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Nothing says Christmas like cranberry, and nothing pairs better with cranberry than the flavors of orange, walnut and citrusy witbier in this holiday bread.

Beer and bacon give morning flapjacks knockout flavor.

Rauchbier adds a smoky note to sausage gravy spooned over herbed biscuits.

It’s your morning bagel elevated to brunch-table status: Smoked salmon, roasted asparagus, cream cheese and chives wrapped in rye-beer crepes.

A blueberry ale melds nicely with these muffins’ tart rhubarb, but your favorite fruit beer will work just as well.

Your favorite wheat beer adds fresh flavor to quickly braised greens in this bacon, egg and cheese morning sandwich.

Have a double dose of weisse for breakfast: Pour the beer in these airy pancakes, then stir some into the fruity compote topping.

Blend hearty spent grain into pancakes spiked with vanilla and honey.

Infuses a cornmeal crepe with the megahoppiness of your favorite imperial IPA, then stuff it with meat and cheese for a meaty meal.

Whip up these porter pancakes and load on the cinnamon-cherry compound butter, a handful of cherries, candied pecans and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Top hearty oatmeal pancakes with homemade orange marmalade and a frothy, faintly fruity La Chouffe sabayon.

A sweet, mild lager adds a yeasty lift and marvelous flavor to these luscious waffles.

A Wisconsin-style breakfast loaded with Guinness and brats.

German pancakes with French farmhouse ale funk.

A hearty brisket hash packed with potatoes, peppers and beer.

Beer-glazed doughnuts make a sweet start to the day.


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