Dr Juice IPA: Try This Cantaloupe-colored Freshness in a Can

Dr Juice IPA is a tropical hazy IPA from the Parish Brewing Company, which is a local favorite spot at Broussard, Louisiana.

dr juice beer

Its fruity and floral hops make it a delicious yet fresh beverage to drink in the weather of Louisiana, making it one of the most well-loved beverages in the area.

In this comprehensive expert review, we bring you everything there is to know about the Dr Juice beer by the Parish Brewing Company in Louisiana.


Here is a quick overview of the stats for the Dr. Juice IPA. by the Parish Brewing Company in Louisiana.

CountryThis beer is produced in the United States of America
BrandThe beer is brewed in Parish Brewing Company, which is located in Louisiana
StyleDr. Juice IPA is an American India Pale Ale
TasteTangerine, Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit, Melon and Guava are the dominant tastes of this drink
BodyThis beer has a medium-full body
ABVThe drink contains 6 percent alcohol content
Flavors and AromasHighly tropical and fruity flavors and aromas will greet you with every sip
Serving TemperatureServe this beer at temperatures between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for a great time

Dr Juice IPA Review

Here are the main characteristics of the Doctor Juice India Pale Ale, including its appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and the dishes that go perfectly well with it.


The appearance of the beer is a combination of the color of the beer, its pouring head and the container it comes in. The beer can for this beer is quite graphic, modern and colorful.

The color of Dr. Juice IPA is a hazy yellow. It seems like a rich cantaloupe hue with a thick, frosted haze when poured out of the can and into a glass. Its color is surely unique and unlike the other IPAs out there.

The Dr. Juice IPA is present all year round and can be purchased in three forms: 6 pack Cans, 32oz Crowlers, and 64oz Growlers. If you happen to be in Louisiana, you can head over to the brewery and get the Dr. Juice IPA directly from the tap. Before heading to the brewery, make sure to call ahead and ask for availability.


The aroma is added to every beer because of the carefully picked hops and malts. The aroma and flavor develop with time and add to the total beer drinking experience.

The aroma of Dr. Juice IPA can be described as full of passion fruit, papaya and blood orange, so it is broadly fruity and floral. The aroma feels like that of a freshly-squeezed juice. This is one of the reasons that the IPA is so loved as it seems like a fresh beverage every time.


The mouthfeel of a beer is one of its most important characteristics. A drinker can accept or reject a beer solely on the basis of how it feels inside the mouth or how the after-taste lingers on the tongue.

The Dr. Juice IPA feels fresh and juicy. It has a floral and fruity taste that lingers on for a while. Some might describe the Dr. Juice IPA as a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice in a can, which is the reason why the Dr. Juice IPA is a cult favorite and has a wide following across the United States of America.


The flavor of an IPA is due to the added hops, malt and the yeast used. The yeast develops the flavor with time and makes it more pronounced. Aside from those ingredients, the brewing process and the storage time also greatly affect the flavor, aroma and the color of the IPA.

The flavor of Dr. Juice IPA can be described as fruity and tropical with notes of passion fruit, papaya, and blood orange. These flavors together give a very fresh feel to the drinker and is the reason why it is advertised as an IPA that feels like a freshly-squeezed juice.

Food Pairings

Pairing a specific type of food with a beer is a classic for beer drinkers. The type of food and beer that go together enhance the flavor and the feel of both. This is why many food pairings are tested, to fully optimize the gastronomic experience.

Dr. Juice IPA pairs well with spicy food. The food could be Mexican, Asian or Indian, as long as it is spicy, Dr. Juice IPA is going to sit well with it. The reason for this is that the IPA has a good fruity and floral taste so it cuts through the spiciness, making it easier for the drinker to enjoy both the food and the drink.


dr. juice ipa beer

The Parish Brewing Company prides itself in employing the traditional methods of brewing and giving them their own touch. This makes their products unique and also worth the hype.

The brewery uses hand-picked hops in making its products.

For the Dr. Juice IPA, they use Azacca, Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops.

These hops and the malt are first boiled and mixed together to bring out the flavors. The next step is to mash the mixture to break down the sugars even further. The yeast is added next, which brings about the fermentation process. Finally, the ale is filtered, stored and packaged accordingly.

Nutrition Facts

There is an estimated 100 calories in Dr. Juice IPA by the Parish Brewing Company. This number is an appropriate amount for calories in an IPA. It may also be considered as a low-calorie IPA, which is unique in its own right. The IPA has little to no fat, which makes it ideal for a calorie-efficient diet.


The Dr Juice IPA can is brewed in the Parish Brewery Company. The company is situated in the heart of Cajun Country in Broussard, Louisiana. Their story began in 2003 when their founder came back from Pittsburgh and saw a market for craft beer breweries. He laid the foundation of the Parish Brewing Company, and since then the company has thrived and expanded its operations and products.

The brewery has 10 year-round beers: Canebrake, Ghost in the Machine, Envie, South Coast, Parish Pilsner, Dr. Juice, Rêve Coffee Stout, and our SIPS Sours. When they have time and also on special occasions, they brew festive and special beers that are served for a short period of time. The brewery is also famous for its in-house taproom.

dr juice ipa beer


Is Dr Juice a hazy or a juicy IPA?

Dr Juice is both a hazy and a juicy IPA.

What makes Dr Juice IPA unique?

Dr Juice’s uniqueness lies in its juicy flavor profile and tropical fruit aroma, achieved through the use of specific hop varieties and brewing techniques.

Is Dr Juice a bitter IPA?

It is unlikely that Dr Juice is a bitter IPA, as it is described as a juicy IPA with a focus on tropical fruit flavors and aromas rather than bitterness.

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We have discussed all the information you need to know about the Dr. Juice IPA from the Parish Brewing Company from Louisiana.

Overall, this beer is a solid IPA and has many devoted fans all over the states due to its great flavor and refreshing characteristics.

  • Dr. Juice IPA is a tropical hazy IPA from the Parish Brewing Company.
  • The Dr. Juice IPA is available all year round.
  • For the Dr. Juice IPA, they use Azacca, Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops.
  • The color of Dr. Juice IPA is a hazy yellow like a rich cantaloupe hue, whereas the aroma of Dr. Juice IPA can be described as full of passionfruit, papaya and blood orange.
  • The flavor of Dr. Juice IPA can be described as fruity and tropical with notes of passionfruit, papaya and blood orange.

If you have not yet tried this IPA, head over to your local liquor store or order it online and taste it for yourself. Have a sip of this fruity and refreshing drink and it will definitely be a great beer-drinking experience.

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