Okult Beer Review: Features, Ingredients, and History

Okult Beer is one of the first American stouts to be brewed in the country of Luxembourg. This beer is your top choice when you need to taste a beer with highly toasted malty characters. Just a sip, and you will savor all the lovely flavors of this versatile beer.

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Keep reading this review as it describes all that you need to know about this unique dark stout.

Okult Beer Stats

CountryUnited States
BrandBrasserie Artisanale de Redange
StyleAmerican Stout
TasteSmooth and creamy with a moderate amount of carbonation
BodyMedium to full-bodied
ABV6.2 percent
Flavors & AromasChocolate and caramel
Serving Temperature45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Notes

Okult Beer Tasting Profile

Okult Beer Review

This beer is a clean-tasting American stout with delightful aromas and flavor. It is the perfect mix for everything you desire on a chilly evening. If you want one of the best brews of Redange, then this is your best choice. Okult is very smooth and drinkable, making it popular among tourists and locals. This brew is a very great dark stout, here is a detailed review of this exquisite beer:

– Appearance

Okult beer is very dense, pouring with a color between dark brown to black. The beer has a glossy ebony shade of dark color that is impervious. Okult stout beer has low retention because of the alcohol content.

It has a dirty brown head, which is silky and smooth. The head’s foam has a pleasant bitter dark chocolate taste that matches the appearance. However, after the head goes away which lasts about a minute, it leaves a lace in your glass. Nonetheless, this beer has a mild creamy body, resulting from the small amount of wheat used in the brewing process, all is seen through a simple pour.

– Aroma

This is the only variety of Redange that does not have the signature aroma. It has a fresh coffee and roasted malt aroma. It also has a charcoal-like character, with a low hop profile.

The American hop used in the brewing process gives it some resinous and citrus-like flavor. It doesn’t contain diacetyl. The mid to high carbonation gives it a robust alcoholic warmth. In addition, you also can’t miss the presence of astringency due to roast.

– Mouthfeel

The Mouthfeel is one of the top qualities of Okult stout. Roast coffee and dark chocolate dominate this brew from the beginning to the end. This feature gives you more time to taste it. Keep in mind that this stout has a butter caramel aftertaste with a fitting lingering finish.

It is slick, smooth, and silky, making it a great dark stout you should try. The mouthfeel isn’t heavy at the end, and this comes from its smoothness.

– Flavor

This stout has mild to medium roasted malt characters. It has coffee beans, possible dark chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate. Chocolate or caramel sweetness is also present.

It has moderate to high bitterness hop flavors, and esters are present on a low level. All the flavor harmonizes to give the beer a thrilling taste.

– Food Pairings

The thick and robust nature of this stout makes it combine well with dishes that can enhance its flavors, like a variety of thick soups and stews. Additionally, we suggest you pair it with foods that won’t make you feel ill or overly full. The foods that will match well with this beer are smoked foods, such as smoked meat, or smoked cold cuts.

In addition, to smoked meats, you can even pair them with roasted foods, like a Sunday roast. You can pair it with a variety of desserts in addition to cheese.

This stout from Brasserie National also contains a significant amount of wheat and malt flavoring. Hence, this makes it the perfect beer to pair with waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon, sausages, porridge, or grits. If you want to enjoy the aromas and mouthfeel of the beer, sip it gently while eating the items listed above.

You should not overeat when drinking this beer because thicker and sweeter beers like this one don’t go well with large food, however, keep in mind that you might get filled too fast.


Even though this beer is brewed with several notes and hops, it also contains some basic ingredients like hops, yeast, barley, and the key to diluting it all, water. Other ingredients include Irish moss, wheat, chocolate malt, coffee beans, licorice, fruits, molasses, and so on.

Nutrition Facts

A 16-ounce bottle of Okult stout beer comes with about 200 calories. This same serving comes with 25 grams of fat and 50 grams of carbs. Most stouts are often heavier and more indulgent due to the number of hops and barley used in their brewing. Brasserie Simon went a step further to brew a beer with a less heavy pour.

The high amount of calories and carbohydrates may put you off if you’re on a diet. Nevertheless, it is the perfect beer to sip and savor in moderation. Remember, once you’ve had a sip, you’ll be compelled to have more.

Okult stout beer has a 6.2 percent alcohol content. If you love your stout to come with moderate alcohol, then this beer is for you. The alcohol content does not affect the great taste. There is a high chance you’ll love this beer.


Okult beer was first brewed in Brasserie Artisanale de Redange. It is a small brewery in Luxembourgish based in the municipality of Reiden op der Atert. Jean Bollendorff founded the brewery. The brewery existed from 1999 to 2006.

Jean Bollendorff was known for brewing organic beers, and that was what led to the production of this amazing brew. Brasserie Simon went bankrupt later on, and they stopped the production of beers.


We’ve discussed some of the qualities of Okult beer that make it stand out from other American stouts. Now, let’s quickly get through the key points of what we covered in the article:

  • Okult is an American stout and one of the first beers brewed in Luxembourg. This beer is a clean-tasting American stout with delightful aromas and flavor.
  • It is very dense with a dirty brown head, which is silky and smooth.
  • It has a fresh coffee and roasted malt aroma with a charcoal-like character and a low hop profile. Okult stout has a butter caramel aftertaste with a fitting lingering finish.
  • This beer has mild to medium roasted malt characters. It has coffee beans, possible dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and coffee.
  • You can combine it with foods complimenting its flavor, including smoked, thick, roasted, etc.

If you care for a beer with top-notch flavor and aroma, then you should get one or two bottles of Okult beer.

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