Cali Creamin Beer Review: Smooth and Bright Vanilla Brew

Cali Creamin beer is one of the most popular beers from Mother Earth Brew Company and is their flagship beer. With the creamy and sweet vanilla taste, the beer is a fantastic option to quench your thirst and warm you up.

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If you’re looking for a delicious beer loaded with vanilla character, you should consider Cali Creamin’. Our detailed review has all you need to know about this beer.

Cali Creamin Beer Stats

Country United States
BrandMother Earth Brew Co
StyleCream ale
Taste Vanilla, Crisp
BodyMedium body
ABV5 percent
Flavors & AromasVanilla, biscuit, grain, sweet, crisp, buttery malt
Serving Temperature45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Notes

Cali Creamin Tasting Profile

Cali Creamin Beer Review

Cali Creamin is a cream ale that features a 5 percent alcohol content. The flagship beer is known for redefining the cream beer category, making the classic style popular again. With Madagascar vanilla beans and a pale gold color, the medium-bodied beer is an ideal drink at any time of the year.

The cream beer has flavors and aromas of vanilla, grains, biscuit, and buttery malt, with a sweet and crisp taste. It is best served in a pint glass at temperatures from 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The medium-bodied beer can be garnished with a lemon wedge on the rim of the glass. Ideal for all occasions, the cream beer is pretty sweet and smooth, and it goes down easy with the low ABV.

– Appearance

The Cali Creamin’ ale pours a light golden color into your glass, with hints of orange in the hue. It has a cloudy appearance with barely any haziness.

Cloudy appearance of cream ale

Atop the beer is a white foam up to a finger high, and it leaves a lot of lacing against your glass as it goes down.

– Aroma

On the nose, the beer has a mild aroma that does not overshadow the taste. There’s a lot of vanilla in the nose that makes it smell sweet without leaving behind the authentic aroma of ale. There are also some sweet grains in the nose that you might perceive.

– Mouthfeel

As for the mouthfeel, the cream beer has a creamy and smooth feel that goes down easy on your tongue. It is a medium-bodied beer leaning towards the light and has a bright feel with decent carbonation that offers a tingly feeling on your palate. There is some malt in the feel too.

– Flavor

As for the taste, the Cali Creamin’ vanilla cream ale follows the nose, but it is stronger and sweeter. There is a lot of vanilla in the flavor that tastes earthy and moderately sweet. There is no bitterness in the beer, and the hoppiness offers some earthiness.

The vanilla follows the end of the flavor with some sweet grains that improve the taste. This is combined with the flavor of buttery malts, and there is a creamy taste. It finishes with residual sweetness, and there are some hints of corn, herbal notes, sugarcane, and chamomile throughout the flavor.

– Food Pairings

The malty sweetness of the cream beer goes great with the flavor of roasted chicken and other roasted foods. If you’re drinking the Mother Earth Cali Creamin ale, you should try out smoked and barbecued ribs, chicken, turkey, and fish.

Barbecued ribs perfect with beer

The beer goes well with a wide range of foods, including spicy, fried, and nutty foods, especially when you clash sweetness with saltiness. Burgers and buffalo wings are also good pairings, as well as Mexican and Asian cuisine. Furthermore, you can try out pizza or steaks with this beer.

If you have cheese with the Cali Creamin ale, you can consider the cheddar, romano, or parmesan cheeses. Creamy and nutty cheeses will pair well with this beer. Vanilla-flavored desserts are ideal for this beer style, so try out a vanilla custard cake or vanilla ice cream, or even use it to create a cocktail with the beer.


The exact ingredients used to make the Cali Creamin ale are unknown, but there are different clone recipes that homebrewers can follow. It is brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans, which gives it the rich flavor and aroma of vanilla. The malts are also evident in the flavor, as you can taste the sweet grains.

Nutrition Facts

In the cream beer, you get an ABV of 5 percent, which is a pretty decent level. The alcohol is barely evident in the flavor and aroma of the beer. There is also an IBU of 18 in the beer due to the low bitterness and vanilla sweetness.

Cali creamin beer alcohol content

There are also 170 calories in the beer, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein in every 12 ounces. Keep these in mind when calculating your daily dietary requirements. The beer is not suitable for those on a keto diet, and it is not gluten-free, but it is a vegan-friendly beer.


Cali Creamin is a cream beer made by Mother Earth Brew Co. It is the flagship of the brewing company and is so popular that it gained a nitro version. The origin of the beer dates back to the wedding of the brewery’s director of marketing. The brewers got the idea from a friend that used to be a homebrewer.

In September 2011, the beer was served on draft at the wedding. After this, it became popular and was regularly made by the brewery. It is now a year-round offer and the flagship, and there are different versions of the beer being produced.


For a modern take on a classic cream beer, the Cali Creamin is the ideal choice. Here’s a summary of the beer review:

  • Cali Creamin is a vanilla cream beer with a 5 percent alcohol content.
  • The beer has flavors and aromas of vanilla, malts, grain, and biscuit, with a sweet and crisp taste.
  • It is made with Madagascar vanilla beans and other ingredients.
  • The beer is best served in a pint glass with a citrus wedge.
  • It pairs well with different foods, including roasted chicken, smoked and barbecue food, spicy and nutty foods, creamy cheeses, and vanilla desserts.

You can find this beer in cans at a wide range of stores near you or drink it right from the tap at a brewery in California.

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