Highest Alcohol Content Beer: Top Strongest Beers in the World

Beer with highest alcohol contentThe highest alcohol content beer is a topic that many beer enthusiasts wonder about at least once. Beer isn’t well-known for having an extremely high alcohol content, so you’ll have to down a couple of them before you feel tipsy. However, there are some beers with exceptionally high alcohol content, perfect for when you want to get drunk quickly.

This guide will cover some of the beers with the highest ABV in the world.

Beer With Highest Alcohol Content

Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty with this list of beers with the highest ABVs in the world.

  1. Brewmeister Snake Venom

At the top of our list is the strongest beer in the world, which is the Brewmeister Snake Venom. This beer will blow your mind with its ABV set at 67.5 percent and will give you an idea of what to expect from the moment you open the bottle. It has a boozy aroma and an afterburn whenever you sip, making it similar to tequila or whiskey.

The beer is not ideal for chugging, as it says on the label. But despite the alcoholic character, it features a smoky, sweet, nutty and fruity character that makes it difficult to deny that it’s beer. Keep in mind that this beer is costly, so prepare yourself for this.

  1. Brewmeister Armageddon

Next on our list is the Armageddon beer, also from Brewmeister, which features 65 percent alcohol content per 330ml bottle. This beer features a silky mouthfeel and a warm character that makes it ideal for cold winter days.

Setting itself apart from other beers, it combines delicious flavors of bubblegum and caramel. The brewers make it through a process of fractional freezing, in which they freeze the water in the beer while the alcohol remains liquid. Then they remove the ice, leaving the beer with mostly alcohol.

  1. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 57 Percent and 43 Percent

We can’t look at a list of beer with most alcohol content without mentioning the Schorschbrau Schorschbock. There are two versions: 57 percent and 43 percent, although the latter is more common. Schorschbrau is a well-known German brewery with some of the strongest beers out there.

While the 43 percent beer is an amber ale, it has a fruity scent, aroma, and a tart finish.

On the other hand, the 53 percent version is a lager with hints of herbs and earth and a lot of fizzes. Only 450 bottles of the 43 percent beer are released every year, and it does not go stale.

  1. Brewdog Sink the Bismark

You can also go for the Brewdog Sink the Bismark when looking out for alcoholic beers, as it features a 41 percent rating. This is an imperial India Pale Ale, with a lot of hoppiness giving it subtle bitterness. You can perceive hints of alcohol and resin on the nose, but this doesn’t take away from its beer character.

The beer is made through a long process of kettle hopping, freeze hopping and dry hopping, giving you a complex and spicy flavor. If you’ve ever had whiskey, you would also notice its similarity with the golden color and flavor.

  1. Baladin Esprit de Noel

Although Italy stands out because of its wine and meat, it also has some fantastic beers. The Baladin Esprit de Noel is one of the top choices from this country and features a mind-blowing ABV of 40 percent. This beer is advertised as a spirit, probably because of its unique character and chocolate aftertaste.

The beer is bottled in a wine bottle, which can be pretty confusing if you don’t know what it is. Its faint amber color and aromatic scent might also be different from what you’d expect, but it completes its beer profile. The beer is best enjoyed when it’s cold.

  1. Sam Adams Utopias

We also have the Sam Adams Utopias on our list of beers with the highest alcohol percentage, featuring a rating of 29 percent ABV. Sam Adams is popularly known in the United States and is also becoming popular around the globe. Sam Adams features a wide range of beers for all enthusiasts, and Utopias will be perfect for those who want a delicious and alcoholic beverage.

The beer features a rich ruby appearance that makes it stand out among what seems like standard beers, and it is also soaked in alcohol. It is aged in different kinds of wood barrels like Scandinavian aquavit and Moscato wine, so you can expect variety. Plus, it is brewed with freeze hopping.

  1. Evil Twin Brewing Molotov Cocktail Heavy

Last on our list is the Evil Twin Brewing Molotov Cocktail Heavy, but it’s in no way one of the lowest ABVs out there. It features an outstanding 17.2 percent of alcohol, so you shouldn’t take this beer lightly.

If you want to get into the world of alcoholic beers, this can be a good starter choice. This Imperial IPA comes with many hops that deliver a fruity punch.

Some of the tasting notes of this beer include hops, caramel, mango and malt. As you pour it in a glass, you notice the dark amber color and poor head retention with no carbonation. The beer features a combination of malt and alcohol on the palate, while the mouthfeel is thick and grainy. The taste is quite different from what you’d expect from a beer.

Highest ABV Beers in the United States

Most of the beers on our list are from other countries like Italy and Germany, but some pretty strong beers are made domestically in the United States. The highest beer ABV in the United States is 29 percent, which is from the Sam Adams Utopias beer.

Asides from this, there are many other beers in the USA with pretty decent ABV. Here are the two highest alcoholic beers in the country.

– Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

First, we have the double India Pale Ale from Dogfish Head, a perfect choice for anyone who wants a hoppy character. What’s usually expected from an IPA is the hoppy, sour and hot character, but this beer also has a strong caramel malt character.

It also features a pleasant mouthfeel with mild carbonation against your palate, contributing to its body. As you pour it into your glass, you will notice the hazy orange.

The ABV of his beer is between 18 and 20 percent, but it feels more alcoholic and boozy. Take note that this beer is usually released between September and December.

– The Bruery Black Tuesday

You can also try out The Bruery Black Tuesday beer with an ABV of 19.5 percent. The stout is made through a barrel aging process, giving it a complex and juicy character.

You can also expect diverse undertones with hints of bourbon, maple syrup, dark chocolate and toffee. There is also a dessert version of this beer released yearly with an ABV that is a bit higher.

The flavor of this beer is quite similar to cognac or sherry, making it a little unlike beer. But it features a boozy sweet taste as you finish and a delicious character altogether. The brewers are also well-known for creating The Vine, which is a hybrid between wine and beer.

What Is ABV?

ABV means Alcohol by Volume, and it’s a measure of how much alcohol is in a bottle. Before you start drinking the highest alcohol percentage beer, it’s essential to start from why it’s vital in the first place.

Highest alcohol percentage beerThe ABV is indicated through percentage, and it shows the amount of alcohol based on how much liquid there is in the bottle. For instance, if the beer bottle is 12 ounces and the alcohol content is 4 percent, then that means the total amount of alcohol that will be in your bottle is 0.48 ounces.

The concept of a high ABV differs based on the perspective of beer enthusiasts. Beer enthusiasts usually see beers with ABV as high as 15 percent, so it might be surprising that there are some beers with an ABV as high as what you’d expect in liquor.

It’s always important to check the beer label for the ABV before you purchase it so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Also, always try to drink at lower levels before moving to the most alcoholic beers.

How Is ABV Calculated?

If you’re a homebrewer, you might also need to know how to calculate the alcohol by volume of beer. Breweries calculate how much alcohol content there is in beer by subtracting the beer’s final gravity from its original gravity and multiplying the result by 131.25.

The alcohol in beer is obtained during fermentation. You use yeast to break down the sugars in the wort, so the more sugars you have in your wort, the higher the alcohol content will be. By limiting the amount of alcohol in your beer, you can create a non-alcoholic beer.

What Is the Average Beer ABV?

The average ABV in beer is 5 percent, which shows how low the bar is for alcoholic content. So if you see beers with alcohol percentages as high as 60 percent, you can expect to get knocked out early.

Also, if you get any beers with an ABV set below 5 percent, take note that these are considered light beers. This is why it takes a couple of beers to get drunk, making them perfect for daytime drinking and hanging out with friends.

How Expensive Is High ABV Beers?

High ABV beers are more expensive than typical brews, which is probably expected because of their complex characters. For example, if you want to try out the most alcoholic beer on our list, you would have to spend over $200 on a 750 ml bottle. You might also have to deal with shipping costs when purchasing this beer.

The Sam Utopias beer, which is an American choice, also costs about $200 per bottle, but its actual price will be way more than the retail price because of availability. This is much more than you’d expect to spend on a pack of beer, so you should be prepared to spend a lot if you want to enjoy their alcoholic characters.

In some cases, these beers are also limited edition, which makes them even more expensive. The beers can cost even more than $300 in later editions. If you want to enjoy highly alcoholic beers, you need to put aside a lot of money for this experience.

Other Helpful Information

Although we’ve covered a lot about the top beers with alcoholic content out there, you might still need some clarifications. If you still have a few questions about high ABV beers, here are some frequently asked questions on this topic.

– Can You Get Drunk After One Beer?

Yes, you can, although it depends on the type of beer that you’re drinking. If you’re having a regular beer, you definitely won’t get drunk after downing one can or bottle. The standard beer has between 4 and 5 percent of alcohol, and those who weigh below 45 kg or 100 pounds would probably feel a bit tipsy after one drink.

However, if you’re drinking a beer with high alcohol content, you would definitely get drunk after one bottle. By taking in a lot of alcohol at once, you can get drunk even faster.

– What Beer Gets You Drunk Faster?

A high-ABV beer is the best one to get you drunk quickly. By drinking beers like Brewmeister, BrewDog and Schorschbrau, you can get drunk in just a few minutes. These brands have made a lot of high alcohol content beers that would get you tipsy with just a few sips.

So if you want to drink a beer that gets you drunk faster, you should go for those with a very high ABV. While doing this, keep in mind that the flavor might be different from the standard beer you’re used to.

– How Many Beers a Day Are Considered Alcoholic?

Consuming more than four servings (for men) or three servings (for women) of beer per day is considered alcoholism. This is indicated by the United States National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

For men, it’s four servings per day or 14 servings per week, but for women, it goes down to three servings per day or seven servings weekly. This is for the standard beer serving, which is 12 ounces and 5 percent of alcohol. Keep in mind that drinking a lot of beer during the week can form an addiction, so you should consume beer in moderation.

– Is 8 Percent Alcohol a Lot?

Yes, it is. If you only drink light beers that are below 5 percent, you might not be used to content as high as 8 percent. This is because your body will be taking in a lot of alcohol, making you more drunk than you would expect.

However, if you drink a lot of alcohol like distilled spirits and chardonnay wine, then you might enjoy drinking beers with 8 percent alcohol and more. If you’re planning on increasing your beer alcohol intake, you should start with these types before moving to the big guns like those on our list.

– Is 5 Percent Alcohol a Lot?

No, this is only average. Having 5 percent of alcohol in a regular 12-ounce bottle is the average amount, so you probably won’t get drunk after drinking one bottle. Those who want to consume fewer calories would prefer beers with less than 5 percent. Some standard alcoholic beers include Budweiser and Heineken, although you should always check the label before you start drinking.

– How Can I Get Drunk Faster?

There are different ways to get drunk faster, especially if you’re not drinking beers with high alcohol content. Some helpful ways to get drunk quicker include eating less or nothing at all with your beer, making cocktails with beer, and drinking stronger alcohol. You can also try drinking your beer in a curved glass and trying to get rid of stress before drinking.

Conclusion: Check Out the Strongest Beers Today

Highest alcohol content beerIf you feel like spending a relaxing day with the best beers, you can check out the various options on our extensive list. These impressive beers might feature boozy hints, but they also manage to retain their genuine beer character so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

  • The beer with the most alcoholic content is Brewmeister Snake Venom.
  • The most alcoholic beer in the United States is the Sam Adams Utopias.
  • ABV, which stands for alcohol by volume, measures the percentage of alcohol in a bottle.
  • It is calculated by subtracting final gravity from original gravity then multiplying the difference by 131.25.
  • The average beer ABV is 5 percent, and those with lower ABVs than that are considered light beers.
  • High ABV beers come with different characters and style profiles but with a boozy feeling.
  • High ABV beers are usually more expensive than regular beers, sometimes costing more than $300.
  • It’s best to drink less than four beer servings a day to avoid alcoholism.
  • You can get more drunk by avoiding eating and making cocktails using beer.

You can try out some of the strongest beers out there with the help of our complete guide.

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