Best Beer for Party

Let’s make your party fun and affordable with this best beer for party list. Our team of beer experts picked these beers with lower alcohol levels (ABV), so they’re perfect for parties. In this article, we’ll show you macro and craft beers for party and share tips on how to get them.

Best Beer for Party

Join us as we explore the best beer choices for your party, ensuring a fantastic time for all without breaking the bank. Highly recommended to check out our pizza and beer pairing article with the best beer selection.

Our Top Party Beers Selection

If you want to give your guests the best possible drinking experience that is refreshingly good and budget-friendly, take a look at these great racks of beer options.

BrandAlcohol Content (ABV)PackPrice
🍺Coors Light 4.2% abv36$23.48
🍺 Budweiser5% abv36$25.73
🍺 Narragansett Lager (Craft Beer)5% abv30$23
🍺 Fat Tire (Craft Beer)5.2% abv 12$18.99
🍺 Allagash White (Keg)5.2% abv 1/6$134.99
Average beer prices based on retailers

Planning a memorable party involves several elements like food, music, company, and, of course, great drinks. Selecting the perfect party beer can be a significant cost depending on the guest count.

It’s no longer about stocking the cheapest lagers and hoping for the best. With a vast world of beer styles and flavors, chosen thoughtfully, it can add a refreshing twist to your event.

Karla Erickson – Craft Beer Enthusiastic
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Best Beers for Party

We’ll uncover classic go-to options, flavorful craft beers, how much it costs to purchase them, and where so that all you need to do is keep your guests entertained.


Budweiser is renowned as the king of beers. The golden, refreshing beer is a classic American lager that is sold in every corner of the globe. 

The mild, sweet flavor and crisp finish of Budweiser is enjoyed worldwide, and is a BBQ and sports day favorite among its fans. One because it is light and refreshing, and secondly, because it is budget-friendly. 

A 30-pack of 12oz cans costs around $20, which equates to 5 beers each for a crowd of 6 people, which is amazing compared to other brands. You can also get a pack of 36 cans for around $22, which is even kinder on your wallet.

Beer details:

Pabst Blue Ribbon

PBR is another great American light beer that is fit for any social gathering. The 2017 Great American Beer Festival Award Winner is a tasty beverage with malt sweetness and hoppy bitterness. 

With an ABV of 4.5, it’s perfect for decking a few without getting giddy and is readily available in most convenient stores around the US.

A pack of PBR has a similar price range to Bud, with a pack of 30 12oz cans coming in at $22.

Beer details:

Miller Lite

Next up is Miller Lite, a great BBQ companion that suits many preferences. 

It’s one of the best low-calorie beers, weighing in at 96 calories and only 3.6 grams of carbs per can, which is great for people who are watching their waistline and it’s also great for people who are looking for a low-ABV beer to enjoy before the ride home.

Price-wise, you can pick up packs of 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30, giving you lots of options ranging from $8 to $24. The more you buy, obviously saves you more money, but it’s great for small and big parties.

Beer details:


The European giant Heineken, is heavily marketed throughout the world and is another popular choice for social gatherings.

The beer pairs well with pizza, BBQ, Mexican food, and other types. Its mild maltiness and hoppy flavor make it one of the go-to beers for gatherings with food and music.

Though it’s slightly more expensive than its competitors Bud and Coors, Heineken is certainly guaranteed to be a huge hit with your guests. Plus, you can buy 5-liter Heineken kegs at Beerwulf, which always impresses beer lovers.

Beer details:

Corona Extra

Put your Corona Extra next to your chips and guacamole at your next party, as it goes very well with both. 

Corona Extra is the most famous imported beer to come from Mexico, made from the finest quality ingredients of filtered water, hops, malted barley, corn, and yeast. 

Its flavor profile of hops and malt is well-balanced and delivers a crisp, refreshing finish that gets boosted with a lime wedge. You can buy a sixer for $10 or a pack of 24 for around $26-$34

Beer details:

Coors Light

Coors Light is another flagship option that is a fan favorite at social gatherings. Its light, crisp, and fresh taste has won many accolades, and it certainly won’t disappoint at your party.

Its ABV of 4.2% doesn’t hit hard, making it perfect for a long night of indulgence. The classic 12 fl oz bottle contains only 102 calories – another excellent choice for those watching their calorie intake.

As far as budgeting is concerned, it’s priced along the lines of Budweiser, with a 30-pack of 12oz cans costing around $20. Coors Banquet is another option from Coors Brewing that is great for parties around the same price range.

Beer details:

Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager from America’s oldest brewery is one of the best cheap beers to buy and would be a welcome addition to your party. Its malty sweetness and slight hops aroma make it a reliable companion for any BBQ or grill party.

It’s hard to find in some parts of the country, but if you can find it, it’s worth buying. They don’t sell them in packs of 30, but you can get a 24-pack for around $22-$24 and a 12-pack for less than $14. 

They also sell ¼ kegs, which is perfect for 20-plus guests. 

Beer details:

Blue Moon

Please your guests with one of America’s popular beers. This Belgian beer style wheat ale is brewed with Valencia orange peel for a unique flavor profile and has spicy and citrus undertones that give it a slightly tangy finish. 

It delivers an exciting tasting experience that pairs well with everything from BBQs to Chinese dishes and is a great option for people who don’t traditionally like beer.

Unfortunately, they’re only available in packs of 15, 12, and 6, meaning if you’re having a fairly large party, you’ll need a fair few cases to last you through the day. 

Beer details:

Stella Artois

Arguably the best Belgian beer in the world, served in a cold wide-rounded glass with a two-finger white head, it’s the ultimate refreshing pale lager.

Stella Artois is a great party beverage, and when guests see it, they know they’re getting a quality beer that’s full of flavor and not cheap. 

Since its inception, Stella Artois has won dozens of awards for its well-balanced malt sweetness, floral aromas, crisp hop bite, and subtle dry finish, most recently the World’s Best International Lager in 2019. It’s also one of the best beers to pair with food.

Considering the quality of this beer and its price of $26-$30 for a 24-pack, it’s value for money!

Beer details:

Best Beer for Party CRAFT

Best Craft Beers for Party

If you’re looking to provide your guests at the party with something different than the brand beer listed above, try these amazing craft beers that are available in beer packs and kegs.

Narragansett Lager

The famous Narragansett Lager proves that true craftsmanship and flavor can be found in a can. Brewed in 1890, this golden American lager has been an ever-popular beer and has won gold medals at The Tasting World Championship and The Great International Beer Festival.

Narragansett has a traditional taste of toasted bread, a slight sweetness that’s perfectly balanced by mild hop bitterness, and a crisp, refreshing finish that makes it the perfect partner to clams, oysters, cheese fondues, and BBQs. 

It’s one of the cheapest on this craft beer list and comes in packs of 30 for $23, which is a steal for this amazing lager.

Beer details:

Hazy Little Thing IPA

This unfiltered, unprocessed IPA from Sierra Nevada has a fruity, juicy hop aroma that’s bursting with zesty citrus notes.

If you like your beer with a fruity punch at the end and pleasant maltese, Hazy Little Things is the perfect IPA to WOW the crowd with.

Unlike most beers on our list, this IPA comes in 19oz cans as well as 12oz.

Beer details:

Hazy Like A Fox IPA

This beautiful hazy IPA from New Realm Brewing brewed with a secret blend of malt, barley, oats, and wheat is truly one of the best IPAs on the market.

It’s double dry hopped with a mixture of Azacca and El Dorado hops to give the beer its bursting juicy orange flavor and light bitterness, finished by a smooth mouthfeel.

If you haven’t already tried this fantastic IPA, you definitely should get a keg for the party or a couple of sixers to try.

Beer details:

Allagash White

Brewed with a healthy amount of wheat and spices, such as coriander and orange peel, Allagash White delivers a unique, refreshing flavor profile, perfect for any occasion.

Allagash Brewing is known for its impressive production of Belgian-style beers, like Allagash Curieux, Tripel, and House, but this Belgian-style wheat beer is their front-runner. It won the most awards out of all Belgian-style Witbiers in the world, spanning from 1996 to 2023, winning 17 medals. 

Being the best Belgian-style witbier in the world, you’d expect a hefty price tag, but that’s not the case with this incredible beer. For a 12-pack of 12oz cans it costs $20.99 at Totalwine, which is pretty good considering how amazing this beer is.

Beer details:

Fat Tire

Produced by New Belgium Brewery (one of the best breweries in Colorado), Fat Tire is brewed with sustainability and environmental practices in mind, using premium ingredients and earning the title of America’s first certified carbon-neutral beer.

It’s a bright, balanced beer that is made for easy drinking with a slight fruity aroma and crisp finish. Beer lovers adore this beer, and so will you! 

Pick up a 12-pack for $17.99 and watch the smiles on your friend’s faces as they sip on heaven in a bottle.

Beer details:

Jai Alai

Another hit craft beer from Cigar City Brewing, listed number one in our article best breweries in Florida. This Indian Pale Ale hits hard with a strong orange punch, backed by rich malt character and subtle caramel notes.

The craft beer is rated highly on BeerAdvocate and beer lovers worldwide. With a generous 7.5% ABV, you’ll only need to share a few with each guest!

Beer details:

All Day IPA

Brewed for hard-working Americans with a clean, crisp finish and perfectly balanced flavors, All Day IPA is a must-try!

It’s a fantastic beer for anyone who might be new to the IPA style, and you can pick up a 15-pack for less than $20, which works out at $1.3 per can. 

So, if you’re having 6 guests at your party, you’ll only need to fork out $40 for 5 cans each, equating to $6.6 per guest. 

Beer details:

Favorite Keg Beers for a Party

Beers in cans are fast to chill and that is why they are considered the best types of beers for party. However, they can definitely prove to be expensive when it comes to very large parties. That is why we also recommend keg beers for parties. Here are our top recommendations:

Sweet Action Cream Ale of Sixpoint

Another keg beer is from the Sweet Action cream ale of Sixpoint with5% ABV. Moreover, you should know that their 16 oz. drinks come in four cans per box if you wish to buy those over the keg.

Victory Prima Pils

If you’re looking for a classic beer taste, 5.3% abv Victory Prima Pils may be the answer. It has a wheaty taste followed by grassy hops and it is truly for those with a modern craft beer palate.

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Aside from the previous options, here is a fruity drink that we can suggest. Notably, Shiner Ruby Redbird with 4% abv comes in six packs, if you wish to buy those as well. It also offers grapefruit and ginger notes. So, drinking these beers will surely refresh your guests.

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Expert Tips to Buying the Right Beer For Your Party

To avoid choosing a poor-quality beer, here’s a list of our tips to follow in order to find the best beer to buy for a party:

Choose Low ABV “Session Beers”

If you’re planning to hold a party for many people, make sure to offer a beer with a low ABV (alcohol by volume). See to it that the beer’s ABV is in the 5 percent range, as those ones are what some refer to as “session beers.”

These beers are low in alcohol but still have that distinct beer flavor. By getting low ABV beers, you and those drinking with you won’t get drunk quickly.

Make sure that you know the beer’s ABV and taste one of them before buying it for mass consumption. Also, be sure to remember the word “sessionable” when buying beers. These “sessionable” beers are the ones you can consume in your yard, by the pool, while tailgating, or for hanging out sessions without worrying about getting tipsy or drunk from the get-go.

Buy Good Beer, but Don’t Spend a Bundle

When buying a good beer, consider the price too. In a $10 bill, some may offer a four-pack of bottles, while in others, the $10 can buy a sixer. Our advice is to choose wisely.

A big party does not mean bringing out your $20 750ml bottles like The Bruery’s Sour in the Rye. We advise that you enjoy specialty beers with a few friends, as they are quite expensive to get in large quantities. So we suggest you get easily-consumed and relatively inexpensive beers, to ensure that all your guests will leave satisfied!

Plan Your Beer Bottles Based on Party Time

We know this sounds a bit extreme or unattainable, but it works if you are on a tight budget when planning a bigger and more neat party. You can allow each of your friends to have two beer bottles in the first hour of the party and then hand another beer every hour per person. So, if the party is three hours long, it will equate to four bottles per person.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best beer to have on hand for guests?

For a diverse group, it’s best to have a mix of popular styles like IPA, lager, and wheat beer.

How many bottles of beer per person for a party?

As a rule of thumb, two bottles per hour. This can vary depending on how many hours you intend to hold the party for – the longer the party goes on, the limit should decrease to one bottle per hour.

Which craft beer is best for a BBQ party of 10 guests?

The Narragansett Lager could be an excellent choice. A 30-pack for $23 can provide ample supply without breaking the bank. If you prefer an IPA, the All Day IPA or the Hazy Like a Fox IPA would also be great options that offer unique taste profiles and appeal to craft beer lovers.

What is the best beer for college parties?

When it comes to college partygo-ers, the best way to go about quenching their thirst is to buy inexpensive beer that comes in large packs, like Budweiser, Coors Light, PBR, and Miller Light. 

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all the best beers to choose from before you plan your next party.

  • Before you choose a beer for your next shindig, you should consider choosing low ABV or “session beers” that are easily drinkable.
  • You should also make sure that the beer tastes good yet doesn’t break the bank price-wise.
  • In some cases, you can also plan the number of beers you are going to buy in relation to the estimated time the party is going to last.

So there you have it, a curated collection of party-friendly beers that suit every budget. Whether you opt for classic brand beers or venture into the realm of craft ales, your guests are sure to be pleased. 

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