Frio Beer Review: The Sippable Light Lager for Any Occasion

Frio Beer might not be a special lager, but it gives you the flavor notes that you expect from a classic light lager. Made by City Brewing, the lager offers a very light taste with a lot of malty sweetness and crackers. 

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Whether you’re watching the game, having a spicy barbecue in your backyard, or just having dinner, the lager will make a fantastic beverage choice. Let’s take a closer look at what the Frio lager tastes like and what you can pair it with. 

Frio Beer Stats

Country  United States
Brand City Brewing Company
Style Light Lager
Taste  Cracker, adjuncts
Body Light Body
ABV 4 percent
Flavors & Aromas Cracker, hay, corn husks, grains, grape
Serving Temperature 35 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Notes

Frio Beer Tasting Profile

Frio Beer Review 

  • Appearance: 7.5/10
  • Aroma: 6/10
  • Mouthfeel: 5.5/10
  • Flavor: 6/10

Frio Light is a light lager with a 4 percent alcohol content, made by City Brewing Co. The beer hits all the boxes for a classic American lager, except that it is lighter than the standard lager, so you don’t get a flavorful experience. It features a straw color and a very light body in the mouthfeel.

The beer has flavors and aromas of crackers, hay, corn husks, grains, and grape. While it isn’t too special, it’s the ideal cheap lager that will fit any occasion. The clean and crisp taste makes it pair with a wide range of food, and the drinkability means it’s great for a hot summer day. Plus, the lager has a taste of malts and adjuncts. 

Serve the Frio lager into a pilsner glass to get the most out of its light straw color and bubbling carbonation. It should be served cold too, with a serving temperature between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

– Appearance 

On the pour, the Frio Lager offers a light straw color that tends towards pale yellow. The appearance is spot-on for the beer style, giving you a crystal-clear appearance with no unfiltered particles. It looks especially bright in a pilsner glass.

Frio beer has a straw color

Atop the beer is a small white head, but it fades very fast, leaving a thin film of foam floating as you drink. The beer doesn’t leave any lacing on the sides of the glass except for light splotches. 

– Aroma 

As for the aroma, the light lager has a mild and simple aroma that does not overwhelm you. You will smell the scent notes mostly when you bring the beer to your nose. The first thing that you smell is the corny adjuncts on your nose.

You will also smell a few light crackers in the aroma, and it smells sweet and pleasant. You might notice a cardboard smell in the aroma as the beer warms up. 

– Mouthfeel 

In your mouth, the Frio Lager has a very light body, but it is not unpleasant or watery. The mouthfeel makes it very sippable and easy to drink, with the low alcohol content. It is also refreshing and will quench your thirst on a hot day.

The beer has decent carbonation, which gives you a lot of bubbles as you drink, but they quickly move from fizzy to smooth when you swallow. It finishes dry with a lingering metallic taste. 

– Flavor 

The flavor of the Frio beer follows the aroma but is more flavorful. It gets unpleasant after it warms up, so you should drink it while it’s very cold. The first thing you taste is the light cracker malt with a few corn adjuncts. The corn syrup is light and sweet on the palate, and it gets stronger as the taste advances.

There’s also a little cardboard taste in the beer, but this disappears towards the end of the flavor. Mid-palate to the end, you get a taste of hay and malts, and it lingers even after you swallow. Although this is very faint, you might notice a bit of grape in the flavor. 

– Food Pairings

When having the Frio lager, you can pair it with a wide range of foods. Whether you want to go bold and spicy, salty and umami, mild and light, or sweet and creamy, there’s so much that you can have with the crisp and clean lager. 

Ideal foods for frio beer

You can enjoy a beer with food varieties like hotdogs, burgers, buffalo wings, fried fish, light seafood, French fries, taters, noodles, and pasta. It goes great with bready foods like pizza, bread salad, or pancakes, and you can have a crisp salad with a simple dressing.

Cheese is a great pairing witht this light lager, so you can have it with mild cheeses like Havarti or Cheddar. Fresh cheeses like Burrata, Chevres, and Mozzarellas are also good options for this beer. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you should have the Frio with a chocolate cake, strawberries and cream, or a fruit tart.  


The Frio lager is made with the basic ingredients in a beer, which are hops, barley malts, corn, and water. It does not have a lot of hops in the flavor and aroma, so the malts are at the forefront of the flavor. 

The beer is made with six-row barley malts, which gives it its strong malty flavor of crackers, hay, grain, and corn. As for the hops, they are Mount Hood hops, which create subdued herbal notes in the beer’s character. This gives you a crisp and faintly bitter finish.

Nutrition Facts 

The Frio lager is a low-carb, low-calorie light beer with a decent ABV. The alcohol content is 4 percent in every 12 ounces, and it has decent bitterness units for its style. You can barely taste the alcohol in the beer since it is low, giving you a drinkable and sippable experience.

The beer has 92 calories in every 12 ounces, and this makes it suitable for those that are on a diet. There are also 2.8 grams of carbs in every 12 ounces, and this low level makes it ideal for those on a keto diet. It features 0.06 grams of protein, but the beer is not gluten-friendly. 


The Frio Light is made by City Brewing Company and was first released in 2013. It is the light lager in the Frio series, with the other popular option being the Frio 6.0 malt liquor. The beer is brewed in Texas and promises a fresh take on the standard low-calorie lager.

Frio beer first steps

City Brewing was founded in 1999 and is based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is one of the most well-known breweries in the USA and has purchased other breweries to expand its operations. The brewery also has a wide range of brands aside from Frio.


Whenever you’re in the mood for a classic lager or you want something clean and crisp to pair with your meal, Frio lager is ideal.

Here’s a summary of our beer review:

  • Frio Light is a light lager with a 4 percent alcohol content.
  • The beer has flavors and aromas of crackers, corn husks, grains, hay, grape, and malts.
  • It is made with six-row malted barley, Mount Hood hops, corn and water.
  • The brew is best served in a pilsner glass at a very cold temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pair it with a wide range of dishes, from American foods and bready meals to spicy dishes, mild and fresh cheeses, and fruity desserts.

Easily purchase this beer at a wide range of liquor stores, bars, and supermarkets close to you. 

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