Best Light Beer: A Definitive List of the Tastiest Low-calorie Beers

Best light beers

The best light beer is good for your health and delicious in your mouth, but it can be a rare combination to find. The wide popularity of light tasting beers in America indicates two things; firstly, light beers have become a classic favorite among most beer drinkers. Secondly, light beers have drastically changed from what it initially was.

In this article, we explore several brands of light beer drinks and find out the best ones for different preferences.

The Best Light Beers That Are Worth Your Money

Now that we’ve discussed the determining factors that are important to note when choosing a good light beer, let’s get down to the list of the best light beers in the market!

  1. Yuengling Light Lager

Yuengling Premium Light is an American beer that resembles Yuengling’s original version of the drink but with fewer calories. You can expect well-balanced malt and hop flavors that add crispness to the drink.

Most light beers contain 110 calories or a little less, but Yuengling Premium Light beer takes it a step further with its 98-calorie beer! This beer achieves its health-conscious aspect through a traditional long-brewing technique that produces fewer calories and less sugar content.

You can easily pair the Yuengling Premium Light beer with pasta or seafood. It is a craft beer that contains a 4.2 percent ABV.

The light beer has a delicate body flavor and appears to be pale golden, available in both glass bottles and cans. Sipping on this Yuengling Premium Light beer will make you enjoy a great light beer that is affordable and guilt-free.

  1. Coors Light

One of the most popular light beers widely available in the American market is Coors Light beer. The combination of barley malt, natural extracts from the whole hop, and non-high-fructose corn syrup produce the iconic crispy flavor that makes you reach for more sips.

For beer lovers looking for a guilt-free drink but don’t want to miss out on the taste, Coors Light beer is the one to pick. The light beer is one of the best in the beer market, with an alcohol percentage of 4.2 and 0g of fat.

Coors Light is cold-filtered, giving it a bright appearance. The beer achieves a crisper taste due to being cold-lagered, and it is cold packaged to retain the freshness.

Fortunately, you get only 102 calories with this light beer. The pale beer is made with water from Rocky mountain springs, ancient aquifers and deep lakes, as its official website claims.

Coors Light beer first appeared in the market in the 1940s but soon disappeared, only to make a strong comeback in 1978 when it became a rising star. Since then, Coors Light has become a hit among beer lovers for its wonderful crispness and freshness. With a good carbonation level, the only thing that a few consumers do not prefer is its slight bitterness. However, there’s definitely a reason why so many Americans love this beer.

  1. Bud Light

Budweiser is a staple name in the beer industry that is easily recognizable due to its special blue packaging. The popular light beer has an alcohol percentage of 4.2 percent, with 6.6g of carbs and 0.9g of protein.

At a comparatively low-calorie count of 110, you can drink quite a few cans of Bud Light free of guilt. The beer has zero fats, making it even more appealing to health-conscious beer lovers.

Bud Light’s taste profile is rich due to significant ingredients like American hops, rice, barley and water. The malty sweetness of this beer, combined with a beautiful aroma, makes it taste and smell amazing.

Bud Light is an American-lager style beer, which means that it has a light body with a pale appearance that indicates its complex flavors. No wonder why it is considered one of the best tasting light beer!

This American beer brand has been around for a long time, being founded in 1982, and since then, it has been the best-selling American light beer. Adding to its popularity in the US, Bud Light is also the fourth top-selling beer internationally. The beer brand is owned by Anheuser-Busch, and it is sold only in glass bottles and cans.

  1. Michelob Ultra

Americans love a good light beer, and there’s not much of a match when it comes to Michelob Ultra when it comes to people’s favorites. Beer lovers desperately hunting for a light beer with the lowest calories should try the Michelob Ultra Light beer.

As a light beer, the Michelob Ultra truly defines and maintains what low-calorie beer lovers will need. The 95 calorie count on this light beer just means you can drink a few more bottles or cans of beer without having to worry.

With its 4.2 percent ABV, the Michelob Ultra beer remains similar to most other light beers mentioned on this list. The lovely aroma and a clean and crisp taste are sufficient to keep you drinking it.

It is made with wholesome grains and Herkules Hops, which contributes to the citrus aroma of the light beer. The light lager is brewed with popular ingredients such as rice, hops and barley.

This is a light lager-style beer that is usually sold in glass bottles. Michelob Ultra was founded in 2002, and it has only met with success in the beer world.

  1. Corona Light

If you know a thing or two about beers, you’ve probably heard about Corona beer. It is one of the top-selling beer brands in the United States and internationally. If you love the flavor of Corona but want a healthier option, the Corona Light is what you need. The Corona light offers the same good taste with much fewer calories.

Corona beer was founded in 1989 and has become a summertime best-selling beer brand for its unique marketing, availability and refreshing flavor. With the light version, you just have the perfect reason to drink a little more of your favorite beer.

At around 99 calories, it sure is a great option considering the health aspect, and in terms of taste, you can already expect to get a refreshing flavor that pairs perfectly with spicy food.

Corona Light offers a slightly lower percentage of alcohol at 4.1 percent and zero fats. In terms of color, Corona Light beer can be described as a light golden, almost pale yellow. It is easy to drink and gives off a clean finish. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Corona, whether it’s the original or the Light version.

  1. Miller Lite

As a classic favorite and one of the best light beers, Miller Lite stands tall in its popularity. This award-winning light beer is easy on the wallet yet offers a well-balanced beer flavor minus the health concerns. The beer delivers a crisp taste with a clean finish.

Widely known as the initiator of “light beer,” the Miller Lite has primarily cut down on calories, having only 96 with 3.2 grams of carbs and a 4.2 percent alcohol content.

Miller Lite is an American pilsner beer that is a much better drink than other beers in the same category. You won’t be disappointed in its hoppy flavor with the taste of roasted barley and toasted crystal malt that melts in the mouth. The light beer is brewed with barley malt, hops extract, corn syrup and yeast. Most light beers tend to be watered down, but Miller Lite does not leave out the taste.

Miller Lite was launched in 1975 and stands out to be a light beer with a golden hue, toffee notes, and a sweet, slight finish. The Galena hops-driven aroma of the beer will make you want to sip more of this easy-to-drink light beer all summer.

  1. Nite Lite Light Lager Beer by Night Shift Brewing

Craft beers have a unique appeal to them, and if you’re in love with the taste of craft beers, we have found a great light beer version for you. The Nite Lite Light Lager beer by the Night Shift brewery has a distinctive crispness to it and feels smooth on the palate.

It is pretty affordable yet packed with great flavors as a craft beer. Even though it has a little more calories than most other light beers on our list at 120 calories, we can’t complain, primarily due to its light body.

Light craft beer

The small Massachusetts-based brewery offers a delightful freshness in each can of this lite beer. With a sunny golden appearance, the light craft beer has flavors that can be only described as biscuits and citrus elements.

We didn’t particularly like the Nite Lite beer’s thin mouthfeel; however, it is not a dealbreaker. The only downside is that it might be difficult to get ahold of this craft beer in local stores.

With that being said, if you fall in love with the taste of Nite Lite, be sure to stock some in your cooler. The Nite Lite beer offers 4.3 percent ABV, with flavors that are great for tailgating and parties.

  1. Heineken Light

Heineken Light is a relatively new light beer among the already popular beers in the market. The secret to the unique flavor and aroma of Heineken Light comes from their particular “A-yeast” and cascade hops.

The beer was launched in 2005, making it a very new light beer, but it still proves itself through great flavors. Some beer tasters mentioned the presence of spice and light notes of apple in the light beer with a well-balanced hop level, so overall, the light beer is widely preferred by many.

Heineken Light is an excellent option for a low-calorie beer seeker looking for a lingering finish and smoothness in the palate. This light beer offers a surprisingly low alcohol content at 3.3 percent with 99 calories and 7 grams of carbs. Despite being so low in alcohol, this beer packs a sweet, fruity, subtle bitterness and clean taste that will make you want to sip more without feeling heavy.

  1. Guinness Draught

Light beers don’t always need to taste light. Guinness Draught is the beer for those who want a rich and creamy flavor without worrying about consuming high-calories.

The undeniable taste from chocolate character, coffee, caramel and nitro smoothness makes it a favorite drink for many. What’s more, you can even pair this dark-colored light beer with Irish standards.

Even though the Guinness Draught is not marketed as a light beer, we couldn’t leave this out of the list due to its low calories and low alcohol content. At 4.2 percent ABV and 126 calories, this Irish dry stout beer is simply iconic.

The sweet aroma, chocolate taste and creamy goodness will leave you longing to have more of this beer as it leaves a velvet finish. The beer finishes with a thick frothy head with a dark coffee-colored appearance to add more delight.

  1. Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Finding a gluten-free beer can be difficult, but we have found a beer that tastes great and is also free from gluten — Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale beer. The beer has 4.2 percent ABV, 3 grams of carbs, and a very low-calorie count of 99, all of which make it an excellent light beer for health-conscious beer lovers.

Sure, you can find other gluten-free beers around, but Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is specially brewed to contain less than 20 ppm (parts per million), making it better than regular options. This beer is light-bodied with citrusy hops to give an all-around flavor.

It has a clean finish with a lovely golden hue that will repeatedly make you want to reach for it. Take note that the Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is not advertised as a light beer, but we just had to include this with its low calories, gluten-free features and enjoyable taste.

  1. Beck’s Premier Light Beer

If you love Beck’s original beer, then Beck’s Premier Light is a perfect alternative for a guilt-free drinking experience. The calorie count on this beer might come off as a surprise at only 64 calories, or even 45 calories depending on serving size.

Not only that, but the beer has a very low alcohol content of 2.3 percent, half of what other light beers contain. Apart from all these incredible facts about Beck’s Premier Light beer, its popularity makes it widely available.

Germany does it right when it comes to brewing premium beers. Don’t let the beer’s pale appearance and light body make you doubt its taste, as the Beck’s Premier Light offers a crisp and refreshing flavor.

What Are Light Beers?

In general, light beers are the type of beers that contain fewer calories than regular beers. As the drink usually has low or almost no alcohol content, light beers are a perfect option for social parties, a day at the beach or hanging out with friends on a sunny day.

Light beers can be organic, gluten-free, low in carbs and brewed with natural and local ingredients that ensure the health aspect for conscious consumers.

As for beginners, light beers are very easy to drink, and any beer that claims to have less than 110 to 126 calories and 3 percent alcohol can be considered a light beer. The popularity of light beers has been on the rise for many decades, and at present, there are hundreds of brands readily available in the market.

So if you’re unsure which light beer you should invest in without having to try all the average ones out there, we have done all the trials and research for you! Our list of the best light beers consisted of some of the most popular and well-loved beer brands that meet all the requirements of a light beer.

Light beers are usually watered down to keep the calorie count low, leading to a loss of flavors, but with so many brands out there, beer drinkers will be delighted to find the best light beers that won’t make you sacrifice on taste for the sake of your health.

Learn more about low or free purine beer in our detailed article including experts beer opinions.

What To Look For in the Best Types of Light Beer

You might want to switch to light beers to cut down on your calorie intake or reduce your alcohol consumption so you can drink more and worry less about the long-term effects of drinking strong beers. However, light beers often get a bad reputation for being watered down and lacking strong flavors.

Good light beers have a refreshing flavor and feel smooth to taste; some even offer a great flavor profile closely comparable to full-strength beers.

So how do you judge whether a light beer can be considered the best in its category?

Here are a few things to consider and look for if you want to skip the testing process and go straight to sipping the best light beers.

– Aroma

We like to eat or drink things that smell good, and the same applies to light beers. Most light beers may not have a strong scent, but the faint aromas that reveal the notes and flavors in the drink can say a lot about what’s in it.

– Taste

Relying on aromas alone will not get you far, so consider the overall notes, crispness, taste, finish and aftertaste of light beers. The best light beers can have a very light body yet offer an excellent flavor to the taste buds, which makes them great for summer barbeques, lounging on the beach or just a chill night at home.

– Calories

One of the primary reasons for drinking light beers is to consume fewer calories, so checking the calorie count of a light beer before purchasing it is crucial. Most light beers are less than 120 calories, but we have some excellent choices that might surprise you on our list.

– Appearance

Good light beers tend to have a prevalent golden hue, which is also sometimes described as sunny, light yellow, pale yellow or similar colors. A few light beers might appear darker due to a different combination of ingredients in them.

– Alcohol Percentage

The alcohol percentage in a beer determines the calorie count; hence the lower the alcohol content, the lower the calories. Light beers often have an alcohol percentage of 4.3, which can be reduced to even 2.3 percent depending on the brand and type of light beer you pick.


Best light beer

Light beers make you feel “light” and give you the freedom to drink more bottles or cans, which is the reason why they are so popular in the United States and all around the world. Enjoying beers shouldn’t leave you concerned about your health, so light beers are now a primary choice among the majority of beer lovers.

  • Some of the best light beers we have compiled for you in this list include Yuengling Light Lager, Coors Light, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Corona Light.
  • Other excellent options for great-tasting light beer are Miller Lite, Night Shift Brewing’s Nite Lite, Heineken Light, Guinness Draught, Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale and Beck’s Premier Light Beer.
  • Light beers are the type of beers that contain fewer calories than regular beers.
  • Light beers can be organic, gluten-free, low in carbs and brewed with natural and local ingredients that ensure the health aspect for conscious consumers.
  • Good light beers have a refreshing flavor and feel smooth to taste; some even offer a great flavor profile closely comparable to full-strength beers.
  • These beers are very easy to drink, and any beer that claims to have less than 110 to 126 calories and 3 percent alcohol can be considered a light beer.
  • There are several determining factors to take note of when choosing the perfect light beer for you, such as taste, aroma, calories, appearance and ABV.

Finding a light beer that meets all your requirements and satisfies your taste buds, as well as your wallet, can be challenging but not impossible. There are so many options, so be sure to find one that suits your choice well.

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