From the Cellar: The Bruery Black Tuesday 2009-2016 and Chocolate Rain 2011-2016

How long do these crazy-high-ABV stouts need? We found out.

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Pick this up: Ecliptic Brewing Capella Porter

Looking for a compelling, true-to-style porter? Your search is over.

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Are taprooms the future of craft beer?

A growing number of brewers are deciding to skip on distribution and focus on selling beer over their own bartops.

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We’re obsessed: Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale surfboard

The best way to show your Hawaiian spirit in the surf

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5 new and coming-soon brewery music venues to keep on your radar

Keep your eyes on the musical lineups at these new brewery venues from coast to coast.

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Pubs we love: Dog-friendly bars

Let your best friend have its day at these crafty outdoor spots.

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5 beer-intensive hotels for your next vacation

You won’t have to leave the building to make a beer run at these brewery-adjacent lodgings.

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Experimental-hop beers abound in Seattle’s taprooms

How the city came to brew with an alphabet soup of new hops.

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Several states make long-awaited updates to their beer laws

New beer legislation could make it easier for brewers to make and sell their beers—and easier for you to drink it.

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Speakeasy Ales & Lagers suddenly shuts down

The San Francisco-based brewery is financially insolvent, it announced on its website Friday.

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