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This beautiful flatbread looks impressive, but is dead simple to make.

This German beer-cheese spread (pronounced “OH-bots-duh”) is a Bavarian biergarten mainstay.

A bottle of brown ale lends our beer-cheese soup a nice nuttiness; pimientos and hot sauce give it a kick.

Elevated with a splash of abbey ale, these French cheese puffs are savory and rich, but cloudlike, too.

IPA-simmered chicken melts with hot sauce for an addictive dip that’s more portable (and pleasantly gooier) than Buffalo wings.

A Mexican lager in a chili-cheese dip? Instant fiesta!


A creamy, beer-and-Gouda soup any self-respecting cheesehead should try at least once.


Honey- and truffle oil-drizzled cheese bites that come together super-quick.


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