Twin Barns Brewing Review: A Must-stop Destination in Meredith

Twin barns brewing what to expectTwin Barns Brewing Company is a well-loved place in the small town of Meredith and no one would want to miss the chance to visit. if you are planning to travel to Meredith and looking for a brewery for great beers, this has to be the one. Keep reading to find out what our expert reviewers have to say about this great small-town brewery and what makes it so unique.

Twin Barns Brewing Company

Read our complete review to find out what this brewery has to offer.

– Beers

The beer collection of Twin Barns is expansive as it brews beer with every possible major style. These varieties cannot be overlooked. You will find about 12 types of beers to relish your time with friends and family in the spacious place they encompass. It offers twin barns IPA style beers with Double New England, New England, or American style along with wheat beer, blonde ale, and the list goes on.

Some of the most popular beers of Twin Barns Brewing are Lake Cruiser DIPA, Palmer’s Town, and White Caps. The percentage of ABV of its beer starts from 4.5, and the highest ABV is 8.2 percent, found in Barn Burner fermented by this brewing company.

Have a look at the list of beers that Twin Barns offers:

SL. Beer Style ABV Serving Size
1. Lake Cruiser DIPA IPA – Imperial / Double New England / Hazy


7.8 percent 4oz Taster, 13oz Draft, 32oz Growler


2. Simply the Zest Wheat Beer – Hefeweizen


5 percent


4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
3. White Caps Wheat Beer – Witbier / Blanche 5 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
4. Palmer’s Town


IPA – New England / Hazy


6 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
5. Minnow Blonde Ale 4.8 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
6. Sandbar Blonde Blonde Ale 4.5 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
7. Bald Knob Blackberry Mango Sour – Fruited


4.5 percent 4oz Taster, 13oz Draft, 32oz Growler
8. Forget Me Not Grodziskie / Grätzer 4.8 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler


9. Weirs the Haze? IPA – American 6.5 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
10. Barn Burner IPA – Imperial / Double New England / Hazy 8.2 percent 4oz Taster, 13oz Draft, 32oz Growler
11. Belknap Pilsner – Other 5.4 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler
12. Mineola Brown Ale – American 7 percent 4oz Taster, 16oz Draft, 32oz Growler

– Operating Hours

Twin Barns Brewing Company is open during these hours:

  • Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Thursday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

– Menu

You’re mistaken if you think Twin Barns is famous only for serving beer. Twin Barns’ menu is adorned with different kinds of food, which is another strong reason someone should visit the brewery.

The brewery offers Italian Flatbread, Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread, and snacks like Bavarian pretzels and buffalo chicken dips. It also delivers five diverse kinds of burgers as well as buns, sweets, and even kids’ meals.

– Events

This beer crafting company organizes live music shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from 6 PM to 9 PM for everyone.

– Merchandise

Twin Barns sells plenty of standard brewery merchandise, including apparel like t-shirts, baby onesies, women’s dolman, and products like pint glasses, coasters, beanies, and trucker hats. It also lists custom-made koozies for brand lovers to pick up.

– Beer Garden

Twin Barns attracts people by possessing an outdoor beer garden, which offers an iconic green view. You will have the opportunity to start drinking at the outdoor bar located in the garden. A large white tent with several picnic tables under it and plenty of chairs in the open grassland make it easier for you to enjoy your drink sitting wherever you wish.

Moreover, board games like Connect Four with gigantic wooden playing chips and a pack of massive dice for playing Yardzee are available to entertain you. Last but not least, Twin Barns is a dog-friendly place, so if you are the proud owner of a dog, you should visit the garden with your dear pet.

– History

Twin Barns, known for its craft beer of top-notch quality and incredible flavor, was opened in July 2019 in Meredith, a small city in the Lakes Region, part of New Hampshire. Dave Picariello and Bruce Walton, a couple of traveling consultants, found two joint barns built in 1850 and established the company in 2018 in those barns.

This company takes pride in brewing and serving handcrafted beer and can be discovered a short distance away from the coasts of Lake Winnipesaukee.


We have summarized all the essential information about Twin Barns Brewing that you should know before visiting. Here’s a recap of the important points about the brewery:Twin barns brewing all you need to know

  • Twin Barns is situated in Meredith, a small town and a vital resort town of the Lakes Region, which is a part of New Hampshire.
  • The brewery offers authentic handcrafted beer to the people of the Lakes Region.
  • Some of the most popular beers of Twin Barns Brewing Company are Lake Cruiser DIPA, Simply the Zest, White Caps, etc.
  • Due to having a wide range of delicious beers and mouth-watering foods, it has become a must-stop destination in Meredith.
  • They also present events like live music and sell goods like apparel.

Don’t forget to spend some time at this great brewery on your next visit to Meredith!

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