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Your Super Bowl party accommodates your New Year’s resolution in an easy, one-pot meal: This hearty chili’s full of flavor and low in saturated fat. Add a bold chili stout, some bright vegetables and chipotles for a kick of heat, and no one will miss the meat.

Stouts are a natural choice for chocolate cream pie, but a chocolate stout really amps up the flavor.

Bye-bye, beer can chicken. The reigning drunken chicken requires two beers: one for a moisture-inject- ing brine, another for a sweet and shiny glaze. The result is a super- tender, full-flavored whole chicken that’s markedly more impressive than a bird with aluminum shoved up its you-know-what.

The chocolate and bitter notes of stout become a rich base for the chocolate sauce that tops this s’mores-inspired ice cream pie.

Braised all day in stout and seasonings, the beef in these sliders is packed with flavor; spicy horseradish cream, pickled onions and sharp Cheddar up the ante.

Stout and brown ale combine in these gooey chocolate cupcakes with a pretzel crunch.

Succulent, crunchy fried oysters in a sauce that blends sharp mustard with a smooth oatmeal stout.

For these collards, a Southern chef pours in a stout; the result is mouthfuls of meaty greens with a richness you can only get from roasted malts.

A simple, satisfying stew made with a pint of stout.

Sky Fox's famous (and monk-approved!) stout-onion soup.

Japanese ingredients and stout marry in this Asian dipping sauce


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