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Asparagus as the new potato? Try our new "frites" and never look back.

Asheville’s City Bakery bakes these baguettes with spent grain from nearby Oysterhouse Brewing.

Beer bread loaded with rye, oats, beer and a sourdough smack.

Leftover brewing grain makes this sandwich bread hearty, while honey and a whole bomber of Scotch ale sweeten the loaf.

An IPA’s megahops nicely foil the heavy oil flavors you get from frying sweet cornmeal for show-stealing hush puppies every time.


Just like from the store--but so much better.


A light glaze of cinnamon and sugar makes the average almond suddenly addictive.


Beer-worthy cashews with a kick.

Warning: Your stomach may start to growl as the garlicky aroma of this bread wafts from your oven.

Have a swig of leftover Juniper Pale Ale? Make gravlax, the dish that transforms a couple of slabs of salmon into silky, buttery succulence.

A college campus favorite, this super-drinkable blend puts the “punch” in punch.

Salty, roasted cauliflower florets are an easy (and healthy!) popcorn alternative.


Honey- and truffle oil-drizzled cheese bites that come together super-quick.

Sweet fennel and a bitter dark ale harmonize in this crunchy snack.

Crunchy, beer-battered sage leaves make elevated (but easy!) bar snacks and lend texture to salads and pasta.


A holiday blend of old ale, fortified wine, roasted apples and winter spice.


Twist up traditional pretzels, or try one of our toothsome variations.

A beer- and cheese-infused bread that’s an ideal base for BLTs.


Our corn fritters are spiked with saison and hints of cumin and cayenne.


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