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This sauce is delicious on practically everything— try it with grilled meat, stir a spoonful into tuna salad or tuck some into a grilled cheese. It holds nicely for a week in the fridge.

Combine flavorful herbs and rich creaminess with a lightly hoppy pilsner for a bigger, bolder taste.

A dead ringer for peach flesh and a perfect companion to barbecue pulled pork sandwich, this drink’s secret is a crisp pilsner base and maple syrup.

A pilsner-and-mezcal spin on a Michelada.

Beer bread loaded with rye, oats, beer and a sourdough smack.

Crunchy, beer-battered sage leaves make elevated (but easy!) bar snacks and lend texture to salads and pasta.

A slow-cooker chili that comes together quickly.

Milwaukee-inspired chicken strips with a dose of Blatz.


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