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This beautiful flatbread looks impressive, but is dead simple to make.

Lemony and tart, this marinade adds a bright punch of avor to seafood, lamb and, of course, chicken.

Perfect for toting to a summer barbecue, this easy-to-bake cake relies on a one-two punch of raspberries, both fresh and from the bottle.

This blueberry beer-spiked crust is truly excellent, but if baking isn’t your thing, you can assemble the tart in a store-bought graham cracker crust.

Beer and bacon give morning flapjacks knockout flavor.

A blueberry ale melds nicely with these muffins’ tart rhubarb, but your favorite fruit beer will work just as well.

Our favorite bread pudding (of course) has beer inside, and blissfully diet-busting jelly donuts as the bready base.

A hint of Abita's famed fruit beer keeps these beignets Southern.


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