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This sauce is delicious on practically everything— try it with grilled meat, stir a spoonful into tuna salad or tuck some into a grilled cheese. It holds nicely for a week in the fridge.

When the sun shines and the grill comes out of hibernation, there are few simpler pleasures than cooking outside with a beer in hand.

Stack these mushrooms on focaccia or ciabatta with some baby greens for a tasty meatless sandwich or add leftover ’shrooms to a turkey or roast beef sandwich for a big boost of avor.

This recipe makes more crema than you’ll need for six ears of corn: Slather the extra on toasted baguette slices, BLT sandwiches or grilled chicken.

Your Super Bowl party accommodates your New Year’s resolution in an easy, one-pot meal: This hearty chili’s full of flavor and low in saturated fat. Add a bold chili stout, some bright vegetables and chipotles for a kick of heat, and no one will miss the meat.

Homemade IPA-splashed pickles are delicious to snack on and even better to give.

Fill mushrooms caps with a decadent mix of stuffing, turkey and brie.

This quick, unfermented sauerkraut gets an extra boost of flavor and color from seasonings traditionally found in Southern chowchow.

A caramely brown ale in these spiced-up bars will make you forget all about pie.


We ix-nay potatoes and fill this summery soup with lighter but flavor-packed morsels: sweet corn, briny shrimp, bacon and bright, golden lager.

Asparagus as the new potato? Try our new "frites" and never look back.

This versatile aioli is amazing on asparagus, green beans, chicken, fried fish and sandwiches; a splash of OJ, and you've got salad dressing.

A sprinkle of bacon is just the beginning: These spuds glean their flavor from a beer bath that works equally well as a chicken marinade.

Any staunch Brussels sprouts haters may very well change their minds after one bite of these tender wit-braised sprouts.

Sweet pears and salty blue cheese mingle with a bitter pale ale reduction in this novel take on scalloped potatoes.

Beer-braised onions and peppers reinvigorate the classic Italian sub.

Chili doesn’t need to wait for winter: Seasonal veggies and a summery saison (Forrestal uses the brewery’s own Capital City Saison) make this buffalo version perfect for warm-weather cookouts.

The perfect summer side: A weizen-spiked vinaigrette over sweet, mild (and beer-poached!) leeks.

A sherry-cask-aged English barleywine takes French onion soup to an earthy, extraordinary new level.

The wheaty, sweet softness of a witbier balances sharp vinegar in this crunchy apple-orange-pepper-fennel side that easily replaces ho-hum fruit salad.


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