Shiner Candied Pecan Review: What Makes This Robust Porter Special?

Shiner Candied Pecan is a robust porter featuring a maltier flavor and more bitterness compared to the brown porter. It is brewed with roasted praline pecans to give it subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, brown sugar and roasted pecans.

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This Shiner beer is suitable for all kinds of beer lovers, and we believe you should add it to your list of beers to try. However, go through this detailed review first to know what to expect.

Shiner Candied Pecan Stats

CountryUnited States
BrandSpoetzl Brewery
StyleRobust porter
TastePecan praline; sweet but not overdone
ABV6 percent
Flavors & AromasRefreshing flavors and aromas of brown sugar, nuts and vanilla
Serving Temperature45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Notes

Shiner Candied Pecan Tasting Profile

Shiner Candied Pecan Review

Shiner porters lack the flavor of roast barley but have a roasted malt flavor that frequently tastes like cocoa. This robust porter has a rich flavor. Its intense black malt bitterness blends well with its caramel and malty sweetness. Complex toasted and burnt/roast tastes with a hearty dose of crystal malt sweetness define its flavor profile.

This Candied Pecan porter beer flavor is like that of coffee and dark chocolate. Altogether, Shiner beer is a simple, well-balanced brew perfect for any holiday. Here is a detailed review of the beer:

– Appearance

Pecan porter beer pours a medium dark to very dark brown color, with accents that resemble garnet or ruby. It may be difficult to tell whether something is clear or opaque in such a dark beer. However, it is largely clear, particularly when held up to the light.

It also gives a full tan-colored head with fair head retention.

– Aroma

You will notice a roasty scent that may be moderately robust, with a mild charred, black malt character. The beer also contains some additional (grainy, bready, toffee-like, caramelly, chocolate, coffee, rich, and sweet) malt flavor in support.

Shiner Candied with a Roasty Scent

Moderate to no fruity esters are present with low to no diacetyl. It also has a low to intense hop aroma because of the dry-hopped American variants used in the brewing process.

– Flavor

A mildly burnt, black malt flavor (and occasionally chocolate and coffee notes) with a hint of roasty dryness in the aftertaste are characteristics of the Candied Pecan porter beer. Because of the grain composition, hop bittering intensity and attenuation, the overall flavor may have a dry to medium-sweet finish. The Dark roasted grains have a crisp flavor but are not excessively burnt, acrid or harsh.

Medium to high bitterness that the roasted malt comes out. You also can’t miss the hop taste from US or UK varieties. It ranges from low to quite high and helps balance the roasted malt qualities.

– Mouthfeel

Shiner beer has a low to medium body. It has a medium-low to medium-high carbonation, which is a bit stronger and it has a faint alcohol warmth. Astringency from toasted grains is present, but it is not overpowering.

– Food Pairings

This amazing beer pairs well with several delicacies. It pairs with a salty, fried sea of spicy food with its carbonation that balances out the food’s flavor. These are the most common types of food to pair with the beer:

Oysters: Generally, beef, oyster and porter pie were common in Victorian times. Eat oysters straight from the shell, and enjoy them with the flavors of this Pecan beer.

Grilled Meats: This beer also combines perfectly with properly grilled meats. If you’re a vegetarian or non-meat eater, the sweet flavor and bitter charcoal charred sections of chargrilled vegetables work just fine.

Chocolate Pudding: Shiner Candied Pecan beer pairs superbly with chocolate puddings. The chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel tart will complement Shiner’s rich toffee and nut aromas. Its melting-middle fondants also deliver a delicious chocolate bite.


This beer is brewed with several ingredients to give its unique features. Shiner Candied Pecan ingredients are comprised of a variety of malts, including dark-roasted malts and black patent malt. The malt variants also include chocolate malt and roasted barley.

Malts for Shiner Candied Pecan

Hops are typically US or UK cultivars and are utilized for bittering, flavor and aroma. It is usual for the water to have a moderate to high carbonate hardness. The beer also features the clean US strain of ale yeast.

Nutrition Facts

Shiner Candied Pecan ABV is 6 percent. Shiner’s alcohol content is quite perfect as it is similar to other robust porters. The alcohol content makes it suitable for any kind of beer lover, whether you like IPAs or light beers.

When it comes to Shiner Candied Pecan nutrition facts, a 12-ounce bottle of this beer contains 6 milligrams of sodium, 142 calories, 12.9 milligrams of carbohydrate, 2 milligrams of protein and 0 grams of fat. Shiner Candied Pecan calories are not too high, making it a healthy beer. It doesn’t have any fat and the protein level is very low, making it perfect for you if you’re on a diet.

It is best to serve the beer chilled to get all the desired tastes and flavors. The best temperature to serve the beer is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Shiner beer was produced by Spoetzl Brewery in 1909. The brewery was formerly known as The Shiner Brewing Association (SBA), which Czech and German immigrants founded. They had to brew their beer when they couldn’t find the type of beer they brew in their country. The beer was only available during spring due to the German Lentebock tradition.

First Steps of Shiner Candied

The SBA started looking for a qualified professional brewmaster as the brewery’s popularity in the neighborhood increased. They discovered one in Kosmos Spoetzl, a Bavarian. He co-leased it with Oswald Petzold in 1914 with the option to purchase it in 1915, which he did. He renamed the brewery but kept the Shiner Beer brand for the final product.


This beer is one of the oldest and most high-quality beers in Texas. We’ve described all the important features of the beer, so let’s have a quick recap:

  • Shiner Candied Pecan is a robust porter featuring more malt flavors and bitterness than the brown porter.
  • It is brewed with roasted praline pecans to give subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, brown sugar and roasted pecans.
  • You will notice a roasty scent that may be moderately robust, with a mild charred, black malt character.
  • A 12-ounce bottle of Candied Pecan contains 6 milligrams of sodium, 142 calories, 12.9 milligrams of carbohydrate, 2 milligrams of protein, 6 percent ABV and 0 grams of fat.

Do not miss out on the goodness that comes with this refreshing beer. Visit any liquor store in Texas today to grab a bottle or two!

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