mix of well-balanced flavors and slight hints of hop aroma. It finished clean and crisp, leaving a refreshing feel on your palate. The Premium beer is available all year round at 4.5 percent ABV and 12 IBU. It is surely a beer you should get your hands on.

– Premium Light

Drawing from Yuengling’s traditional brewing methods, the Premium Light beer stays longer to produce fewer calories and reduce sugar content. Therefore, you have a healthy beer with 3.5 percent alcohol content, 15 IBU and 98 calories per serving.

It pours with a pale golden color with a white head that leaves a little lace after a while. The toasty light caramel combines with slightly intense corn syrup hints to give it an exciting aroma. The light-bodied flavor is a balanced malt character with some notes of hops for the crisp, satisfying finish.

– Black & Tan

Yuengling introduced a novel hand-crafted draft blend in 1986, combining 60 percent of the popular Dark Brewed Porter and 40 percent of the Premium beer. The result is a beer that is dark in color with a rich combination of coffee and caramel from dark roasted malts. You can view this beer as a kind of cocktail.

It pours clear with a dark brown color and a slight tan head. The earthy hops also contribute to its flavor, adding moderated bitterness to the brew. The Black & Tan finish with a supple corn flavor and dry roasty notes. A 4.6 percent ABV, 17 IBU, and smooth finish ensure that this beer satisfies your palate.

– Flight

Yuengling Flight helps you raise the bar with this unique next-generation beer. This beer aims to change your average flavor profile and give you the complete refreshment you crave in a beer. While it retains its traditional brewing style, much has been added to the brewing of the Flight beer to help it evolve with better aromas and taste. It pours with a yellow-amber color, giving a cloudy white head that disappears quickly.

A perfect mix of caramel malt flavor and hops character ensures a further clean appearance. These ingredients bring out its grainy, sweet caramel aroma with evident earthy and floral notes. Flight by Yuengling is lighter than regular light beers, giving a creamy mouthfeel. Flight has 4.2 percent ABV, 95 calories and 7 IBU, so you can enjoy it with your favorite meals.


Is Yuengling only found in Germany?

No, Yuengling is not only found in Germany. It is actually an American beer, brewed in Pennsylvania since 1829.

When did Yuengling enter into a partnership with Molson Coors?

Yuengling entered into a partnership with Molson Coors in September 2020.

What other beers does Yuengling brew?

Besides its flagship lager, Yuengling also brews a variety of other beers, including porter, black and tan, and seasonal brews.


This article gives you detailed information about one of the most renowned brewing companies in the United States and its correct pronunciation. Let’s have a summary of what we discussed in this article.

  • The correct Yuengling pronunciation is “YING-LING,” which rhymes with “jingling” or “mingling,” not “bungling.”
  • Yuengling is considered the oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, since 1829. The meaning of the word Yuengling is “young man” or “youth,” which is from the original German name – Jüngling.
  • Despite the lager being the brand’s flagship, Yuengling is more than the amber lager. There are several other offerings from this brewing company.
  • Some of the popular beers from the brewery include Traditional Lager, Light Lager, Premium, Light Premium, Dark Brewed Porter, Black & Tan, etc. These beers have unique tastes and aromas to leave you wanting more.
Taste of Yeungling Beers

After learning the Yuengling German pronunciation, you should visit your favorite bar or pub to buy your favorite Yuengling beer, pronouncing it like a pro. Understanding the sensory experience of the various beers from Yuengling, as highlighted in this article, will help you choose your best option.

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