E40 Beer Location Review: Should You Drink or Pass on This Beer?

E40 beer location is one of the most popular malt liquor beers out there. This popularity is because it is a product of Earl Stevens, a San Francisco rapper more commonly known by his stage name, E-40.

E40 Beer Location Review Infographic

This beer has received a lot of positive appraisals, and almost every beer lover is eager to try it. If you’re curious about the E40 beer, our review is what you need for details on this famous beer.

E40 Beer Location Stats

Country United States (Wisconsin)
Brand City Brewing Company LLC
Style Malt liquor
Taste You can taste the rich caramel sweetness of this beer. There are also hints of hops, honey, grain, and cereal.
Body It pours a burnt amber color with a thick off-white head, good retention, and nice lacing.
ABV 10 percent
Flavor and Aroma Fruity notes alongside honey and grain are prominent. There are also hints of a well-subdued hop character.
Serving temperature 45 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Notes

E40 Beer Location Tasting Profile

E40 Beer Location Review

Our beer experts compiled this review based on the following categories:

– Appearance

E40 beer has a delightful light amber or seemingly dark golden color when poured into a glass. Its look is typical of most American malt liquors. It has a nice off-white foamy head that’s quite thick and about two fingers high. Upon closer inspection, you can see that this beer has quite a lively carbonation, going by the streams of bubbles coming from the bottom of the glass to the top.

One thing to love about the E40 beer is that it not only has a thick foamy head but also has good retention and leaves a neat amount of thick lacing on the glass.

– Aroma

E40 beer location has a nice blend of aroma for malt liquor. Its can promises “Premium Malt Liquor with a Hint of Honey.” In addition, E40 has hints of citrus notes like pear or apple.

You can also catch whiffs of grains, honey, cereal, sweet caramel, and a spicy, almost peppery note. The hop character in this malt liquor is also quite distinct, although it doesn’t seem overly assertive.

We like that the E40 beer has a blend of scents that you can describe as bold but not over the top. The aroma of this beer makes you very eager to try it out.

– Mouthfeel

Surprisingly, E40 beer is very easy to drink because it packs 10 percent alcohol by volume. It is quite thick, so you have a rich, creamy, and crisp mouthfeel that leaves a dry finish.

It also has a medium body as well as medium-level carbonation. The blend of flavors makes for an interesting mouthfeel that lingers for a while. E40 Beer is one refreshing beer you can have at any time.

– Flavor

E40 Beer has quite an intense flavor. There is a strong mix of floral, citrus, and grainy flavors. You can get hints of honey, corn, cereal, apple, beer, and maybe tangerine fruit. You’d expect a blast of flavors from the aroma when you drink it.

However, the flavors are balanced and not overpowering, which makes it a delight. In all, the flavors of E40 beer make it easy to drink. Also, for a beer with 10 percent alcohol content, the alcoholic note in this beer is well concealed. It almost masks just how much buzz the beer is capable of inducing.

– Food Pairings

Like a typical malt liquor beer, E40 Beer is best accompanied by roasted, grilled, or toasted meals. One of the best ways to enjoy this malt liquor is to have it with foods like smoked salmon, cured meats, grilled chicken, buffalo wings, fried fish, and even baked beans.

If you want to enjoy your beer with dessert, you can try any chocolate-flavored or caramelized dessert meal. For instance, you can try E40 Beer with white chocolate cake.


There is not much difference between the ingredients used in the production of E40 and those used in the production of other beers. E40 Beer is made with yeast, water, barley malt, and a wide variety of hops. These hops include Centennial, Columbus, Amarillo, Citra Chinook, and Simcoe hops. There are also citrus notes and cereals added to the mix.

Nutrition Facts

E40 Beer has 249 calories, 15 grams of carbs, zero grams of fat, 2.8 grams of protein, and 15 grams of net carbs.

You won’t be able to chug a can of E40 Beer because it isn’t a light beer. In addition, it contains a high amount of alcohol. Drinking it at a moderate pace and accompanied by grilled, roasted, smoked foods or dessert is advisable.


E40 Beer is a product of a famous rapper known as E-40. E-40 (real name: Earl Stevens) had already established his wine company, Earl Stevens Selections, so it wasn’t a big surprise when he announced launching a malt liquor line. Before this period, his Earl Stevens Selections was already recording massive sales, with many people purchasing wine pallets from him.

It was already well known that E-40 was a successful alcohol marketer. However, it was a big deal when he mentioned that he would be releasing his brand of malt liquor because he had previously dealt exclusively with wine and spirits. In 2016, E-40 released the E40 malt liquor under the City Brewing Company LLC, which became a huge success as time went by. E40 is described as a premium malt liquor with a hint of honey.

Aside from the E40 Beer, Earl Stevens also has a series of other liquors you can try. They include the Sluricane cocktails, Kuiper Belt Bourbon, and Tycoon Cognac, among others.


Since its production, E40 Beer has proven to be a top contender among producers of malt liquors. Here are the points discussed in this review:

  • E40 is owned by American actor and rapper Earl Stevens, popularly known as E-40, a San Francisco Bay Area hip hop legend.
  • E40 has a tantalizing aroma that combines grains, cereals, apples, honey, malt, and hop scents. Its flavors are also very similar to its aroma, although there is an alcoholic hint.
  • For a beer with 10 percent alcohol, E40 is quite easy to drink, and the taste of alcohol is well concealed.
  • You can purchase E40 Beer location at any liquor store, online retail store, or microbrewery around you.

E40 is a very smooth beer to drink and is worth trying out. Its bold aroma and tantalizing scents put it forward as a great choice, and it has managed to stand out among the numerous malt liquors produced in the country.

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