Best Belgian Beers

Belgium beers, known for their exceptional quality! We put together a detailed review of the Best Belgian Beers you must try. Tailored for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this article provides an in-depth look into the Belgian beer scene.

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Best Belgian Beers – Comparison

Check out our handy infographic presenting a side-by-side comparison of the Best Belgian Beers. We’ve covered everything from belgian beer styles and ABV (Alcohol by Volume) to ingredients and nutritional composition, providing you with a comprehensive overview of these exceptional brews.

 infographic presenting a side-by-side comparison of the Best Belgian Beers

Why a “beer-lover” would appreciate this

From hoppy flavors to dry, crisp finish, Belgian beers are some of the best-tasting beers. Owing to their excellent taste and quality brewing process, Belgium is a strong competitor among the best beer-producing countries.

If you happen to be in Belgium, we recommend trying a variety of Belgian beers to have a taste of the excellent brews. Choosing the best Belgian beer might be a little challenging.

As a tourist, the first thing that struck me was the sheer variety of beer options available. From Trappist ales to lambics and saisons, each brewery seemed to offer a unique and delicious brew. I had the opportunity to visit a few local breweries, and the passion and expertise of the brewers were evident in every sip.

Karlo Pereira – Beer Enthusiastic

Although personal preference is a huge deciding factor, we have compiled a list of popular Belgian beers you should try o whenever you’re in Belgium. Fortunately, many of these beers are also exported, so you can always try them out if they’re available in your location.

Review of Our Top 5 Picks

Here are some top Belgium beers any beer-lover would appreciate.

Orval Trappist Ale: The Unique, Hazy Pale Ale

Hoppy and maltyTastes better as it ages.
Crisp taste. Spicy and fruity hints
Spicy and fruity hints

Reputedly one of the best Belgian ales, Orval Trappist Ale is simply a unique beer. The name, bottle and taste are simply outstanding. Unlike other beers, this Belgian ale has a refreshing, hazy taste with fruity hints. This signature beer has a bit of a sweetened layer as a result of added Candi sugar during fermentation.

As a team of experts, we tasted this beer and noticed there is a hoppy flavor with some spicy hint that is balanced by a tart, bitter taste. When drinking this beer leaves a malty, complex yet crisp finish in the mouth after every sip.

You’ll also notice a funky flavor — a result of a long fermentation process. When poured in a glass, this Belgian Pale Ale has a hazy orange appearance that is bright.

Although enticingly nice when drinking it, you need to be careful with this beer because it has a 6.9 percent ABV. If you’re a light head, it’s easy to get tipsy. Other than that, we highly recommend the Orval Trappist Ale, whether you decide to drink it as a fresh brew or after some time, this beer is one you should try out.

Tripel Karmeliet: Malty Brew With a Fruity Finish

Pleasant dry finishHigh ABV
Rich malty taste
Citrus aroma
Quality three-grain composition
Creamy head
Golden color
Fruity flavors-Herbal hints and dryness

As one of the well-known Belgian beer brands, the Tripel karmeliet is a three-grain Tripel ale that is marked by excellent quality. Brewed by the Brouwerij Bosteels brewery, this is one of the most Belgian beers that has garnered both local and intentional reviews by beer drinkers.

Made from natural barley, oat, malt and the brewery’s yeast, this beer has a distinctive taste. Tripel Karmeliet is marked by both fruity flavors and a sweet, malty, yet herbal taste.

After a sip of this Belgian beer, we decided to look out for its characteristics, and we noticed that it has a long-lasting creamy head that left an oat-scented taste. Another thing you’d like about the Tripel Karmeliet is the clear golden color it has. This makes for a beautiful sight when poured into a glass.

We recommend you try the Tripel Karmeliet to experience the fruity goodness and malty taste of this Ale with a backdrop of herbal hints. However, it has an 8.4 percent ABV, so it’s advisable to drink moderately.

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Duvel: Historic Strong Blonde Ale

Rich flavorsHigh alcohol content
The right amount of hopsPricey
Thick foamy head
Crisp taste
Hint of herbs -Fruity aroma

Duvel is one of the oldest brewed Belgian beers. Brewed as far back as the 1920s, this beer is a top contender when it comes to the best Belgian beers. Perhaps the most striking thing about Duvel is its bright, yellow, almost golden appearance. When poured in a glass, the thick creamy-white head with little bubbles is a sight to behold.

Made with unique Duvel Moortgat yeast, water, pale barley malt, and the finest hops, this Belgian ale is simply top-notch. After a few sips of this brew, we noticed a strong citrusy aroma. You can hardly miss this fruity aroma as well as the fullness of the beer when sipped. It also leaves an herbaceous hint that lingers in the taste buds for a long time.

Any beer enthusiast would love the remarkable and unique taste of the Duvel. While the outstanding appearance and fruity aroma leave you wanting more, this is actually a strong blonde ale. With an 8.5 percent ABV, a couple of bottles can knock you off.

La Chouffe Blonde D’ardene: The Gnome Blonde Beer

Rich white foamy headCostly
Bright colorHigh ABV
Complex taste
Citrus flavors
Herbal scent-Peppery finish

La Chouffe Blonde D’ardene is a popular Belgium beer brewed by the Brasserie d’Achouffe brewery. This is their most popular brew and certainly a favorite among beer lovers. Falling into the Belgian Blonde beer style, La Chouffe is regarded as the ‘Gnome beer‘ because of the appearance of its bottle.

This Belgian ale is an unfiltered beer with citrus flavors and striking hints of coriander.

Nonetheless, this beer has a hint of hoppiness that prevents it from being too sweet. Having a yellowish-golden color, this blonde Ale embodies the richness of fruity flavor, herbal fragrances, and the right amount of hops.

The latter produces a spicy, somewhat peppery, and clean finish when drunk. Having a significant 8 percent ABV, this blonde beer is simply a must-have for any craft beer drinker.

Westmalle Dubbel: Dark Beer With an Espresso Taste

Refreshing tastePricy
Fruity, citrus flavors
Strong hoppy finish
Full taste

Brewed by Westmalle monks, the Westmalle Dubbel is one of the strongest dark Belgian beers. The most distinctive feature of the Westmalle Dubbel is the full taste it leaves in the mouth.

Although this ale has a citrus aroma like banana and vanilla, the bitter hops in its production ensure that the beer doesn’t lose its dark, strong taste. When we tried the Westmalle dubbed, we discovered that the beer has a coffee-like taste that mixes with the bitter hops to create a unique, full, and slightly bitter finish.

This beer has a deep brown or reddish-brown color similar to coffee. With an impressive froth, this Belgian beer is one of the good Belgian beers to try out. With a moderate 7 percent alcohol content, this is one Belgian beer that will leave you asking for another glass.

Frequently Ask Questions

What makes Belgian beers unique?

Belgian beers are uniquely distinguished by their remarkable diversity and complexity, offering a wide range of flavors and aromas. This distinctiveness arises from the use of special yeast strains, varied malt and hop blends, and a steadfast adherence to traditional brewing methods.

What sets Belgian beer brewing apart from other countries?

Belgian beers stand out for their distinct yeast strains, traditional brewing methods, and a focus on balancing malt sweetness, hop bitterness, and yeast-derived flavors.

Which key components are typically utilized in the production of Belgian beer?

Belgian beer production relies on core ingredients such as water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, often complemented with additional elements like spices, fruits, and herbs to enrich flavor complexity.

Can Belgium be described as the beer capital of the world?

Belgium is known for its rich beer culture and diverse styles, earning it the nickname “beer capital of the world” among many enthusiasts.

What beer styles do Belgians favor?

Belgians are known for their love of complex, flavorful styles such as Belgian Strong Ales, Saisons, and Lambics, but they also enjoy other styles such as Pilsners and Witbiers.

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Wrapping Up

These beers come highly recommended, and it is difficult to choose an overall best since preferences are personal. However, with the insight you’ve received into Belgian beers, it should be much easier to select one that goes with your taste.

Maybe you could even try something entirely different for a change. Either way: cheers to happy drinking!

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