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A rich brown ale pulls double duty in this recipe as both a marinade and a sauce.

Lemony and tart, this marinade adds a bright punch of avor to seafood, lamb and, of course, chicken.

Leftover turkey and veggies become another company-worthy meal.

The backyard cook-out goes cutlery-free with these tangy, spicy chicken skewers marinated and glazed in a porter-honey sauce.

Bye-bye, beer can chicken. The reigning drunken chicken requires two beers: one for a moisture-inject- ing brine, another for a sweet and shiny glaze. The result is a super- tender, full-flavored whole chicken that’s markedly more impressive than a bird with aluminum shoved up its you-know-what.

Nothing against wings, but chicken thighs give you more bang for your buck. Rauchbier ups the smoke factor in our sweet sauce.

Pile this spicy beer-braised chicken on crusty rolls with coleslaw, or tuck it into soft tacos.

Our turkey breast is done in less than two hours, and our Belgian dubbel gravy’s fuss-free.

Fruity lambic reduced to a syrup adds tang to an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce you’ll want to slather on everything.

Pairing the grill and a standard oven mimics the effect of Under the Sun’s wood-burning oven; brine the bird, and the meat’s ultratender.

Straight from the menu at Ladyface Ale House comes this hearty one-pot chicken, braised in Belgian ale.

A witbier’s coriander and orange peel notes mingle with the Asian seasonings in this hearty fall braise.

A triple-mustard dressing with a crisp German pilsner amps up crunchy, pretzel-crusted chicken.

Hot peppers, allspice, cloves, ginger and cumin combine with Red Stripe to make an intoxicating marinade that injects the meat with fire.

The dark fruit notes of a Belgian dark strong ale play off of this duck sausage’s earthy spice.

Spicy and bold with a slight sour bite, we’ve given Buffalo sauce a hefeweizen’s subtle sweetness.

A hearty Southern stew with a lager lift.

Slather a tart cherry sauce over this Southern-style meal of duck and Johnny cakes.

Asahi Super Dry goes into the batter and sauce of this chicken stir fry.

Farmhouse ale meets foie gras.


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