Puppers Beer: This Letterkenny Fiction Beer Is Now a Reality

Puppers Beer arms holding beersPuppers Beer is not just a fictional beverage from the show Letterkenny — at least not anymore. Of course, it originally did start as an imaginary drink that features throughout the show, but an Ontario-based brewery named Stack Brewing made this beer a reality in 2017.

So what makes this beer so great, and how can you get it in the US? That’s exactly what this complete guide is about, so let’s find out.

Is Puppers Beer Real?

Yes, while the beer was indeed just fictional at some point, you can now have an actual beer named Puppers Beer. As you read on, this guide will show you that the concept of the drink has been adopted from the TV show.

If you came across the name of this lager only in the Letterkenny show, you might be skeptical about whether the beer actually exists. To answer your question, yes, Puppers is a real beer. The makers of the show used Puppers Beer as a recurring prop, possibly to avoid running into trouble with existing breweries.

– What Type of Beer Is Puppers Beer?

Puppers is a light lager with a 4 percent alcohol content, making it one of the lightest beers. This beer primarily has a sweet malt taste, alongside the slight tinge of hops. It’s a refreshing drink that one can enjoy at any time of the day, especially while relaxing after a hard day at work.


Country Canada
Brand Stack Brewing/ Labatt Brewing
Style Light Lager
Taste Light, crisp
Body Smooth
ABV 4 percent alcohol content
Flavors & Aromas Earthy, Malty, Fruity
Serving Temperature 38–55 degrees Fahrenheit

Puppers Beer Review

For sure, Letterkenny has helped Puppers Beer significantly in gaining popularity within a short period. However, the beer itself deserves credit too, being an amazing premium lager. With a light ABV content of 4 percent, this is a beer that you can drink at any occasion or time of the day. Let us take a deeper look at what exactly the Puppers Beer is like:

– Appearance

Puppers Beer is a beautiful golden lager that stands out due to its bright appearance. The sulfur-toned finish further adds to the lavish and beautiful appearance of the beer. The beer comes with about an inch of foamy head.

– Aroma

The aroma of Puppers Beer is quite mouth-watering and deserves a special mention. It’s mostly dominated by the aroma of raw malts and bread mixed with that of wheat, honey, and vegetables. Unlike most beers, you may not be able to smell the hops. This is due to the overpowering aroma of the malts and vegetables.

– Mouthfeel

Owing to the light carbonation, Puppers Beer comes with some fizz and crispness. Once you get past the three-quarter mark, the beer will start flattening out. Like most lager, the mouthfeel is notably moist. The aftertaste of Puppers Beer is mostly clean, though you might find a tinge of straw and vegetables.

– Flavor

The sweetness of the malts is dominant in the flavor of this premium lager. You may also find a hint of bready wheat and vegetables. Although the hops aren’t very prominent most of the time, you might notice the flavor of earthy hops in the finish and a tinge of lemon.

– Food Pairings

Lagers go particularly well with fish and chips, roast pork, pizzas, and hot dogs. This applies to Puppers Beer as well.

– Nutritional Facts

A can of Puppers Beer contains about 120 calories, which is quite low compared to most beers. This is largely due to the low alcohol content, which brings down the number of carbohydrates in the lager.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking too much beer can cause one to gain excess weight and suffer from health issues. The low carbohydrate content in Puppers Beer makes it perfect for those who’d love to drink more without much weight gain.


Puppers Beer draws inspiration from a fictional beer that first made its appearance in the TV show Letterkenny. The sitcom revolves around Letterkenny, a fictional town in Ontario that is based on an actual town named Listowel. The story is centered around the activities of two siblings — Wayne and Katy. Other major characters include their friends Squirrely Dan and Daryl.

All these four characters consume large volumes of beer, namely Puppers Beer. This is where the beer earned its fame before it even became an actual bear in the first place. Numerous instances in the show have seen the characters talking about how great Puppers Beer is. Letterkenny has been running for ten seasons already, and many fans have become attached to Puppers Beer.

Considering that Letterkenny is an all-time favorite for many and currently holds first place in the Canadian Screen Awards, it is evident that the show is extremely popular. When Stack Brewing actually came up with Puppers Beer and released it in the market, it was an instant hit. The impressive taste and flavor of the beer played a huge role in its success too.

– When To Drink Puppers Beer

In Letterkenny, Puppers Beer is shown as the perfect drink to have after toiling, especially for “hicks,” or farmers. This applies to the actual Puppers Beer as well, which you’d enjoy after finishing some work, such as mowing your lawn. In regards to the beer’s origin from the show, one might note that the actual drink is quite similar to the fictional one.

Stack Brewing has now stopped producing Puppers Beer. Instead, Labatt Brewing Company, a Canadian brewing powerhouse, has taken over it.

Where To Find Puppers Beer in the USA

If you were hoping to find Puppers Beer at an American pub or brewery, we have bad news for you. Unfortunately, this official beer of Letterkenny is not available in the USA. Labatt Brewing and Stack Brewing are the only two breweries that make this beer, and both of these are Canadian. Owing to the rules and regulations in Canada, exporting Puppers Beer to the U.S. is next to impossible.

However, even Canadians have a hard time getting Puppers Beer as it is available only in Ontario. Ordering Puppers Beer from a Stack Brewing store in Ontario and getting it delivered to your address in the U.S. isn’t an option either. As of now, the only way for Americans to enjoy this premium lager is to visit Ontario themselves and buy it personally.

Besides Stack Brewing, Puppers Beer is also available at the LBCO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores. Beer Store and Sobey’s offer Puppers Beer brewed by Labatt Brewing. The LBCO stores offer Puppers Beer only in cans and not bottles. Keep in mind that if you buy Puppers beer in Canada and carry it back to the U.S, you can bring only one case and you’ll also have to pay the customs duty fees at the border.

What Makes Puppers Beer So Popular?

The lager’s appearance in Letterkenny has obviously played a massive role in making it so popular. However, at a time when new beers constantly come and go, holding its place in the market and growing in popularity is still an impressive feat for Puppers Beer. While the TV show did give Puppers Beer the initial boost it needed to make a fast entry into the market, its own qualities have helped the lager earn the position it now holds.

The exceptional appearance and flavor of Puppers Beer is the biggest reason behind its insane popularity. The pale straw lager has a slightly bubbly appearance, with about an inch of smooth, soapy head. Although very light in body, the lager offers a very smooth mouthfeel that makes the drinking experience incredibly pleasurable.

As the foam settles into a wide neckline, it leaves an enticing strip of lacing usually missing in light lagers. Overall, this is definitely an amazing lager, and there’s no wonder why it became so popular over the years.

Is Puppers Beer Worth a Try?

If you are a seasoned drinker who is usually accustomed to stronger beers, Puppers Beers may not stand out as something special. With an ABV level of 4 percent, it’s essentially a very weak beer in terms of alcohol content. Either way, Puppers Beer is still worth a try. If you can get your hands on a can of this premium lager, definitely don’t miss the opportunity.

With its crisp taste, smooth mouthfeel, and light body, Puppers Beer is undoubtedly enjoyable. In fact, you would likely find Puppers Beer to be even better than standard American lagers. If you love enjoying a beer without getting too drunk, this lager is perfect for you.

Ratings and Reviews

Puppers Beer Ontario Puppers BeerPlenty of people have rated and reviewed Puppers Beer after giving this lager a try. Let us take a look at them to get an idea of the general verdict:

Untapped: In total, more than 5,000 people have rated Puppers Beer on Untapped. Among them, 4,393 are for the old version from Stack Brewing, resulting in an average rating of 3.18 out of 5. The Labatt Brewing Beer has an average rating of 3.29, with 1,091 ratings in total.

Beeradvocate: Beeradvocate has eleven reviews for the Stack Brewing version of Puppers Beer. Here the lager has earned a score of 80 out of 100 and is marked as “Good.” The Labatt Brewing Puppers Beer hasn’t been ranked on this site.

YouTube: Reviews on YouTube from beer critics mostly speak well of this lager. According to Drunk Polkaroo, the Stack Brewing version has “grassy noble hops,” “a cereal grain flavor,” and “biscuity, toasted malt flavors.” Alconauts has reviewed the Labatt Brewing version, noting that the beer is “bright, crisp, and clean.”

Beer Label

One difference between the actual Puppers Beer and the one shown on TV is that while the latter always came in brown bottles, the former is available only in cans. Both Stack Brewing and Labatt Brewing have used the picture of a crowned white Labrador on the label. The text, however, changed once Labatt took over Puppers Beer.

– Label Under Stack Brewing

Front: Puppers Premium Lager, the Official Beer of Letterkenny

Back: “Puppers is everything you could want in a beer. It’s the start of a good time with your close pals. A satisfying taste that will get along with anyone – that faithful friend that will always be by your side.”

– Label Under Labatt Brewing

Front: Pure. Golden. Loyal. Puppers Golden Lager, the Official Beer of Letterkenny.

Back: “People, persons, peasants, pheasants. We proudly present a palate pleasing potion for pals parched proper. Pertnear the whole population’ll be pilin’up to partake promptly… so pitter-patter, partner. Who’s a good beer? Puppers. Perfect.”

Similar Beers

While Puppers Beer is unavailable in the U.S. and getting them from Canada is quite hard too, there are a few alternatives that you may go for. These beers are similar in taste and flavor and should give you an idea of the Puppers Beer taste until you can actually give it a try.

– Who’s a Good Beer?

Whos a Good BeerStreetside Brewery launched this pale ale to raise funds for two local animal shelters: Save the Animals Foundation and Ohio Alleycat Rescue. Besides the fundraising, the brewery has also tried to get people to adopt cats and dogs featured on the labels.

As for the beer, it has an ABV rating of 4.5 percent, slightly higher than Puppers Beer. The taste is primarily a mix of Citra and grain, with an aroma of lemon and spices.

– How ‘R Ya Now

How R Ya Now BeerThis beer from Night Shift Brewing is a close alternative to Puppers Beer, at least in spirit. Like in the case of Puppers Beer, it’s advertised as a beer to enjoy when relaxing after work. However, its alcohol content is higher, with an ABV rating of 6 percent.

With notes of lemon, lychee, and berry, this is a very refreshing and crisp drink. The brewery uses caramel malts and hops the beer with Citra and Rakau hops.

– Good N’ You IPA

Good N You IPA BeerThis pale ale from Springdale Beer has an ABV of 6.5 percent, making it a good choice for individuals who aren’t a fan of light lagers. It carries a beautiful tropical taste, along with a great aroma.

Good N’ You IPA has an IPA of 25 and is best served at a temperature between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewed using Citra and Galaxy hops, this IPA is worth a try.

– Be Fair Pale Ale

Be Fair Pale Ale BeerThis is yet another beer from Night Shift Brewery that shares stark similarities with the Letterkenny Beer. The hazy American Pale Ale carries a fruity taste – a blend of citrus and stone fruits. The great combination of Amarillo and El Dorado hops ensures a rich mouthfeel and aroma too. With an ABV rating of 5.6 percent, this ale is a good choice for those seeking an alternative to Puppers Beer.

– Backcheck IPA

Backcheck IPA BeerBackcheck happens to be a crisp India Pale Ale from Smuttynose Brewing, with 6.3 percent ABV. This medium golden ale carries a flowery and fruity aroma. The flavor is a blend of pine, spices, and citrus, giving the beer a beautiful taste. The brewery primarily promotes the beer as a great pre-game drink that will boost you up.

– Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak BeerWith an ABV level of 4.2 percent, Lucky Streak is very close to Puppers Beer in terms of alcohol content. Released in 2018 by Anheuser-Busch, the lager has a clear straw appearance and a thick, white head.

The bready and rice-like flavor comes with a touch of green apple and sourness that delivers a refreshing taste. Lucky Streak is an excellent choice if you detest bitter beers and would rather go for something crisp and fruity with a sour tinge.

– Miller Lite

Miller Lite BeerThis American-style Pilsner beer is known to be the original light lager that first started in 1975. Over the centuries, it has retained its popularity among drinkers who love crisp beers with low alcohol content. This lager has 4.2 percent ABV, a light to medium body, and a clean finish.

The Galena hops and specially grown barley give the beer a beautiful aroma with a malt character. As for the taste, it is sweet with a touch of caramel and a crisp, clean finish.

– Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon BeerOne of the most notable brands under Pabst Brewing Company, Pabst Blue Ribbon is an American Premium Lager that has been around since 1844. This is a smooth and full-bodied beer with 4.74 percent ABV.

Brewed using some of the finest hops and grains, Pabst Blue Ribbon delivers an exquisite taste that earned it great recognition back in the 1890s. However, you can likely find a better drink if you are looking for an alternative to Puppers Beer.

– Coors Light

Coors Light BeerBest served ice-cold, Coors Light is a lager from Coors Brewing Company, a Colorado-based brewery. It carries a sweet taste, with subtle notes of malt. The lager particularly stands out due to its quality ingredients, including 100 percent Rocky Mountain water.

The mouthfeel is effervescent in nature, with a crisp finish. The lager carries the aroma of freshly baked bread, with hints of pear and banana.

– Straub Light

Straub Light BeerStraub Light is well-known for its craft beers, which are handcrafted using the same techniques initially developed in the late 1800s. Straub Light is a very light later, with 3.2 percent ABV and 13 IBU. Transparent straw gold in color, the lager also offers a very mild flavor with light grain and lightly grassy hops. However, the aroma is quite nice, and so is the overall appearance.


What makes Puppers beer unique?

Puppers beer is unique due to its smooth taste, made possible by a combination of premium malts and a special strain of yeast.

What type of beer is Puppers?

Puppers is a lager-style beer, brewed to be refreshing and easy-drinking with a balanced hop flavor and aroma.

Is Puppers only brewed in Ontario?

Yes, Puppers beer is exclusively brewed in Ontario, Canada using locally-sourced ingredients.


Taking all factors into consideration, Puppers Beer is definitely a lager worth trying out. Its crisp and refreshing taste, together with the amazing aroma and mouthfeel, ensures an enjoyable experience. Here’s a quick summary of the most important points mentioned above:Puppers Beer Fictional beer

  • Puppers Beer was first released by Stack Brewing but now Labatt Brewing has taken over.
  • You cannot get Puppers Beer in the US; you’ll have to travel to Ontario in Canada to buy it.
  • This is a very light lager with only 4 percent ABV.
  • The beer has a notably refreshing taste that makes it perfect for enjoying after any activity.

If you plan to travel to Ontario anytime soon, make sure to grab a can of Puppers Beer if you can.

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