Best Breweries in Brooklyn: Guide to the Best Brooklyn Brew Companies

Brewery in brooklynChecking for the best breweries in Brooklyn is typical for any beer enthusiast who visits this NYC borough, as it has a rich history for its beers.

Aside from that, breweries also regularly open in the town, leading to more diverse brews for its locals and visitors.

From breweries owned by veterans to those who use mixed fermentation approaches to make beer, there’s a lot to look forward to in the Brooklyn beer scene, and since the breweries also make diverse types of beer, it is easy to find one that meets your drinking needs. This guide explores the top breweries in Brooklyn that you can visit whenever you’re in town.

Brooklyn Breweries Number of Active Beers ABV Range
Wild East Brewing Co. 46 3.1 – 8.3 percent
Grimm Artisanal Ales 195 3 – 13.5 percent
Interboro Spirits & Ales 97 4 – 13 percent
Kings County Brewers Collective 144 3 – 14 percent
Transmitter Brewing 34 4 – 11 percent
Other Half Brewing Co. 839 4 – 16 percent
Threes Brewing 237 3 – 13 percent
TALEA Beer Co. 34 4 – 8 percent
Strong Rope Brewery 18 4 – 11 percent
Circa Brewing Co. 3 4 -5 percent
Keg & Lantern 12 4 – 7 percent
Brooklyn Brewery 46 0.4 – 12 percent
Coney Island Brewery 11 3 – 9 percent
Randolph Beer 9 4 – 11 percent
Evil Twin Brewing 146 4 – 17 percent
Sixpoint Brewery 49 4 – 11 percent
Five Boroughs Brewing Co. 26 4 – 13 percent
Folksbier Brauerei 74 4 – 7 percent
Svendale Brewing Co. 62 3 – 11 percent
Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. 39 4 – 9 percent

21 Best Brooklyn Breweries You Should Know About – The List

We have compiled the best Brooklyn microbrewery and breweries after much research. If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, you can check out the top 23 breweries in this NYC borough.

  1. Wild East Brewing Co.

Wild East Brewing Co. is at the top of our list, which might be surprising to enthusiasts seeing as it was recently founded in 2020. But despite its young age, this Brooklyn brewery has already attracted a large following of beer lovers. It was founded by Tyler March, Lindsay Steen and Brett Taylor, three friends and beer enthusiasts.

When it comes to these breweries, you can expect a wide range of wild and sour beers and mixed fermentation brews such as pale ales, Saisons and Berliner weisses. Wild East also has a taproom where you can taste beers like L’Ultima Moda or Temperance.

  1. Grimm Artisanal Ales

The co-founders of Grimm Artisanal Ales are Joe and Lauren Grimm, although, for a while, they didn’t have a set location for brewing their beers. All this changed in 2018 when they founded this brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Inside the brewery is an attractive and comfortable taproom to taste sour beers, Belgian-style brews and delicious IPAs.

Some of the most popular brews from Grimm Artisanal Ales include Magnetic Cloud, a tropical IPA made with hops from the Southern Hemisphere. Also, you can try out the Cherry Raspberry Pop!, which is a soda-like sour beer made with raspberries, milk sugar, cherries and vanilla.

  1. Interboro Spirits & Ales

One of the top brewpubs in Brooklyn, Interboro Spirits & Ales, is often referred to as one of the best female-owned businesses in New York City. Jesse Ferguson and Laura Dierks founded it. The company is a combination of a brewery and distillery and always has a new beer style on the tap list for its customers.

The brewery is well-known for its partnership with Run the Jewels, called the Stay G-O-L-D collaboration. Some of the top beers include the Imperial Baltic Porter made with Swedish Dugges Bryggeri. You can have a unique drinking experience, especially since the company makes beers and spirits.

  1. Kings County Brewers Collective

Next on our list is the Kings County Brewers Collective, which has a rich history in Brooklyn. The Bushwick area of Brooklyn had no breweries for over four decades, which was strange, seeing as Brooklyn was the brewing capital of the United States in the 1900s.

But after the Prohibition, many breweries in Brooklyn and other places closed down, with still no breweries in Bushwick. All this changed in 2016 when Kings County Brewers Collective was opened by Zack Kinnery, Pete Lengyel and Tony Bellis. The brewery stands out from others with its artistic brews and diverse styles.

  1. Transmitter Brewing

Although Transmitter Brewing was first opened in Queens in 2014, its founders Anthony Accardi and Rob Kolb opened a taproom in Brooklyn in 2019 and closed down the Queens location. So if you want to enjoy French and Belgium-style farmhouse ales, the Brooklyn branch is the best place to visit.

One of the reasons why beers from Transmitter Brewing are among the best in the US is the yeast. The company has secured more than 20 isolated Pediococcus, Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. They have an extensive range of traditional yeasts from Belgium, America, England and France.

  1. Other Half Brewing Co.

You can’t mention the list of the best Brooklyn microbreweries and craft breweries without mentioning Other Half Brewing Co. The company is well-known for popularizing can release lines in the United States. Not only this, but they make some of the best IPAs on the East Coast.

The original brewery and taproom were opened in Brooklyn, in the Gowanus neighborhood. Asides from this, two other locations were opened in Williamsburg and Manhattan in 2020 and 2021.

It is also well-known for its fight against sexism and racism in the brewing industry, led by Breeze Galindo, one of its brewers. Galindo does this through the Other Half Women’s Forum, founded in 2021, which organizes conversations and forums on these matters.

  1. Threes Brewing

Threes Brewing is a leading company that has been named the best brewery in the United States by many enthusiasts. The brewery has impressed beer lovers and locals in Brooklyn with its high-quality beers from the juicy, hazy IPAs to the Pilsners.

If you’re in Brooklyn and looking for an excellent brewpub to hang out at, their taproom in the Gowanus area is an ideal place to visit. It is also right beside The Meat Hook, which means you can enjoy delicious meals that pair well with their beers. You can even enjoy coffee in the morning if it’s too early for beer.

  1. TALEA Beer Co.

One of the best craft breweries in Brooklyn is TALEA Beer Co, a veteran-owned and all-female-owned business in New York. The brewery is constantly expanding and opening new taprooms for customers. It was founded by LeAnn Darland and Tara Hankinson, who left their corporate jobs to start a craft brewing business.

By 2019, the craft brewery opened, and its name is a combination of Tara and LeAnn. This brewery stands out because it tries to target non-craft beer drinkers. They also have a wide range of sour beers and IPAs in their collection.

  1. Strong Rope Brewery

Brooklyn brew companyStrong Rope Brewery is among the best for the best Brooklyn brew company for West Coast-style beers, hazy beers and American IPAs.

They brew only the best British-style ales but make them stand out with hops and malts from New York State.

Christina Quintero and Jason Sahler founded it, and the company is grounded in its traditions, which is evident in their brews. Their beers have also won multiple awards from local organizations like NYC Beer Week 2020, SMaSH Beer Competition Winner, TAPNY 2019, Indie Beer Cup and more.

  1. Circa Brewing Co.

When looking at Circa Brewing Co, two things are most important: pizza and beer. The seven-barrel brewhouse comes with a brewpub as big as 6,000 square feet, where you can enjoy some of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas that are paired perfectly with beers.

These are regular pizzas but made on a brick oven with garlic, fresh mozzarella, fontina and cherry tomatoes. You can enjoy diverse pizzas with beers like the hazy IPA or the Regulate steam beer. If you’re interested in a pizza and beer experience, you can visit Circa whenever you’re in Brooklyn.

  1. Brooklyn Brewery

A well-known favorite in Williamsburg is the Brooklyn Brewery, which is not surprising. One of the reasons this brewery is very popular among drinkers is how they help guests choose their drinks, so you can easily select the beer that fits you best. You can enjoy the comfort of their tasting rooms and find the brew that will meet your needs.

You can expect delicious brews like the classic Brooklyn Lager or the Tripel Burner beer that is fermented in wine barrels. This gives you diverse beers with fruity hints and exciting experiences.

  1. Coney Island Brewery

Another American brewery located in Brooklyn is the Coney Island Brewery located along the MCU Park. This top-notch brewery on our list was once the smallest in America but has grown in popularity and is known for its craft flavors.

Some of the top beers from this brewing company include the Kettle Corn Cream Ale and Mermaid IPA. In September, the brewery also organizes a Freak Week festival, where you can enjoy delicious fall ales and participate in festivities with other beer lovers. As the name implies, it is located in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

  1. Randolph Beer

Randolph Beer has two locations in Brooklyn which you can visit whenever you’re in the city. There is another location in Manhattan, and the brand has attracted a wide range of beer enthusiasts because of its delicious brews.

If you visit the Williamsburg location in Brooklyn, you can sit outside or inside at any time and enjoy their brews. It’s always best to make an online reservation before visiting, as it is a trendy spot in Brooklyn among enthusiasts.

  1. Sixpoint Brewery

If you’re looking for authenticity in craft brewing, you can visit the Sixpoint Brewery. Located in Red Hook, it is recognized as one of the first Brooklyn craft breweries. They have an experimental approach to their beers and brew many signature brews for those who want something new to try.

Sixpoint Brewery has a wide range of varieties on its tap list, including the IPAs released throughout the year. You can also keep your eye out for the lagers since they are usually released for a short time.

  1. Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

With the idea that beer is for everyone, Five Boroughs Brewing Co. is focused on making brews that would appeal to all beer lovers. From the brewing company’s name, you can see that it is focused on bringing the five boroughs of New York together through the love for beer.

The company has a wide range of brews served year-round to all New Yorkers. This brewery’s top beers include the Hoppy Lagers, Bohemian Pilsners and Gridlock Hazy IPAs.

  1. Folksbier Brauerei

Get access to some of the most delicious beers in the city when you visit Folksbier Brauerei. The brewing style of this company combines traditional brewing processes with modern ingredients and flavors.

The tasting room was opened in 2017 and has continued to be a leading company in Brooklyn. You can make reservations to visit this place online and order their beers on tap or to go. There is also food available which is paired well with the beers.

  1. Svendale Brewing Co.

One of the top breweries near Brooklyn is Svendale Brewing Co, a tasting room in Carroll Gardens. Although the company is based in Hudson Valley, its Brooklyn tasting room has become one of the best. It is a small but inviting place for enthusiasts who want a quick taste of some of the best US beers.

Although the beer isn’t explicitly made in Brooklyn, it holds a farm brewery license in New York. So 60 percent of their malts and hops have to be obtained from New York State.

  1. Keg & Lantern

If you’re looking for traditional Brooklyn beers, you can visit Keg & Lantern in Greenpoint. The brewpub looks like a typical sports bar, except that you get to enjoy brews from this leading craft brewer. Those who enjoy sports and beer can hang out in this bar.

The bar also serves delicious foods like chicken wings with their beers, paired well with their diverse brews. If you visit the brewery at the right time, you can also receive special deals on their beers on weeknights. You can start by trying out the Green Eyes IPA.

  1. Evil Twin Brewing

Evil Twin Brewing is another top brewery in Brooklyn located on Main Street in DUMBO. When you visit their Brooklyn tap rooms, you can try out their double and hazy Indian Pale Ales. The company also brews with diverse flavors like marshmallows, which give you unique brews.

The DUMBO location in Brooklyn is open all day, with a café inside. You can visit for coffee and even enjoy beers in the afternoon. The taproom has an attractive interior design that makes it fun to hang out with fellow beer lovers.

  1. Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

The Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a well-liked beer spot in Greenpoint, close to Queens. In 2020, the brewing company changed its location to Manhattan Avenue, which was to the liking of many of its beer fans.

Their brewpub is designed in a German style, and you can find a wide range of IPAs, pilsners and ales on their tap list. You will also see different brews from Germany and Central Europe. Asides from their beers, the brewery serves sausages, soft pretzels and burgers that go effortlessly well with their brews.

  1. Brooklyn Kura

If you’re interested in something different, you can visit Brooklyn Kura to get just this. The company introduced traditional Japanese brews to New York in 2018. It is the first sake brewery on the East Coast and opened in Industry City, located in Sunset Park Neighborhood, in Brooklyn.

Although there’s a lot of work involved in making delicious sake, you can expect only high quality from those brewed by Brooklyn Kura. You can visit this brewery if you want to try something new and unique from average beer.


Do Brooklyn breweries host shows?

Yes, some Brooklyn breweries host shows. For example, Brooklyn Brewery occasionally hosts live music events.

Are there farm-to-table breweries in Brooklyn?

Yes, there are farm-to-table breweries in Brooklyn, such as Other Half Brewing, which sources ingredients from local farms.

What beers are Brooklyn breweries most popular for?

Brooklyn breweries are known for their variety of beers, but some popular ones include Brooklyn Lager, Sorachi Ace, and East IPA.


Best brewery in brooklynYou can check out these top 23 breweries whenever you find yourself in Brooklyn for a beer experience. These breweries come with taprooms and brewpubs for all visitors to enjoy.

  • When you find yourself in Brooklyn, you should visit the Wild East Brewing Co. for their wide range of wild and sour beers and mixed fermentation brews.
  • Next, you should head on over to Grimm Artisanal Ales for an attractive and comfortable taproom to taste sour beers, Belgian-style brews and delicious IPAs.
  • Your next stop should be at the Interboro Spirits & Ales to visit this combination of a brewery and distillery that always has a new beer style on the tap list for its customers.
  • Another must-visit brewery in Brooklyn is the Kings County Brewers Collective for their artistic brews and diverse styles.
  • Don’t leave Brooklyn without trying the beers from Transmitter Brewing, as the yhave an extensive range of traditional yeasts from Belgium, America, England and France.

Check out these top brewpubs, taprooms and restaurants and taste your favorite beers whenever you find yourself in Brooklyn.

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