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A rich brown ale pulls double duty in this recipe as both a marinade and a sauce.

Stack these mushrooms on focaccia or ciabatta with some baby greens for a tasty meatless sandwich or add leftover ’shrooms to a turkey or roast beef sandwich for a big boost of avor.

A bottle of brown ale lends our beer-cheese soup a nice nuttiness; pimientos and hot sauce give it a kick.

A caramely brown ale in these spiced-up bars will make you forget all about pie.

Nutty brown ale deepens this beef chili that’s hearty enough for a tailgate and easy enough for a weeknight dinner.

The brown ale reduction adds an almost savory, umami quality to this ice cream.

Use a malty brown ale to perfume a tenderloin, and let coarse salt work its hands-off magic for pork that’s juicier than lean meat has a right to be.

Comfort food at its finest: short ribs cooked to tender perfection, pulled off the bone and tossed with sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach, and served over hot pasta.

A brown ale beers up our pizza dough; we throw it on the grill for pizza worthy of a backyard bash.

You'll feel the heat from this tapas bar classic, a platter of potatoes accompanied by a smoldering tomato “salsa brava.”

A flaky brown ale-onion tart perfect as a starter or a meal on its own.

Sweet potatoes and spice become pierogis with the help of brown ale.

Super-simple grilled pheasant echoes barbecue with a brown ale marinade.

Our cheesy soup features aged English Cheddar and a nutty brown ale.


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