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Our Guinness Extra Stout Review offers detailed information on Guinness Extra Stout. As a historic beer that has been around for 250 years, the Guinness Extra Stout is a beer like no other. Its heavy body, strong flavors, rich and dark color makes it stand out. From what it is made of to why you should try out the beer, we’ve covered all the details an enthusiastic drinker is looking for.

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What Is Guinness Extra Stout?

Guinness Extra Stout is a traditional Irish dry stout beer that is a type of Ale. The Extra stout beer originated in 1759, at the brewery of Arthur Guinness in Dublin, Ireland. The beer has very creamy and rich flavors with well-balanced bittersweetness. Guinness Extra Stout bottle is available in 6 and 12 can packs and in 12 fl oz glass bottles.

The term “extra stout” refers to the brewing with more hops, that helps to keep stout beers good for a long period of time. The Guinness Extra Stout also has two other variants known as Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Draught, each having a different flavor profile than the Extra Stout version. While the Draught version is creamy and smooth, the Foreign Extra Stout tends to be punchier with extra hops and a higher alcohol percentage.

The three main styles of beer Guinness offers are:

  • Guinness Draught
  • Guinness Extra Stout
  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

What Are the Ingredients in Guinness Extra Stout?

According to the official website, the Guinness Extra Stout Ingredients list includes;

  • Malt
  • Irish Barley
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Water

What Does Guinness Extra Stout Taste and Look Like?

The Guinness Extra Stout has a well-blended and rounded flavor of sweet and bitter. With a rich flavor of roast notes coming from the barley, this stout starts with a smoothness that ends in a dry finish. The noticeable fruity flavor and malt add sweetness to the stout while the strong hop characters add bitterness. The stout also offers a rich flavor of caramel, coffee, and toffee that are combined to give a crisp, refreshing and sharp flavor personality to the Extra Stout.

The Guinness Extra Stout is a carbonated beer that provides it with extra crispiness, thickness, and more of a hop bite than other beers. The stout has an almost black appearance that reveals a dark brownish-red color when observed carefully. It ends with an almost perfect foamy head. According to the official website, the Guinness Extra Stout beer’s color is ruby red.

Consumers who tried the Guinness Extra Stout mentioned that the stout had deep chocolatey flavors and felt unique. The dark beer leaves a sharp aftertaste that many drinkers may not prefer.

Guinness Extra Stout Nutrition Facts

Guinness Extra Stout is high in calories and carbs that can be a cause of concern for regular drinkers. In a 22oz beer bottle, Guinness Extra Stout contains 25 grams of carbs. The Guinness extra stout alcohol percentage is at 5.6 percent, which is fairly high. However, Guinness Foreign Extra has a much higher alcohol percentage when compared to the original one.

  • Calories: 108
  • Nutritional value: 270kJ
  • Carbs: 25 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Fat: 0-gram
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV) 5.6 percent
  • Alcohol: 11.2 grams

What’s the Difference Between Guinness Extra Stout vs Foreign Extra Stout?

The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout has a higher percentage of alcohol, less protein, and more calories when compared to the Guinness Extra Stout beer. The Extra Stout is available to consumers in the United States, whereas the Foreign Extra Stout can be found in international markets of Asia, Africa, and some parts of Europe. The flavor, taste, smell, and appearance are all much stronger in the Foreign Extra Stout.

The extra rich and heavy flavor of the Foreign Extra Stout makes the original version seem watery and soft. The difference of taste is mostly due to the additional hops that are present in the Foreign Extra Stout but the original one lacks.

Here’s a side by side comparison of Guinness Extra Stout and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout:

– Guinness Extra Stout vs Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

 Guinness Extra StoutGuinness Foreign Extra Stout
Alcohol Volume5.6 percent7.5 percent
FlavorCrisp and bittersweetStrong and hints of fruitiness
Guinness extra stout review

Guinness Extra Stout Review on Internet

The majority of reviewers on the internet have praised and liked the Guinness Extra Stout, mostly because of its style and rich flavors. Many have mentioned that the beer has flavors of biscuit, dark chocolate, mocha, and the sweetness of malt. The smooth consistency and the similarity to the taste of original Guinness beer make it worth trying for those looking for a heavy and creamy Irish beer. Mostly, it finishes off nice and is easy to drink.

The drink starts with a sour roasty flavor that gradually turns creamy and tangy in the middle. Finally, the last portion of the beer has roasty, dry, and little smoky flavors.

Facts About Guinness Extra Stout

  • Guinness beers are very popular and available in more than 150 countries.
  • Surprisingly, the Guinness Extra Stout is brewed in Canada but some websites have stated that the unfermented wort is brought from Ireland to Canada. Moreover, there are three of Guinness’s breweries located in Africa.
  • If you’re after the original recipe of Guinness then the Guinness Extra Stout is highly similar and hence the beer is known as “Guinness Original” in other countries.
  • The company, Guinness, is the official sponsor of St. Patrick’s Day. There are even competitions held on pouring the Guinness beer into a glass properly.

How Do You Drink Guinness Extra Stout?

The right way to drink the Guinness Extra Stout is by first pouring it into a beer glass. The pouring method plays an important role as it should be done correctly to achieve maximum foam head. The rule of thumb while pouring the Guinness Extra Stout is to make sure that the glass bottle does not touch the beer glass in any way. The liquid should be poured gently in one go. Make sure you hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle while pouring slowly.

Guinness Extra Stout Benefits

You probably didn’t know this, but the Guinness Extra Stout beer offers numerous health benefits that are absent in other regular beers. As the beer company advertises itself as “Guinness is good for you”, there is actually some truth to it. The beer contains antioxidants, iron, fiber, ferulic acid, B vitamins, and here’s how they are beneficial to your health:

  • Guinness beers contain antioxidants. These substances can reduce the risks of heart attack, cancer, and many related diseases. Antioxidants are also commonly found in dark chocolate and red wine.
  • Darker beers such as stouts are known to be a healthier option for drinking. These are better than light beers and prevent blood clotting in the body.
  • For vegan consumers, Guinness beers are the perfect drinking option as these beers are vegan-friendly.
  • Guinness beers contain 3 mg of iron (an essential mineral for our health).
  • The Guinness Extra Stout beer can aid digestion since it contains high levels of fiber.
  • The beer contains ferulic acid, a substance that can improve immune functions in the body.
  • Guinness beers contain B vitamins to boost energy levels and cell metabolism.
  • The beer has fewer calories when compared to other similar beers.
  • Guinness Extra Stout beer contains folate, a substance that is essential to the development of DNA and the formation of red blood cells in the body.


What goes good with Guinness Extra Stout?

Common pairings with Guinness Extra Stout include hearty dishes like stews and roasts. It also complements chocolate desserts and cheeses.

Is Guinness Extra Stout a healthy beer?

Guinness Extra Stout is not a particularly healthy beer due to its high calorie and alcohol content. It should be consumed in moderation.

Does Guinness have caffeine in it?

Guinness does contain a small amount of caffeine, approximately 4-5 mg per 12 oz serving, which is less than a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Guinness extra stout review what does it taste like


Our Guinness Extra Stout review delves a little deep into the profile of the popular beer. Here’s a sum-up of the main ideas that we explored about Guinness Extra Stout beer:

  • Guinness Extra Stout is a traditional Irish dry stout beer.
  • Guinness offers beers in three styles; Draught, Extra Stout, and Foreign Extra Stout.
  • The main ingredients in the beer are malt, Irish barley, hops, yeast, and water.
  • The Guinness Extra Stout has a rounded flavor of sweetness and bitterness. There are hints of fruity, chocolatey, and malt flavors that add to its richness.
  • Even though the beer appears very black, the true color is ruby red.
  • Guinness Extra Stout has 108 calories and a 5.6 alcoholic percentage.
  • There are differences in taste, alcoholic volume, and flavors between Guinness Extra Stout and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.
  • Most reviews consumers on the internet feel positive about Guinness Extra Stout beer for its rich flavor and well-balanced taste.
  • Guinness beers are very popular, widely available internationally, and brewed in Canada.
  • There are numerous health benefits of drinking Guinness Extra Stout beer as it contains antioxidants, iron, vitamin B3, fiber, and many more substances.

Dark beers are good for health which adds more credit to the already popular Guinness Extra Stout beer. The rich, toasty, chocolatey, and malt flavor of the beer, brewed in an Irish style, has strong flavors. Considering the moderate alcohol percentage, great taste, and favorable reviews, this beer is a must-try. And, wherever you are in the world, chances are you will find it!

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