Breweries in Detroit: 24 Breweries You Absolutely Cannot Miss

Breweries in DetroitThis is the ultimate list of breweries in Detroit that you can add to the list of places you need to visit in this city. If you have wondered how the craft and draft beer scene in Detroit is, this list of 24 best Detroit Michigan breweries is all you need to explore the beer scene in the city.

Motor city brew tours organize Detroit brewery tours and educate people on Detroit breweries history. Check out the list below to get a glimpse of the best breweries this city offers.

Detroit breweries Number of Active beers ABV (Lowest to Highest)
Roak Brewing 17 4.2 – 11.4 percent
Batch Brewing 21 3.8 – 14.3 percent
Kuhnhenn Brewing 8 5.3 – 9.5 percent
Founders Brewing 32 4.4 – 14.2 percent
Griffin Claw brewing 25 4.5 – 12 percent
Ascension Brewing 12 5 – 8.2 percent
Market Brewing Co 12 3.5 – 8 percent
Atwater Brewery 32 4 – 8.9 percent
Rochester Mills 21 3 – 8.3 percent
Dragonmead Microbrewery 48 4.2 – 10 percent
Royal Oak 11 4.2 – 8.5 percent
Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery 16 4.5 – 8.1 percent
Urbanrest Brewing 15 4.8 – 9.9 percent
Eastern Market Brewing 15 0.5 – 7.2 percent
Motor City Brewing Works 10 3.8 – 8.8 percent
Brewery Faisan 10 4.2 – 9.4 percent
Brew Detroit 22 4 – 9.6 percent
Traffic Jan & Snug 5 5 – 7.2 percent
Granite City Food 7 4.4 – 6.7 percent
B Nektar 7 6 – 15.1 percent
Lagerhaus No. 5 22 4 – 7 percent
Detroit Shipping Company 12 4.5 – 9.2 percent
Saucey Brew Works 18 3.2 – 8.5 percent

Best Metro Detroit Breweries You Simply Cannot Miss

Here is an extensive list of the best locations to visit in the MI city. Whether you live in the area or are just passing by for a visit, don’t forget to add these wonderful places in your itinerary! Aside from detailed descriptions of the interiors, we will also provide you with the best-selling brews for each brewery and other services they offer.

– Roak Brewing Co.

Breweries in Detroit Roak BrewingThis brewery opened up in 2015 with the idea to bring creativity and community essence in beer making. Roak believes in quality over quantity. This is a warehouse-themed chic beer bar that serves deliciously brewed craft beer alongside tasteful Pizzas, salads and finger food. They have both indoor and outdoor seating.

Their Must-try Beers

Their latest limited edition is the Blow Your Face Out, a Double IPA with an explosion of over 100 IBUs at 10.5 percent ABV. It has tasting notes of pine and stone fruit. This IPA is one of the most creative additions on their tap list.

– Batch Brewing Company

This is one of the most famous craft breweries in MI. They have a constantly evolving menu and plenty of seasonal specials. Alongside handcrafted beer, they operate a scratch kitchen cuisine with all-time pub favorites. They offer everything from nachos to po’boys and shepherd’s pies. Their taproom has a lively atmosphere and upbeat seating and vibe.

Their Must-try Beers

Brimley is their delicious yet light oatmeal Stout at 5 percent ABV, filled with a creamy texture, light mouthfeel and aromas of coffee and chocolate. The Handsome Hasbeen is yet another Session IPA with a burst of citrus, juicy orange taste and fruity aromas.

– Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.

This place is split into two, with half the location being a brewery and half being a brewing supply store. Located in the old village of Warren, this place is a perfect getaway for an early to late Saturday night. They serve both delicious beers and ciders. They also host Trivia Nights on Tuesday nights.

Their Must-try Beers

The loonie Kuhnie is a flagship beer that remains a fan favorite to date. At 5.8 percent ABV, this stunning American Pale Ale is light, crisp and filled with citrusy aromas. Their DRIPA is a rice IPA, double hopped at 9.5 percent ABV. It’s an award-winning West Coats IPA with loud hop aromas.

– Founders Brewing Co.

Breweries in Detroit Founders BrewingThis is one of the highest recognized beer company in the United States. They are also among the top 10 fastest-growing craft breweries in the country. Their passion for brewing great beer exceeds beer itself.

At Founders, they believe in sustainability and put continuous efforts into reducing the environmental footprint. The taproom is filled with urban architecture and a happy community presence.

Their Must-try Beers

The 4 Giants IPA is their most special brew that combines four IPA recipes to settle into this one brew. At 9.2 percent, this beer boasts aggressive bitterness with a sweet and malty backbone.

Their Nitro Oatmeal Stout at 4.5 percent ABV is a classic Stout with oatmeal flakes, roasted barley and chocolate malt. This beer has a heavy and creamy mouthfeel, perfect for the winter months.

– Griffin Claw Brewing Company

One of the most renowned breweries in Michigan, this brewery serves beers, wines and ciders. Alongside classic beers, they serve delicious pub food like spicy fries, chicken sandwiches, fish and chips, etc. They also have a distillation program offering class-old whiskey to sip on.

Their Must-try Beers

Jake the Shake is their delicious Milkshake IPA at 7.5 percent ABV. it is rich, creamy and brewed with orange and lactose. Another must-try is the Hyprid, a classic New Zealand Pilsner at 6.2 percent ABV. This experimental beer is brewed with New Zealand Sauvignon wine.

– Ascension Brewing Company

They pride themselves as “good beer for good people.” Along with good quality draft beers, they also have a long menu of delicious dishes and some soups, healthy greens and street tacos. The taproom looks like a warm American house, well lit with warm lights on evenings, perfect for a homely vibe.

Their Must-try Beers

Meeting of the Bobs is their classic American Stout brewed at 5 percent ABV. It has a hefty punch of whirlpool addition of cascade hops to achieve a gentle floral aroma. Their Fifth Stop Pale Ale is a classic New England Hazy beer that is double dry-hopped with all Citra hops. It has juicy aromas and tropical citrus notes.

– Market Brewing Co.

Breweries in Detroit Market Brewing CoThey are into plenty of experimental beers. The brewers at Market don’t hide away from trying bizarre recipes. The taproom hosts plenty of events throughout the year.

It is best to keep an eye on their website for their upcoming events calendar. They also participate in plenty of green initiatives like Earth day and smaller daily practices.

Their Must-try Beers

Given the Circumstances West Coast IPA at 6.5 percent ABV is their most loved beer all year round. For someone into experimental beers, the Juicilicious is a Dry-hopped Kettle Sour at 4.8 percent ABV, full of citrus and fruity notes.

– Atwater Brewery

Atwater is a gorgeous rooftop brewery overlooking the Detroit River. A perfect spot for warm sundowners, this brewery remains a prominent trendsetter for beer fanatics in the area. They are particularly known for their German-style Lagers and unique boutique Ales.

The brewery also sells wine, vodka, gin and bourbon. The airy atmosphere is perfect for a small get-together over sunset.

Their Must-try Beers

Their American Barleywine at 8.9 percent ABV is one of their bestsellers. Their Purple Gang Pilsner is an extremely crisp and light German Pilsner at 4.8 percent ABV, absolutely perfect for those long summer days.

– Rochester Mills Beer

The brewery opened in 1998, offering handcrafted Lagers and Ales to locals. Today their beers reach out all across the country. The taproom is located in an old building with semi-vintage furniture and outdoor seating.

Their Must-try Beers

The Water Street Wheat is German-style wheat with classic banana and cloves flavors and aromas at 5.8 percent ABV. Their current seasonal favorite is the Appreciation DIPA brewed at 8 percent ABV. It is specially brewed for the mug club members with Citra and galaxy hops, making it an absolute delight for summers.

– Dragonmead Microbrewery

Breweries in Detroit Dragonmead MicrobreweryThis is Metro Detroit’s oldest and most celebrated microbrewery. They serve everything from Belgian, German, American, English, Russian and Scottish beers. It was founded in 1970 with a mission to constantly evolve in the field of craft brewing. The taproom offers over 40 styles of beers alongside an old-world experience and modern experimental taste.

Their Must-try Beers

The Final Absolution is a Belgian Trippel at 10 percent ABV with a smooth finish and high gravity. Their Inquisition Pale Ale is a 5.2 percent ABV English-style IPA with a toasted malt character and a light bitter flavor. Their Dragonslayer Altbier is a German-style Alt beer that is extremely crisp and light, brewed at 5.6 percent ABV.

– Royal Oak Brewery

This is Oakland County’s oldest brewpub. They serve up to eight fresh beers on tap daily brewed in the 14-barrel brewhouse. They also serve a full bar menu and some handpicked delicious country wines. Along with their own brewed beers, they also showcase two to three guest taps that change every season.

Their Must-try Beers

Their Suicide Blonde is one of the strongest Blonde beers ever brewed. At 8.5 percent ABV, this is a classic Belgian Ale with a dry finish and a firm body with a punch of spicy aromas. The Senator Doppelbock is a specialty brew made with a mix of seven German malts to give it a rich mouthfeel and texture, which is why it is often referred to as a meal in a glass.

– Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria

This brewery is known to brew delicious barrel-aged Sours. They have significantly expanded in and around Detroit in the last few years, and as the name suggests, they offer some delicious pizzas and truffle fries. Their taproom has both indoor and outdoor seating.

Their Must-try Beers

Their Calabaza Blanca is a famous Farmhouse Ale at 4.8 percent ABV. It is brewed in Belgium’s Biere Blanche tradition with orange peel and coriander. Another delicious Farmhouse Ale is the Aquamarine Dream brewed at 7.8 percent ABV. It is brewed with delicious malts from Germany and Scotland.

– Urbanrest Brewing

Breweries in Detroit Urbanrest BrewingThey brew some classic new-age beers and kombucha. They host plenty of food trucks and pop-up stalls four days a week. This is an extremely lit brewpub and is also dog friendly.

They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. They brew on a small scale, keeping their beers fresh and constantly rotating.

Their Must-try Beers

Along the River Rhine is an unfiltered ale that is elegant, crispy, bright and soft on the mouth. The Bohemian Connection is a classic Czech-style Pilsner brewed at 5.5 percent. Using noble hops, this beer is not very high on bitterness.

– Eastern Market Brewing Company

They make highly German-inspired, enjoyable beer since 2017. EMBC has street seating, outdoor seating, and take-out service. Its mission is community, camaraderie and craft. Their taproom is in the heart of Eastern Market, a perfect place for the locals to get together and chill with a few beers.

Their Must-try Beers

The Umbrella weather is their most famous Spring beer brewed at 5.5 percent ABV. This beer has a good punch of orange peel. Their Pineapple Market Day IPA is an IPA with a tropical twist. It is a session NEIPA with a juicy pineapple twist brewed at 5 percent ABV.

– Motor City Brewing Works

The Canfield brewpub is located in the heart of Detroit’s cultural center. They have a 20 BBL brewing system made out of scrap from Detroit’s industrial era. Their taproom has an industrial finish in terms of seating and ambiance. They have both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Their Must-try Beers

The Dank and Hazy IPA is their New England Hazy IPA at 8.8 percent ABV. It has a lovely citrus flavor with notes of grapefruit. Their classic Ghosblaster Ale is a Detroit-style mild Ale at 3.8 percent ABV. It has a crisp finish and a clean biscuit flavor.

– Brewery Faisan

Breweries in Detroit Brewery FaisanThis microbrewery is located in the Islandview area of Detroit. They specialize in Belgian Inspired beers. The taproom has an uber chic and urban atmosphere, decorated with tall brick walls with painted murals and indoor and outdoor seating.

Their beers are brewed with the idea of being clean, crisp and easy to drink. The space also hosts live music once in a while.

Their Must-try Beers

False Dawn, a Belgian style Tripel at 9.4 percent ABV is full of complex esters and pleasant bitterness. Their Spy Catcher is a Czech-style Dark Lager brewed at 5 percent ABV. This beer is light-bodied, with a clean and crisp finish.

– Brew Detroit

This is Michigan’s largest contract brewery, located in the heart of Detroit. Their taproom features up to 30 beers that are constantly rotating alongside cider, wine and meads. They produce in small batches to keep their beers fresh and clean. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and often host private parties by pre-booking.

Their Must-try Beers

The Cerveza Delray Oscura is a Dark Mexican Lager brewed at 4.8 percent ABV. This is an extremely clean, crisp and fresh beer, perfect for a classic michelada, if you may. Another must-try beer is the Sabotaged by Darkness, their dark and robust classic Porter beer brewed at 6 percent ABV.

– Traffic Jam & Snug

This is one of Detroit’s oldest brewpubs located in a busy corner surrounded by several other brewpubs, so they are almost always running full, especially throughout the weekend. They use the freshest ingredients that are usually locally sourced.

They also run a bakery and a cafe with a delicious range of desserts and pies. Their taproom is a cozy space, dimly lit with a wide variety of dishes on the menu.

Their Must-try Beers

The Pineapple Mango Smoothie is a Berliner Style beer brewed with a punch of lactose, pineapple and mango puree. It is brewed at 7.2 percent ABV and is perfect for cooler nights. Their Russian Imperial Stout is another famous cold brew coffee Stout brewed at 7.2 percent ABV that is filled with notes of dark chocolate, molasses and coffee.

– Granite City Food

Breweries in Detroit Granite City FoodThis is a small microbrewery known for a small batch of beers. They brew what is best and are limited to experimenting. They also offer a wide variety of pub-friendly food alongside their beers. They have a cozy seating atmosphere and often host live music nights with local music collaborations.

Their Must-try Beers

The Ukulele is their famous Citra IPA brewed at 6.7 percent ABV. It is a brilliant brew full of rich honey, tropical fruit and floral aromas. The Zug Zwang is their robust Vanilla Porter made with roasted chocolate flavor. It is an award-winning beer filled with rich complexity and flavors of caramel and mocha milkshake.

– B Nektar

This brewery has both indoor and outdoor seating. They also have a curbside pickup facility.

Their patio is pet friendly, and they don’t have a full-functioning kitchen but often host food trucks outside. Some quick bites are, however, available to grab in the taproom. They are open from Wednesdays until Sundays.

– Lagerhaus No.5

This is a market-style beerhouse with a European touch and have a selected set of beers available on rotation. Their tap list is ever-evolving, as they believe in providing tasty beer in a relaxing environment.

Lagerhaus No.5 is shut on Mondays. Their taproom is a simple yet cozy space, perfect for families and friends to enjoy their evenings.

– Detroit Shipping Company

Breweries in Detroit Detroit Shipping CompanyThis is one epic Detroit breweries with food hall and beer garden. They host private events like small wedding receptions, birthday parties, live music nights, Bangkok-themed street food, a small gift shop and a gallery hosting art exhibits. They offer a wide range of craft beers, selected wines and seasonal cocktails.

The selection changes almost every week, so it is best to check at the brewpub what is running on tap. They even have a courtyard setting and five restaurant containers, each hosting a different food cuisine. The second floor has an ice cream store and a private space to host small events. The whole area gives a lovely family vibe and is perfect for a Sunday outing with your family and friends.

– Saucy Brew Works

These folks are known for their brilliant and delicious award-winning Lagers. They opened in 2017 and believe in brewing beer with the finest ingredients using the best techniques. In 2021, they expanded to Detroit and also offer coffee and snacks from their cafe.

Their Must-try Beers

Numb Nuts is their special release Imperial Vanilla Stout with a heft mouthfeel and a creamy texture. It has notes of rich peanut butter, Honduran coffee and tasteful vanilla. Love You Bye is their Hazy Imperial IPA super juicy in flavor and brewed at 8.0 percent ABV.

– Stroh Brewing Company

This is one of the many old Detroit breweries in the city. Bernherd Storh came from Germany to Detroit and started this epic brewery. Around 169 years have passed and the brewery stands tall in pride. Their most famous beer is the Bohemian Style Pilsner, but these beers are only available in Michigan.


The Detroit beer scene is completely lit. From classic American lagers to Belgium beers and Hazy English IPAs, Detroit has so much to offer for beer lovers. You just need to pick a place to start from.Breweries in Detroit Saucey Brew Works

  • Roak Brewing Co. is a warehouse-themed chic beer bar that serves deliciously brewed craft beer alongside delicious pizzas, salads and finger food.
  • Batch Brewing Co. is one of the many breweries downtown Detroit. It is known for being dog friendly and for excellent hospitality.
  • Stroh’s Brewery is the oldest Brewery in Detroit. It was established in 1850.
  • The motor city brew tours arrange guided walks, boat and bike tours across several breweries in Detroit.
  • Eastern Market Brewpub makes delicious German Inspired beers and also hosts flea markets around the area.

Detroit has something for everyone, and now that you have the most elaborate list of Detroit breweries, which one are you planning to raise your glasses to?

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