Best Breweries in Pittsburgh: Top Brew Places for All Beer Enthusiasts

Brewery in pittsburghIf you’re looking for the best breweries in Pittsburgh, then our complete guide has got you covered.

This city boasts an impressive number of breweries, bars and restaurants for all beer lovers to check out.

Craft breweries have also become more and more popular in Pittsburgh; locals in the city already have access to these fantastic sites, but we’ve put together a list of the top breweries in the city if you’re visiting.

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Pittsburgh Breweries Number of Active Beers  ABV Range
Strange Roots Experimental Ales 41 0 – 10.5 percent
Dancing Gnome Brewery 75 4 – 11 percent
Trace Brewing 31 4.6 – 10 percent
Cinderlands Foederhouse 98 0 – 11.3 percent
Allegheny City Brewing Co 8 4.7 – 8 percent
Grist House Craft Brewery 38 4.5 – 10 percent
East End Brewing Company 39 0 – 11.5 percent
Penn Brewery 14 4.5 – 8.5 percent
Hop Farm Brewery Co 12 4.1 – 11.3 percent
412 Brewery 76 3.5 – 13 percent
Church Brew Works 9 4.8 – 9.5 percent
Hitchhiker Brewing Co 92 3.8 – 11.5 percent
VooDoo Brewery 105 0 – 14.9 percent
Brew Gentleman 41 4.2 – 10.2 percent
Full Pint Brewing Company 8 4.8 – 7.6 percent
Helltown Brewing 21 4 – 13 percent
Eleventh Hour Brewing 31 0 – 13 percent
Bierport Pittsburgh 19
Draai Lang 67 4.2 – 14.2 percent
Roundabout Brewery 3 5.9 – 10.4 percent

20 Best Pittsburgh Breweries You Should Know About

With a population of over 350,000 people and more than 40 breweries, there’s a fantastic experience to look out for when you visit Pittsburgh area breweries. Here are the top breweries in the city, which we have compiled after extensive research.

  1. Strange Roots Experimental Ales

Like the name implies, Strange Roots Experimental Ales is known for taking unique and labor-intensive approaches to its brews. The brewery is well-known as one of the first US breweries to focus on spontaneous fermentation methods and local ingredients in their beers. Beers from this brewery would leave your palate impressed.

One of their brewers, Hock, made the popular Plague beer in 2021. This was done with the Solera process, which involved adding younger vintage beers with older vintage brews. Although it is labor-intensive, it offers an impressive result. Other popular beers from Strange Roots include Spontaneous Roots, a sour ale.

  1. Dancing Gnome Brewery

Next on our list is Dancing Gnome, which is undoubtedly one of the best breweries in this city. If you’re looking for somewhere to get a drink, you can visit their taproom, as many enthusiasts would agree that they have never made a bad batch. This top brewery in Pittsburgh PA has been running for over five years and is very community-focused.

If you want to try out their brews, you can go for the Dancing Gnome Lustra and their other pale ales. They also feature American-style pale ales and hop-forward ales. When you visit this brewery, you can choose your beer from the menu organized by hops.

  1. Trace Brewing

Trace Brewing is next on our list and was founded by Dave Kushner, the co-founder of Remnant Brewing. This is the beer section of Trace Brewing headed by Zach Colton. As he has worked in many top breweries like Dancing Gnome, Strange Roots, Four Points, and more, you can expect high quality from their brews.

One of their most popular beers is the Kollerbier, a drinkable and delicious lager with a very high demand. If the brewpub is serving this when you’re in town, you should try this out. Trace Brewing also organizes parties and festivals to celebrate the diversity in Pittsburgh.

  1. Cinderlands Foederhouse

You can also check out Cinderlands when in Pittsburgh, as they are brilliant innovators in craft brewing. The brewery has two locations, with the newest one opening in 2019. But it would be best if you visited Lower Lawrenceville, which houses the original location, as it offers mixed fermentation and farmhouse beers.

If you’re visiting, it’s a brilliant idea to check out their Saison beers, especially the one called Gregg. This is even an award-winning brew at the GBAF, offering you a light and refreshing mouthfeel. Asides from this, there are many other brews on their tap list for you to check out.

  1. Allegheny City Brewing Co.

Allegheny City Brewing will also impress Pittsburgh locals with its unique approach to brewing, similar to Dancing Gnome. Not only is this a leading brand in the Pittsburgh brewing industry, but it also pays a lot of attention to its community.

As one of the top local breweries Pittsburgh, the brewing company also features a fun and exciting taproom for all beer lovers to enjoy. Some of the finest brews you can find on their tap list include Pale Boy IPA and Apricot Clowns of the Mountains.

  1. Grist House Craft Brewery

Another top brewery in Pittsburgh is Grist House, a craft brewery located in Millvale. The brewery comes with a pub, which combines a dog-friendly deck with a taproom. So those who love beer and have dogs can easily visit and enjoy some of their best brews. There is even a firepit inside the pub so you can enjoy being warm and cozy on those cold winter months.

Some of the best beers from Grist House include stout coffee beers, New England-style IPAs, and American amber ales. You can also visit its secondary location, which is located in Collier, where a Nike missile facility once operated.

  1. East End Brewing Company

East End Brewing Company is another brewing company with a taproom where dogs can hang in the outside space. Located in Larimer, Pittsburgh, this leading brewery is known for its wide range of one-off beer batches like the You Are Here series, year-round brews, and seasonal beers, so there’s always a drink ideal for you.

You can go on a brewery tour at East End Brewing Company, which offers you a look at the brewing operations and free samples of some of their best beers. The bar also serves some delicious foods that go well with beers, like smoked chicken wings and French toast.

  1. Penn Brewery

Fully known as Pennsylvania Brewery Co, this company was founded in Pittsburgh back in 1986 and has remained one of the top companies in the city. It introduced craft beers to the city, including incredibly unique brews like German beers and classic lagers.

You can try out some of their year-round releases like Penn Dark, Penn Pilsner and Penn Weizen, which has a Bavarian-style approach. The brewery comes with a pub that serves some German delicacies like schnitzel, goulash, wurst and pierogies. You can also find some IPAs, ales and lagers at the pub.

  1. Hop Farm Brewing Co.

Head to Hop Farm Brewing Co. If you want to enjoy some hoppy beers paired with delicious meals. The brewer is located in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, a pretty popular neighborhood in the city. The brewers grow their hops organically and use natural resources when making their tap list.

You can purchase their beers all year round, including the flagship IPAs, sour beers, Belgian-style beers, and even the popular One Nut Brown Ale. But you can also be on the lookout for their seasonal beers. Hop Farm partners with Provision Pittsburgh to give its customers delicious foods that go well with the beers.

  1. 412 Brewery

Pittsburgh microbreweryWe also recommend 412 Brewery as one of the best Pittsburgh microbreweries for you to visit.

Located in McKees Rocks, the brewery has seven options on their tap list, all hand-crafted to meet the needs of their customers. They also serve mead and local cider beverages.

Those who like IPAs will enjoy the Mo Hops Mo Problems brew, which is made by adding hops to the boil in the last fifteen minutes to reduce the bitterness levels. But you can also check out the Cinnamon Swirl beer, a dark brown ale made with cinnamon and molasses.

  1. Church Brew Works

One of the oldest breweries in Pittsburgh is Church Brew Works, which is located in what used to be a Roman Catholic Church. When you enter this unique brewery, you’ll notice fermentation equipment on the alter and a slogan saying, “On the eighth day, man created beer.”

Even their brews are made with church-related themes such as the Pipe Organ Pale Ale, Celestial Gold, or Pious Monk Dunkel, which are all popular beers. You can purchase these beers and other merchandise in the confessional located behind the bar. There are different foods on the menu, too, including gluten-free food and kid-friendly meals.

  1. Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

Hitchhiker Brewing Co. is another impressive company on our list, and it offers two locations for all those in Pittsburgh. They are located in the north and south areas of the city, plus a pop-up beer truck that you can look out for. Aside from the beer, you can also enjoy their delicious food whenever you visit.

You can find a wide range of craft beers on its brew list with artisanal names. Some of the top beers include Unpopular Opinion and Bane of Existence. Although they have the common stouts and Indian Pale Ales, you can try some new styles like India black ales and pina colada IPA.

  1. VooDoo Brewery

The next on our list is VooDoo Brewery, which has a colorful collection of beers to choose from. The interior décor of the brewpub is also highly attractive and comfortable, making its customers feel right at home. You can visit for Sunday brunch or Taco Tuesday, or check out the Meadville branch for the Good Vibes Beer Fest every year.

Some popular year-round beers include the VooDoo Love Child, a fruit-flavored ale. There is also Hoodoo, an IPA with pine and citrus flavors and seven different hops.

  1. Brew Gentlemen

Brew Gentlemen is also a must-visit for beer enthusiasts in Pittsburgh and was founded by two graduates from Carnegie Mellon University. It is housed in what used to be an electrical supply store and offers a diverse range of hoppy-flavored beers.

You can only get the year-round and seasonal beers on draft, so you have to visit the taproom even if you’re going to get the brew to-go. The brewery also comes with food trucks, which offer delicious, beer-friendly foods like fish and chips, gyros, vegetarian tortas and many more.

  1. Full Pint Brewing Company

We were also impressed with the Full Pint Brewing Company, located in North Versailles but well-known throughout Pittsburgh. The brewing company is located in a reused garage, with a wide range of beers on draft and delicious meals. You can also visit the brewery for private parties and beer tastings.

Their appetizers and flatbread are homemade and paired with beers made from only fresh ingredients. If you’re curious about how this beer is being made, you can visit Full Pint Brewing Company for a tour with you and your friends or family. They will show you how local beer is made and also present you with free tastings.

  1. Helltown Brewing

Although Mount Pleasant is a quiet area in Pittsburgh, you’ll be excited to know about Helltown Brewing operating in this place. As one of the top breweries near Pittsburgh PA, it was founded in 2011 in an old mechanic’s garage and still works there today.

Although Helltown Brewing focuses on production, it also comes with a tasting area where you can enjoy its top-quality brews. They can serve the beers in pints for you to enjoy, or you can get the beer to-go in a growler. The brewers use only top-quality grains in their brewing and always give back to the community.

  1. Eleventh Hour Brewing

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh is Eleventh Hour Brewing, another top company offering a wide range of delicious and balanced craft beers. The brewery is connected to the taproom which is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Aside from drinking beers, you can enjoy diverse meals from the food trucks on-site, and there’s a lot of space indoors and outdoors to bring your friends and family. Some of their top brews include the Mexican lager and their IPAs released every month. They also have beers released once a year and a wide range of sour brews.

  1. Bierport Pittsburgh

Another recommended brewery in Pittsburgh is Bierport, a craft beer store. It is located in Lawrenceville, with a wide range of local and delicious beers for all its customers to check out. Their brewing staff is also very enthusiastic, which you will notice if you visit its underground taproom.

There are 19 rotating taps available so that you can take these brews on draft or to-go. The brewery is also attached to a cinema, allowing visitors to check out their movies and weekly shows after grabbing a beer.

  1. Draai Lang

If you’re interested in some yeast-like beers, Draai Lang is one of the best breweries downtown Pittsburgh to turn to. It is located across the Allegheny River in Millvale and was founded in 2009. Headed by Dennis Hock, the company makes its beers in French and Belgium styles while leveraging yeast.

Dennis Hock knows a great deal about spontaneous fermentation, which is evident in the brewer’s beers, as he studied beer science since he was 17 years old. Beers from Draai Lang are also usually with a lot of alcohol, so it’s best to eat a full meal before trying some of their brews.

  1. Roundabout Brewery

Last on our list is the Roundabout Brewery, which has a tasting room in Lawrenceville and allows its customers to order beers online. The craft brewery also features a pop-up location in an open-air garden where you can purchase some of its top beers.

Around the brewery, you can find food trucks selling pizzas, chicken and other food that goes well with beers. If you want to give their brews a try, you can get started with those made with New Zealand hops. While it’s a small brewery, it’s definitely not the least on our list and comes highly recommended.

Brewing History in Pittsburgh

Brewing in Pittsburgh has a long history dating back to the 1800s when Pittsburgh Brewing Company was founded. During the Prohibition, many of the breweries closed down except three, which are Pittsburgh Brewing, Ft. Pitt Brewing, and Independent Brewing. These breweries changed their names and worked in other ventures, but after Prohibition was lifted in 1933, they went back to making beer.

Now Pittsburgh boasts of over 250 years in brewing beer and has been rated as one of the top 10 beer cities in the United States, especially for beer lovers. One of the reasons why this is a highly-recommended destination is because there is no dominant brewer in Pittsburgh, which gives all craft breweries, microbreweries and brewers equal footing.

It is also home to a decent population and very close to other highly populated places in the United States and Canada, which means many visitors can come in to check out what the locals are enjoying so much.

Even Brew, The Museum of Beer, is located in Pittsburgh and open to locals and tourists worldwide. Here, you can enjoy learning more about the large brew market in this city.


Do Breweries in Pittsburgh make use of local ingredients?

Yes, several breweries in Pittsburgh prioritize local ingredients in their beer-making process.

What is the oldest Brewery in Pittsburgh?

The oldest brewery in Pittsburgh is the Penn Brewery, established in 1986.

What does the Brewery Experience in Pittsburgh offer?

The Brewery Experience at the Heinz History Center offers visitors an interactive exhibit on the history and culture of beer in Western Pennsylvania.


Best brewery in pittsburghPittsburgh is often cited as one of the best places to live and visit in the United States, but it’s also a must-visit city for beer lovers.

  • The best Pittsburgh brewery on our list is Strange Roots Experimental Ales, which is is known for taking unique and labor-intensive approaches to its brews.
  • Head on over to the Dancing Gnome Brewery and go for the Dancing Gnome Lustra and their other pale ales.
  • Next, go to Trace Brewing and try their Kollerbier, a drinkable and delicious lager. That is, if you are lucky enough to grab a serving. They run out quickly!
  • You can not only visit the breweries, brewpubs and taprooms, but also The Museum of Beer in Pittsburgh.

Check out the top breweries in Pittsburgh when you visit and enjoy a fantastic experience from one of the top beer cities in the United States. Using our guide, you can easily plan your trip and get only top-quality brews.

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