Sol Micheladas Review: What Makes This Lager Different?

Sol Micheladas is one of Mexico’s most popular and largest beer variants. It is a Mexican-American lager containing a mix of spice, lime, tomato, sol beer and other natural flavors.

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This is probably the best beer you can get with a combination of natural flavors, so you’re missing out if you haven’t tried this unique mix. However, you must first check out this review for a detailed breakdown of its features.

Sol Micheladas Stats

BrandCervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V.
StyleMexican-American lager
TasteSpicy, pure and smooth taste
ABV3.5 percent
Flavors and AromasTomato, spice and lime flavor with raw, saltwater seafood and spices flavor
Serving Temperature40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit

Tasting Profile

Sol Micheladas Tasting Profile

Sol Micheladas Review

This Mexican-American beer is a clean tasting beer with so many delightful aromas and flavors. It is a perfect blend of everything you need on a blissful evening. If you need a perfect mix of natural flavors with beer, then this is the best option you can get.

This lager does not take time to mature, so you can feel and enjoy the delightful aroma and taste that comes with the blend of the ingredients. The tomato and lime combine to give this beer a unique taste, making the palate refreshed. There’s also a chilled feeling you get on the palate due to the chili pepper.

Aside from these special goodies the beer is offering, there are several things you’ll get from drinking this great beer. You can’t get enough of this beer because it differs from the rest. You can also combine this beer with a few of your favorite delicacies, and you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a comprehensive review of the beer.

– Appearance

This beer comes in a beautiful and colorful 16 fluid-ounce can. It pours a moderately cloudy or murky reddish-orange color. It has a fluffy and foamy white head with thick retention. The head reduces to a tiny cap that lingers on the edge of the glass.

The beer also has a low spotty lacing visible on the glass. It has a reasonable amount of carbonation, which makes it a perfect beer for all kinds of food.

It is best to serve it at 50 degrees Fahrenheit because of its thickness so it will flow properly. In general, it has a good and attractive appearance. This is one of the characteristics that make it stand out from other beers.

– Aroma

A well-curated mix of the finest and best natural ingredients gave birth to this refreshing red beer. The result is a deep aroma of tomato, spices, lime, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, chili pepper, celery, onion, peppercorn, garlic and salt.

These aromas are combined with a light note of grassy or herbal earthiness, corn and cracker. This is one aroma you can’t find just anywhere; it is so unique. The aroma intensifies once you pour in a glass, with the tomato and lime aroma overpowering the rest.

However, you will also notice the aromas of malt and hops. The malt balances the overpowering aroma of the tomato and lime. The beer’s aroma has great strength, and you can easily perceive it.

– Mouthfeel

The mouthfeel of this specialty beer makes it a top choice. You can’t really figure out the exact taste of this beer due to the numerous ingredients used in the brewing process. However, it has a spicy, pure and smooth taste. The chili pepper, peppercorn and garlic will give you as much thrill as possible.

It is definitely not sweet and cloying, finishing with notes of malt and hops. The tomato and Worcestershire sauce sweeps the palate to give a thick, saucy, rich taste. The beer has a complex, robust balance of tomato juice, lime, salt and malt.

The beer’s complexity gets on your palate and gives a soothing feeling that will leave you begging for more. It is best whenever you want to hang out with family and friends for a brunch meeting on a chilly evening.

– Flavor

The tomato and Worcestershire sauce flavor and the lovely aroma of the beer make it unique. The flavor of this great beer is enough to make you fall in love with it. It has a malty, hoppy flavor with blends of garlic, lime, spices and tomato juice.

There is a slight increase in dryness due to the lingering spiciness and bitterness. It has a medium body and average carbonation with very fine sticky or grainy saline and creamy tomato mouthfeel that is refreshing.

Its alcohol content also adds to the flavor, giving a warm feeling. There is also a slight increase of pepper heat through the glass. Every flavor of the Sol Micheladas beer combines with its overall taste to give the best thrill feeling ever.

– Food Pairings

The best way to enjoy this unique natural flavored beer is to pair it with traditional Mexican food. The ideal pair is to combine it with fried, spicy, or salty dishes that have a slight aroma and flavor and are bubbly.

You can also try it with chocolates, decadent snacks or cake. The beer’s carbonation will wash your palate. These are some common food to pair with the Micheladas beer:

  • Spicy meals like Spiced seafood, chips and salsa, loaded nachos, and, of course, hot wings
  • Salty meals like popcorn, pretzels, roasted peanuts, etc.
  • Seafoods like steamed mussels, grilled shrimp, fish tacos, charred fish and other seafood dishes
  • Oily foods like bratwurst, grilled steak, french fries, fried chicken and many more.

– Overall

Overall, this Michelada beer is excellent. The tastes of tomato juice, lime, salt, spices, and light malt/hop are well-balanced, strong, and complex; the beer is smooth to drink and mildly spicily bitter in the end. An excellent balancing act between the salty, sour, and spicy flavors of the Mexican beer with the juicy tomatoes, lime, and salt.

The remaining dryness and a slight sweetness gives an excellent offering and striking style specimen. This beer will capture the heart of anyone that drinks it.


This Micheladas beer is prepared from several ingredients for a crisp and reviving beer. The following are the Sol Michelada ingredientes:

– Malted Barley

This is the source of starch that provides Micheladas with the necessary fermentation ingredients to create its distinctive crisp flavor. Barley begins the germination process by fermenting while submerged in water.

Afterward, the grain is removed from the bath and dried in a kiln. Malted barley produces the enzymes required for starches in the grain to be naturally converted into sugars. This quickens the fermentation process and raises the alcohol content of the lager.

– Tomato Paste

This is the main ingredient responsible for the beer’s color. Aside from the color, it also has several health benefits. It adds sodium and salt to the brew.

– Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a lovely addition to many brews. Most beers often use brown sugar to add flavors to the beer. It is often added before fermentation.

– Lime

Lime is also another unique flavor added to this great brew. It is added after fermentation.

– Chili Pepper

Chili peppers can improve your beer in many ways. The heat and spiciness adds to the nice, subtle fruitiness. The total result will depend on which stage you add the chili.

– Garlic

Garlic contains sulfur, which helps in flushing out and metabolizing toxins. Garlic also contains selenium and allicin, which are also needed in the body.

– Hops

Micheladas beer is a lager, and just a small amount of hops are used in brewing. The ingredient, which imparts bitterness to balance the sweetness of other ingredients used in the brewing process, is typically found in batches of lagers weighing one to two ounces. Hops serve as a natural preservative for a beer that isn’t usually made with added preservatives.

– Water

Water is one of the major ingredients in brewing beer. It is essential. The brewers of Micheladas beer use purified water to give the beer a refreshing taste.

– Yeast

You may have heard the saying, “Yeast gives life to beer,” which it is true. In addition to giving beer life, it also improves the flavor. The specific yeast used in the brew creates the distinctive flavor and taste of the beer.

Other ingredients are tomato, which adds vitamins to the beer, lime, which adds flavor, and garlic, which also has many health benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Sol Chelada calories is about 158 for every 16-ounce or 473 millimeters servings. The serving comes with 20.3 grams of carbohydrate and 9 grams of fat. Most lagers are generally more indulgent and heavy because of the barley and hop brewed. Cervecería Cuauhtémoc took careful consideration when brewing this beer to make it less heavy.

The number of calories and carbohydrates in this beer is perfect if you’re diet conscious. This beer is very healthy as it contains various natural ingredients with several health benefits. Once you sip this wonderful blend, you may be compelled to drink more

The Micheladas beer has a 3.5 percent alcohol content. This is perfect for someone who is a light drinker. However, all kinds of beer lovers can try it out.


Micheladas have been around for a while, but it’s not entirely clear how they started. When looking into the history of margaritas, two common tales come up. First, Cerveza preparadas (prepared beer), which combines beer, tomato juice, and hot sauce, has been a popular beverage in Mexico since the 1940s. One of two things is thought to have inspired the name Micheladas.

The most widely accepted theory is that “mi chela helada” is the origin of the word “Michelada.” In Spanish, “helada” denotes frosty or ice cold, and “chela” is slang for “cold beer.” So “my ice-cold beer” could be a rough translation of the word “Michelada.” The second legend about the creation of micheladas is related to Michel Ésper, a frequent customer of Club Deportivo Potosino.

He would order his beer with lime and salt, ice, and a straw in a huge glass known as a “Chebala.” The phrase “michel-chebala” was abbreviated to “michelada” when more and more patrons at the club began requesting their beverages in the same manner. The Cerveza perparadas had reportedly been available for some time by the time this allegedly occurred in the 1960s. However, the presentation may be what set this new version apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What’s the Difference Between a Chelada and Michelada?

A Michelada refers to a beer cocktail with a tomato juice base, while a Chelada is simpler. A Chelada can be as basic as adding just lime and salt to the beer, while Micheladas usually have a Tajin rim with other exciting constituents like Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco sauce.

– Are Micheladas Healthy?

Somewhat — Micheladas use tomato juice, which contains a good amount of vitamin C. You will get several health benefits if you make this cocktail with a light beer. Moreover, some beer experts believe that Micheladas are perfect for hangovers.


We’ve discussed the most important things to note about Sol Micheladas. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • This is a Mexican-American lager containing a mix of spice, lime, tomato, sol beer and other natural flavors.
  • It pours a moderately cloudy or murky reddish-orange color. It has a fluffy and foamy white head with thick retention. The head reduces to a tiny cap that lingers on the edge of the glass.
  • The aromas are combined with a light note of grassy or herbal earthiness, corn and cracker.
  • The best way to enjoy this unique natural flavored beer is to pair it with traditional food. The ideal pair is to combine with fried, spicy, or salty dishes that have a slight aroma and flavor and are bubbly.
  • Sol Chelada 24 oz calories is about 235. A 16-ounce serving comes with 20.3 grams of carbohydrate, 9 grams of fat and 3.5 percent alcohol.

This beer is perfect for you if you need a brand-new beer with a different flavor. You can get this great beer in any liquor store in Mexico.

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