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Your winning Super Bowl dish is here: These pulled-pork nachos are spicy, rich and unbelievably tasty. Do yourself a favor and make the pulled pork the day before; allowing the meat to rest in braising liquid overnight helps infuse it with the broth and makes for quick prep time the next day, so you won’t miss kickoff.

The smoke in this jam comes from a splash of rauchbier and chipotle peppers. Turn up the heat: It’s best served warm with crostini, crackers or a wedge of your favorite cheese.

These addictive hors d’oeuvres pack a one-two punch of sweetness and spice that perfectly complements a malty, fruity, lightly hopped bière de garde.


Practically effortless but seriously tasty, this pork roast should be your go-to dinner for after-work company.

A long bath in beer makes our carnitas con buen sabor!

Use a malty brown ale to perfume a tenderloin, and let coarse salt work its hands-off magic for pork that’s juicier than lean meat has a right to be.

Your favorite wheat beer adds fresh flavor to quickly braised greens in this bacon, egg and cheese morning sandwich.

A rich rauchbier and a couple hours in the oven make these smoky, tangy ribs taste like they slow-smoked all night.

Freshly roasted chilies and pork combine in a hearty stew; a crown of cornmeal dumplings makes the meal rib-sticking.

This British-by-way-of-India classic is a fabulous, IPA-spiked mix of spicy, sour and savory centered on a masala spice blend.

Tender pork medallions sauced up with apple, sage and Allagash's famed wood-aged tripel.

Cured meat, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta and pilsner combine in this simple pasta supper.

A simple Vietnamese chop with nuoc cham sauce and carrot slaw.

Lamb and pork meatballs with a dash of amber ale can go curried, barbecue or Caribbean.

The traditional French plate goes Southern with Yuengling, bacon and pork.

The tamale goes casserole with Dos Equis in the braise and batter.

Beery ribs brined in pale ale and slathered in Anchor Steam sauce.

A fragrant, tart brine tenderizes a juicy pork loin.

A beer belly (actually, lager-braised pork belly) we can get behind.

Cochon chef Stephen Stryjewski douses this spicy Cajun sausage dish with Abita Amber.


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