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Espresso and chocolaty beer takes our whoopie to a whole new level.

Tart, green Granny Smiths steeped in beer hold their own in this gorgeous tart that’s simpler than it looks.

The only chili you should ever make is this brewery-born chili-beer chili.

Pie reigns supreme, but this fluffy, supermoist cake (loaded with pumpkin ale, pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree) challenges the throne.

Ground chipotle powder and a smoky, roasty chipotle ale add alluring heat to flash-sautéed shrimp piled on crispy, slaw-topped tostadas.

A honeyed beer plus more honey plus apple juice can only equal a sweet beer cocktail; a dose of gin gives this drink its edge.

Top a perfectly seared steak with a decadent blue cheese butter, then gild the lily with a luscious coffee porter-based jus.

Juniper beer adds an herbal note to this easy dipping sauce.

A beer heir's take on chocolate cake.

A cherry-chocolate confection in a cream cheese crust.

A quick and summery chile-lime beer treat.

A chocolate stout's spin on the creamy treat.

Spike a dreamy, decadent fondue with a chocolate stout.


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