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This tangy, no-cook sauce goes great with ham, beef, turkey, fish, pork loin or chicken, so it’s as welcome in your lunch bag as it is on the holiday table.

This German beer-cheese spread (pronounced “OH-bots-duh”) is a Bavarian biergarten mainstay.

IPA-simmered chicken melts with hot sauce for an addictive dip that’s more portable (and pleasantly gooier) than Buffalo wings.

Baked beer-cheese dip with a simple fresh salsa on top is easy entertainment at its most delicious.

A Mexican lager in a chili-cheese dip? Instant fiesta!

Dip your chip in this drunken guac.

A beery twist on a classic party staple.

A German spin on the classic Latin dip.

Mexican lager and a splash of tequila share the spotlight in this northern Mexico salsa.

A stout-infused dip version of broccoli-cheddar soup.

A porter adds depth to creamy onion dip.


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