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Here’s the secret to the creamiest homemade hummus: Chickpeas have a thin, translucent skin that gives the dip a slightly chunky texture, no matter how great your food processor is. Take a few minutes to pinch the skins, and discard those tiny menaces to create an ultracreamy dip.

Beer and bacon give morning flapjacks knockout flavor.

It’s your morning bagel elevated to brunch-table status: Smoked salmon, roasted asparagus, cream cheese and chives wrapped in rye-beer crepes.

Bourbon’s sweet heat and a dark beer’s roast make you forget all about the bacon in these vegan baked beans.

Sweet, savory, tangy and ever-so-easy, our beer barbecue sauce goes with everything grillable and is open to experimentation.

Smoked lager and chipotle pepper spice up skirt steak that's as good in these tostadas as it is in your run-of-the-mill taco.

These vegetarian enchiladas are stuffed with tender chard and black beans and ooze with chili-and-dark-lager sauce.

Our version of mole is made ultrarich with Mexican chocolate and a whole bottle of roasty stout.

Slow-cooking pork butt in a combination of salsa and IPA yields meltingly tender meat to tuck into soft-shell tacos.


This Ghana-born soup’s a rich, addictive mix of sweet, salty and spicy thanks to sweet potatoes, chicken, peanut butter and a godly amount of cayenne pepper.


Spent grain gives these loaded-up cookies a little chew, and a lot of snack appeal.


A brewery chef recruits a Flanders brown for his take on mussels.

Rabbit Bistro's best-selling soup includes an entire pint of pils.


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