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Melt a beery compound butter over just-grilled steaks, and freeze the rest for baked potatoes, sautéed veggies and baguettes.

A long bath in beer makes our carnitas con buen sabor!

Our modern take on classic Stroganoff features individual filet mignons and a dubbel spike.

Our turkey breast is done in less than two hours, and our Belgian dubbel gravy’s fuss-free.


L.A.'s Beer Belly tops cheesy pastry with ultratender spicy short rib.

Fruity lambic reduced to a syrup adds tang to an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce you’ll want to slather on everything.

Beer-braised onions and peppers reinvigorate the classic Italian sub.

Braised all day in stout and seasonings, the beef in these sliders is packed with flavor; spicy horseradish cream, pickled onions and sharp Cheddar up the ante.

Pairing the grill and a standard oven mimics the effect of Under the Sun’s wood-burning oven; brine the bird, and the meat’s ultratender.

Chili doesn’t need to wait for winter: Seasonal veggies and a summery saison (Forrestal uses the brewery’s own Capital City Saison) make this buffalo version perfect for warm-weather cookouts.

Use a malty brown ale to perfume a tenderloin, and let coarse salt work its hands-off magic for pork that’s juicier than lean meat has a right to be.

Beer batter makes a light, flavorful coating for large shrimp.

Straight from the menu at Ladyface Ale House comes this hearty one-pot chicken, braised in Belgian ale.

Ground chipotle powder and a smoky, roasty chipotle ale add alluring heat to flash-sautéed shrimp piled on crispy, slaw-topped tostadas.

Beer and bacon-Cheddar pretzels take traditional mac-and-cheese to beer-geek status.

It's the beery version of osso buco; a lager makes a delightful substitution for the more traditional white wine.

Comfort food at its finest: short ribs cooked to tender perfection, pulled off the bone and tossed with sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach, and served over hot pasta.

Lamb shanks braise in a tart lambic; then the liquid is transformed into a luscious gravy spiked with tangy pomegranate molasses.

Meaty swordfish and Mediterranean flavor slow-cooked in pilsner and tomatoes.

A witbier’s coriander and orange peel notes mingle with the Asian seasonings in this hearty fall braise.


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