Best Breweries in Florida: Top Brewing Companies in the Sunshine State

Brewery in floridaIt might be challenging to choose the best breweries in Florida, as the Sunshine State features many locations in and around its area.

Florida boasts of all-year summer and mostly great weather, making it the ideal place to enjoy a refreshing brew whenever you want.

Microbreweries, craft breweries, and brewers today continue to open and make some of the best beers, not only in this state but in the USA at large. If you’re planning on visiting Florida and want to know what to expect, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the best breweries in the Sunshine State, so check them out below.

Florida Breweries Number of Active Beers ABV Range
Cigar City Brewing 114 4.2 – 14.6 percent
Funky Buddha Brewery 89 3.94 – 13.8 percent
7venth Sun Brewing 54 4 – 12 percent
J. Wakefield Brewing 239 3.5 – 18 percent
Tequesta Brewing 8 5.3 – 7.4 percent
M.I.A Brewing 28 4 – 11.2 percent
Due South Brewing Co. 30 3.5 – 8.5 percent
Wynwood Brewing 13 3.1 – 8.6 percent
Swamp Head Brewery 57 3.5 – 11.5 percent
Cycle Brewing 59 4.7 – 14.5 percent
Civil Society Brewing Co. 95 4 – 12 percent
Angry Chair Brewing 143 3.5 – 13.5 percent
Hidden Springs Ale Works 85 4.2 – 13 percent
Deviant Wolfe Brewing 15 4.8 – 9.3 percent
Playalinda Brewing Company 26 4.6 – 10 percent
First Magnitude Brewing Company 84 3.9 – 13.2 percent
Intracoastal Brewing 25 5.2 – 8.5 percent
Sailfish Brewing Company 36 4.3 – 12.3 percent
Tripping Animals Brewing Co. 214 4.5 – 13.5 percent
3 Daughters Brewing 30 4.3 – 9.5 percent
Oyster City Brewing Company 10 4.8 – 8.4 percent
Barrel of Monks Brewing 19 4.5 – 11 percent
Green Bench Brewing Company 50 3 – 10 percent

23 Best Florida Breweries You Should Visit – The List

Here are the top breweries that Florida has to offer.

  1. Cigar City Brewing

At the top of our list of Florida breweries is Cigar City Brewing, a household name among beer enthusiasts in the state. Located in Tampa, Cigar City also makes some of the best beers from Florida, especially their Jai Alai IPA.

You can check out other Florida-centric beers like the Maduro Brown Ale and Guayabera Pale Ale. You can take a tour at their Tampa location and enjoy beers served directly from their taps. The brewery is constantly updating its tap list, so you can expect to see a new brew whenever you visit.

  1. Funky Buddha Brewery

Another recommended brewery, and probably the most inventive on our list, is the Funky Buddha Brewery. This company started as a tiny beer maker in Boca Raton and has now exploded to run as a large brewery in Oakland Park, with over 40,000 sq ft of space.

If you’re looking out for Florida’s Disneyland of breweries, then Funky Buddha will be the appropriate answer. Aside from their size, they also have a wide range of unique brews, and their beers can taste like peanut butter and jelly, maple bacon or even Reese’s chocolate. When going there for the first time, you should try out the Maple Bacon Porter beer.

  1. 7venth Sun Brewing

Although 7venth Sun Brewing is a pretty small establishment producing only four and a half barrels of beer, it is also one of the best in Florida. The little brewery is headed by brewers who used to work in Cigar City and SweetWater and have a constantly rotating menu, so you’re in for a surprise whenever you visit.

Their innovative beers can be credited to fermentation science, giving Floridians unique brews. If you ever visit, you should go for their sour beers as this is the company’s specialty.

  1. Wakefield Brewing

Jonathan Wakefield started as a homebrewer who wanted to share his delicious brews with others. Thus, J. Wakefield Brewing was born, and he’s living every homebrewer’s dream. After crowd-funding and impressing Floridians with unique brews, this company is now one of the most talked-about in South Florida.

The company also has unique brews like the Dragonfruit Passion Fruit, Miami Madness and Berliner Weisse. The Star-Wars-themed company has also won a couple of awards for their Berliners, but it’s rare to see their beers sold on shelves. You’ll have to visit the taproom in Wynwood for the full experience.

  1. Tequesta Brewing

Tequesta Brewing is considered an undiscovered gem in Florida as this company has an impressive series of beers on tap, mainly beverages for the summer months. It is located in a small strip mall around the Marty county line and is credited for providing some of the best craft beers in that region.

This Florida brewery has been running for over seven years and is often dubbed the first craft brewery in South Florida. One of their famous beers, Bock in Bock, won a silver medal at the GABF. Other popular brews include Julio’s Weizen and Der Chancellor.

  1. I.A Brewing

One of the newest South Florida breweries, M.I.A Brewing has already made a place for itself in the hearts of locals. There are over 50 taps open at this brewpub, so visitors are always welcome to enjoy their delicious brews. The brewery also makes beers in collaboration with other local brewers.

If you visit M.I.A Brewing, you can take the beer tour for only $5, and you’ll be given an engraved glass as a souvenir. Some of their popular brews include the Tourist Trappe and Miami Weiss, and you can enjoy these brews in their purple-lighted, chill brewpub.

  1. Due South Brewing Co.

Another craft brewery in South Florida, Due South Brewing Co., is credited for being one of the first and has a sweet, romantic backstory. It opened in 2012 because the founder wanted to make beers that his wife, who is allergic to sulfite, could drink. Now, it’s a massive 15,000 sq ft brewery with many Florida Beer Championship medals under its belt.

The taproom is open every day by noon except on Mondays, and you can expect a wide range of beers on their menu. Some local favorites include the Due South Brewing Co. beer, Caramel Cream Ale, and Category 5 IPA, and you can also take beer tours here.

  1. Wynwood Brewing

The founders of Wynwood Brewing are credited for opening the first-ever brewery in the city by breaking the City of Miami Code. This company is still going strong today, with a GABF medal, widespread recognition, and a selection of delicious brews.

Some of their favorite beers are the award-winning Pop’s Porter and La Rubia, which are pretty popular in South Florida. You can visit the brewery in Wynwood, enjoy tasting new brews, and watch the entire brewing process behind the glass.

  1. Swamp Head Brewery

Swamp Head Brewery is located in Gainesville and is probably the most exciting part of this city. As one of the best microbreweries in Florida, it offers an exciting experience for beer enthusiasts with a seamless brewing operation and large outdoor tanks. The brewery is located in a picturesque spot, not far from the University of Florida.

The beers from this company are also very Florida-focused with names like Hydroslide, Saison Du Swamp and Cottonmouth. But if you’re there for the first time, you should try out their popular brews like the Big Nose IPA and Wild Night Honey Cream Ale. While you can purchase some of their flagship beers in stores, you need to visit the brewery for their latest additions.

  1. Cycle Brewing

If you’re looking for an excellent brewpub to visit in Florida, Cycle Brewing, located in St Petersburg, is always a good choice. Although they are known for their stouts, you can also enjoy delicious pale ales and IPAs on their impressive tap list. It is trendy among the locals in the area.

With $5, you can purchase one pint of beer at Cycle Brewing, although before you visit, keep in mind that it’s a cash-only establishment. Aside from enjoying their innovative beers, you get sidewalk seating and free tastings of their most acclaimed brews. Popular beers include Rare D.O.S, Cream & Sugar Please Stout, Rare D.O.S Imperial Stout and Crank IPA.

  1. Civil Society Brewing Co.

Top florida breweryAnother one of the top Florida breweries is Civil Society Brewing Co. which initially opened in Jupiter but opened another location in West Palm Beach.

It is widely known for its juicy ales and relaxing setting, although you can also occasionally expect stouts.

Because of high demand, it’s not very easy to find Civil Society beers in stores near you. Sometimes, the brewery also runs out of beer cans, so if you’re planning to visit, you should go early. New England IPAs dominate their tap list, and you can check out Fresh IPA when you visit any of their locations.

  1. Angry Chair Brewing

Whenever you’re in Tampa, you can’t go wrong with visiting Angry Chair Brewing. Since it was founded, this company has made almost every type of beer and managed to get it right. They also focus on making their beers as flavorful as possible, giving your tastebuds a new experience.

You can try out their lactose beers like those in the Marshmallow Puff lineup. They also have chocolate-flavored stouts and fruity sour beers on tap. You can start with the Space Grass IPA before moving to other beers on the tap list if you visit. It’s challenging to get their beers outside of Tampa.

  1. Hidden Springs Ale Works

Also located in Tampa, Hidden Springs Ale Works is a brilliant brewery that has recently become way more popular. This brewery stands out with its delicious IPAs and inventive sour beers, all of which you can find when you visit the company or stores around Florida.

The taproom is the best choice if you want to get their best beers. It is located beside Armature Works, and the trip will be worth it, especially since they usually offer unique brews. Some of their most popular beers include Serenity Now, Electric Pegasus and Never Nude, all lactose-flavored sour beers.

  1. Deviant Wolfe Brewing

Recently, breweries have also opened in Sanford, Florida, and an exciting beer scene has emerged. One of the best breweries in Sanford is Deviant Wolfe Brewing, with an unseen lineup of beers that meets the drinking style of all brewers. But the company does not distribute its beers, so you need to visit the taproom to enjoy some of their top beers.

Deviant Wolfe also participates in brewing festivals in Florida, which gives you another opportunity to enjoy their beers. Some popular brews include Matturdays Berliner and Sourmanjaro Coffee Sour, but you might not find these when you visit as they constantly add new beers.

  1. Playalinda Brewing Company

One Florida brewery that will always keep you on your toes is the Playalinda Brewing Company. They serve pizza with their beer, which any enthusiast would agree is the perfect combination. This brewing company features two Titusville locations, the original one, the Hardware Store, and the Brix Project, a bigger brewpub.

Playalinda Brewing also participates in the Epcot festivals, so you can expect unique brews from them if you decide to visit. Some popular beers from this company are Robonaut Red, Violet Lemonade Ale, Pleasure Chest IPA and the #RainbowSherbertGlitterDreamAle Beer.

  1. First Magnitude Brewing Company

Craft breweries are constantly making the town of Gainesville a beer scene. Swamp Head Brewery was first, and now First Magnitude Brewing Company, one of the leading Florida craft breweries, is also making waves in the beer scene. This company creates an exciting atmosphere for all beer lovers to enjoy and a diverse range of beers regardless of what you want.

You can have a lot of fun visiting this taproom and checking out their brewing location, and they distribute their beers as far as Orlando. There are different beers to expect from porters and Saisons to pale ales and IPAs. Some of their popular brews include Ursa and 72.

  1. Intracoastal Brewing Company

Although the opening of Intracoastal Brewing Company in Melbourne, Florida, was unexpected, it has quickly grown in popularity to become one of the best in the city. It started as a small taproom but now features a massive can production site and has shaped the beer scene in this area.

While you can find some of their beers at local restaurants, like the popular Dragonpoint IPA, you should visit the taproom for a complete experience. The beers in the Coastal Series IPAs are pretty popular, and they make their delicious sour Berliners into slushies. The community-focused brewery also organizes yoga, trivia nights, fun runs, live music and more.

  1. Sailfish Brewing Company

The tap list at Sailfish Brewing is regularly changing, which means locals and visitors are always in for a surprise. Located in Fort Pierce, their taproom is known for having some exciting brews that will pique your curiosity.

You can also purchase their core beers at stores, like the Tag & Release Amber and Sunrise City IPA. The taproom environment is relaxing and fun, with a large patio where beer fans can enjoy sour beers, amber ales and IPAs.

  1. Tripping Animals Brewing Co.

The beers at Tripping Animals Brewing are just as unique and artisanal as its name. One of the newest Miami beer spots, the company is located in Doral and has an ever-increasing lineup of brews. Their New England IPAs are mainly the most popular.

When you visit their taproom, you can enjoy their sour beers, hazy IPAs and darker brews, with some of the most popular being I Sea Through You and Mahi Did It. You can either enjoy the beers indoors, outdoors or in the game area or pair them with delicious food and seltzer.

  1. 3 Daughters Brewing

Another impressive craft brewery in Florida is 3 Daughters Brewing, and from the name, you can probably guess that it is family-owned. Although it was first located in Lexington, Kentucky, it was relocated to St. Petersburg in Florida and has continued to impress locals and visitors.

3 Daughters Brewing is owned by the Harting family and offers a diverse range of craft beers, music and games. The top beers include the Rob Bender Red Ale, Stern Line Stout, Beach Blonde Ale and Bimini Twist IPA. And if you visit on Thursdays, you get discounts on your growlers.

  1. Oyster City Brewing Company

Oyster City Brewing Company is a brilliant craft brewer headed by a group of people who has a passion for beers and brewing. The brewery is open all the time, with three year-round beers and the occasional seasonal brew.

Their year-round beers include the Hooter Brown Tupelo Honey Ale, Apalach IPA and Mill Pond Dirty Blonde Ale. The taproom is connected with a restaurant and offers all visitors a relaxing experience whether you’re sitting inside or outside the establishment.

  1. Barrel of Monks Brewing

While planning your trip to Florida, you should also add Barrel of Monks Brewing to your list. This exciting spot is located in Boca Raton and makes beers for the Epcot Festival of Holidays.

Although they have a wide range of beers, the focus of this company is its Belgian-inspired ales like witbiers, tripels and dubbels. Start with brews like The Wizard and Three Fates. The tasting room on its own is awe-inspiring, with a stylish and classic design.

  1. Green Bench Brewing Company

Last on our list is another Florida brewing company in St Petersburg called Green Bench Brewing Company. It might be challenging to choose just one beer when you visit as they have many options on their tap list. This sets it apart from Cycle Brewing, another St Pete’s company.

One of their most popular brews is a hoppy, tropical-flavored IPA named after Florida called Sunshine City IPA. Recently, this brewer has been experimenting with mixed culture and barrel-aging their beers, so it’s a great time to visit.


Is the sun in Florida great for farm breweries?

No, it may not be optimal for farm breweries as the sun’s heat and humidity can affect the brewing process.

What is the oldest brewery in Florida?

The oldest brewery in Florida is the Florida Brewing Company, founded in 1896.

Does Florida have dog-friendly breweries?

Yes, many breweries in Florida are dog-friendly and allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas.


Best brewery in floridaFlorida has a vibrant beer scene that beer lovers would be pleased to be a part of. Regardless of the scenery or beer style you’re looking for, there’s always something for you in the Sunshine State.

  • The best brewery in Florida is Cigar City Brewing, and you can take a tour of their Tampa location and enjoy beers served directly from their taps.
  • The most creative brewery in the state is Funky Buddha Brewing, with their wide range of unique brews that have flavors such as peanut butter and jelly, maple bacon or even Reese’s chocolate.
  • Next, head on over to 7venth Sun Brewing and go for their sour beers, which is the company’s specialty.

When you’re in Florida, remember to bring our complete guide with you to enjoy your beer experience!

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