Is Beer Flammable and Will It Catch Fire? Read This To Know

Is beer flammable is one question that many beer lovers have asked at least once when they think about the alcohol content of the beverage. The alcohol content in beer is low, and this makes it a top choice for staying refreshed on a hot summer day.

Is Beer Flammable and Will It Catch Fire

If you’ve been wondering is beer flammable whenever you’re drinking it near a fireplace or about to use it for cooking, read the article below. We answer questions that pertain to whether or not beer can catch fire, whether or not beer gas is flammable, and so much more. 

Can Beer Get Ignited by Fire? 

Beer cannot get ignited by fire. Beer is not flammable because it has a low alcohol content. Generally, the alcohol content in beer is between 4 percent and 7 percent, which is too low to catch fire. Although ethanol is flammable, beer only has a very low level of alcohol.

Any alcoholic beverage that falls within this range cannot ignite. Keep in mind that beer consists mostly of water and not alcohol, and this is why it is not flammable. It is common knowledge that water and fire don’t mix. Keep in mind that if you find a beer with a very high alcohol content, like Snake Venom, which has an ABV of a whopping 67.5 percent, it will be flammable. There are very few flammable beers because most beers have a low ABV. You can check this beer list that has the highest alcohol content beers but not all of them can get ignited.

Whenever a naked flame is close to alcohol or flammable beers, the ignition happens because of the low water content. But with your standard beer, there is a high water content, so a flame cannot be kindled. Also, is wine flammable? No, it isn’t, but it depends on the ABV level.

What ABV Level in Beer Is Flammable? 

The ABV level in beer that is flammable is between 40 percent and 50 percent. Beer is made with water, malt, sugar, hops, yeast, and ethanol. The ethanol is what makes the beer catch fire. In most cases, the ABV of beer is from 4 to 7 percent.

What ABV Level in Beer Is Flammable

You can also find some up to 15 percent, but this is not flammable. Very few beers have an ABV level of 40 to 50 percent, or 80 to 100 proof alcohol, and these can ignite materials.

Your favorite beers, like Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken, and even most craft beers, are not flammable. They have a low alcohol level and a high water level. Keep in mind that some brewery protocols still call their beers combustible liquids. 

Will a Beer Be Flammable During Fermentation?

Beer is not flammable during fermentation or while it is still brewing. For homebrewers, you don’t have to worry about your beer catching on fire during the production process because there is only very little alcohol content here. At this time, the beer mostly consists of malts, hops, and yeast. 

The alcohol content in beer only comes out after the beer is fermented by the yeast breaking down the sugars. Keep in mind that you can only get flammable beer during fermentation if you make a grave mistake, but if you follow the recipe closely, you don’t have to worry about flammable beer. Also, it’s very unusual for a brewery to make flammable beer with a low ABV. Fermentation is a long process and it can take between four to eight weeks so it is a very safe procedure.

Can Beer Get Ignited When Cooking With It?

Beer cannot get ignited when cooking with it. Any accident can happen when cooking, but there is a low chance of a fire accident happening because of beer when cooking. If you have a problem with fire, it will mostly be because of other things and not beer. 

Can Beer Get Ignited When Cooking With It

Keep in mind that when cooking, it is theoretically possible for all the water in the beer to evaporate, and only alcohol will remain. This can cause your beer to become flammable. But there are many other factors that you will need to keep in mind aside from the beer. In general, your beer won’t catch fire. 

Is Beer Gas Flammable? 

Yes, beer gas is flammable. Beer gas consists of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas, which is used to dispense beer from the tap when it’s a draft beer. If you’re handling beer gas, you need to follow important safety precautions because it is flammable.

With poor safety practices, you can encounter a lot of damage. Aside from being used to serve draft beer, beer gas is also present in beer kegs or barrels. Breweries use kegs to distribute and transport their beer to important locations. If the keg bursts and the gas leak out, it can be ignited by a flame, so stay safe when you are handling beer gas. 

Sometimes, beers in a bottle or keg can explode because of too much carbonation. Carbonation involves saturating beer with carbon dioxide. If the carbonation is not complete and the beer is covered up, the beer will heat up. Once you open it, it will explode and the glass will break. This doesn’t involve the beer getting ignited. 

Does Beer Have a Flashpoint Temperature?

Beer has a flash point temperature, and with an ABV of 5 percent, it is between 100-200 degrees Fahrenheit. The flashpoint temperature is the minimum temperature that something needs to catch fire. If you only have ethanol, it needs about 55 degrees Fahrenheit to catch fire with an ignition.

Does Beer Have a Flashpoint Temperature

For it to self-ignite, you need up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit. But, with beer, you need a very high temperature and still have to ignite it. That is the only way that the beer can catch fire. which means that if you take into consideration the recommended beer temperature to be served or the temperatures that they store it, it is no way near 680 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can a Beer Barrel or Bottle Catch Fire?

A beer barrel or bottle cannot catch fire, except if it has a super high ABV. Keep in mind that the material used to make the barrel might be flammable, like a wooden barrel. This will catch fire and burn, but it won’t be caused by the beer.

There won’t be any explosion, if you’re worried about that. If it’s a bottle, the beer won’t explode, but the bottle will either shatter, crack, get hot, or melt slowly. This depends on how hot the flame is. Also, the beer will become very hot and undrinkable. If it’s a can of beer instead, it might explode because of the aluminum.

Can You Put Out a Fire With Beer?

Yes, you can theoretically put out a fire with beer, but you shouldn’t do that if you have an alternative. You should only go for a fire extinguisher when there is a fire. Using anything other than this might lead to more damage.

Can You Put Out a Fire With Beer

However, if there’s nothing else to fight the fire with and you only have a can of beer, you can pour it on the fire. Beer is not flammable, and the high water content will put the fire out safely. 

What Types of Alcohol Are Flammable?

Any type of alcoholic drink that has a high level of ethanol is flammable, such as vodka, tequila, sambuca, and absinthe. The percentage of alcohol that is flammable is usually above 50 percent, but it can also be 40 percent.

What Types of Alcohol Are Flammable

Here are some flammable alcoholic beverages:

  • Vodka: You might be wondering, is vodka flammable? The drink has an ABV of 40 percent and more, which makes it highly flammable.
  • Tequila: A popular drink in bars and stores, tequila packs a punch, up to 70 percent of alcohol, making it a flammable liquid.
  • Sambuca: This has an ABV of 40 percent and more, which means it can easily catch fire. 
  • Absinthe: Sometimes, the ABV of this alcohol can go up to 90 percent, so it is considered flammable.
  • Grand Marnier: This cognac is used in flambe or brandy and is highly flammable. 
  • Overproof rum: This usually has a high ABV, like a Bacardi 151, with over 75 percent.


Now that you know the answer to the question is beer flammable, you can stay safe, and you won’t have to worry about starting a fire.

Before you go, here’s a summary of what we covered:

  • Beer is not flammable because it has low alcohol and a high water ratio.
  • Beer will only be flammable if it has an ABV of 40 to 50 percent.
  • Beer is not flammable before fermentation,
  • If you are cooking with beer, there is a very low chance of causing a fire.
  • If beer in a bottle or barrel catches fire, it is only because of the material of a wooden barrel or an aluminum can.

With this guide, you now know whether beer is flammable or not. If you’re drinking a low-ABV beer, you can drink it as much as you want without worrying about it being ignited. 

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