Treehouse Deerfield Review: Location and Complete Beer List

treehouse deerfield beer listYou must have heard about Treehouse Deerfield Brewing Company if you are a fan of traditional American-style IPAs. The house brewing company is considered the best brewery in America, thanks to its impressive list of IPAs and stouts.

You may not know that Tree House Deerfield brewery has recently been opened to entertain the North shore people in Chicago, and the brewing company also has a few other locations. In this complete review, we will discuss the operational hours of the new branch and available beers in the pub to ready your stomach and appetite.

Beer List

When you visit South Deerfield, you will have a wide range of beers and breweries to taste. However, you can try our suggestions to enjoy the best pints there. It includes:

  • Alter Ego
  • Green
  • Haze
  • Blue
  • Julius

Many say Alter Ego is their best production with tropical fruit and citrus flavor. You will also love its slight bitterness and darkness.

Blue is also a top-rated American IPA here, which was rated 4.2 out of 5 and has an unthinkable 8704 rating from an online poll. So you can confidently sip the pint and enjoy the shows or Drive-by Truckers events soothingly.

– How Many Carbs Are in Treehouse Beer?

The number of carbs in Treehouse beer will vary depending on their stout and IPA products — for instance, you will get 12 grams of carbs and 230 calories in a 12oz serving of a Treehouse stout. It is enough for a perfect meal too.

Tree House Deerfield Location

The new pub of the company is located in the suburb of the north shore in Chicago. It is within walking distance of Springfield. Its exact location is between South Deerfield Bypass and N Martin Street, so you should find it quite easily whenever you crave a drink.

The complete address is at 1 Community Pl, South Deerfield, MA 01373. The brewing location isn’t far from the Connecticut River either, which runs through the heart of Massachusetts. It makes the location easily accessible from all directions. Also, it is highly pleasant for a lazy savory day with your favorite IPAs and stouts.

– Other Locations

Besides the South Deerfield branch, the brewing house has five other facilities to entertain its loyal customers with excellent drinks and savory restaurant items. These locations include the following places with various facilities.

Sandwich – Cape Cod

The Cape Cod facility lets you enjoy the best pints amidst the most amazing natural beauties. You can taste cold brew coffee, seltzer, fresh beers, and different spirits here. Also, the Cape Cod facility is famous for its seafood menus to go with the beers.

You need to have a reservation since it has limited inside and outside capacity.

Woodstock – Connecticut

Situated in the heart of Western Massachusetts, this facility is famous for farm-fresh hard ciders. You will surely love its draft ciders for a unique taste. Nonetheless, like most Tree House Brewing facilities, you must have a reservation here.

When you reserve your seat, you can preorder your favorite cider. It will help the brewing facility keep your drink ready as you enter.

Tree House Greater Boston

The company has announced plans to inaugurate their Greater Boston branch in Tewksbury soon. They claim that the Greater Boston branch will be beneficial for their clients residing near Boston. They promise to introduce their best breweries and savories in the branch, so like every fan of Tree House, we look forward to visiting it and giving an honest review.


The top brewing company hasn’t left any stone unturned to make its South Deerfield facility unique. Thus, they have established their home theater here, where you can book your seat to enjoy excellent shows.

The House Theater in Deerfield also hosts shows and events such as singer concerts or drive-by trucker events in their premises. Schedules for these events can be found in their website and social media accounts.

The Drive-by Truckers is an outdoor show. You need to pre-book the tickets to enjoy both shows. It will be an amazing experience as you sip in the Stouts or American-style IPAs for enjoyment while watching the show.

Operational Hours

Although highly popular, the brewery doesn’t remain open for a long period of time. It remains open five days weekly for only six and a half hours. Henceforth, you need to visit the brewery within the limited hours to enjoy their pints.

Day Operational Hours
Monday Remains closed
Tuesday Remains Closed
Wednesday 11:30 AM–6 PM
Thursday 11:30 AM–6 PM
Friday 11:30 AM–6 PM
Saturday 11:30 AM–6 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM–6 PM

As the table shows, you can visit the South Deerfield facility from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM only from Wednesday to Sunday. The branch remains closed on Monday and Tuesday. It might be quite frustrating for some that the popular brewery only remains open for a limited time.

Furthermore, they have limited seats only, so you should reserve your seat before visiting the brewery. If you don’t, you may become deprived of the iconic IPAs and stouts there.


Before being the Deerfield Brewing of Tree House, it was known as the Channing Bete building. Tree House, based in Charlton, announced to open the location, and currently, it is operating five days per week with great success.


Treehouse Deerfield is serving IPA and stout lovers amazingly. You will also enjoy a few exciting shows with the drinks, and the location is easily accessible from most parts of Springfield and Greenfield.Untitled design all you need to know

  • Treehouse Deerfield remains open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11.30 AM to 6.00 PM.
  • The best drinks to taste here include Alter Ego, Blue, Green, etc.
  • Its Drive-by Truckers shows and concert events are truly wonderful.

A visit to the brewing location after your office hours will help you rejuvenate your energy levels, and there are various Deerfield activities that will entertain you as you sip your drinks. You will surely love the unique styles and tastes here!

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