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The stovetop version of the 18th century classic (hot!) beer cocktail.

Cherry juice, ginger and a touch of simple syrup turn a sour beer into crowd-worthy punch.

A less-boozy version of a Long Island iced tea, this bright cocktail has touches of juniper sweet lemon.

This zippy cocktail's peppery kick wakes up your taste buds, but the drink goes down easy.

You’ll never make margaritas again. A bit of honey and mezcal’s complex smokiness snake through this sour lime/hefe/tequila blend.

Hops, juniper and mint conspire for bitterness that’s bright and dewy.

American IPA hops get a super-boost from real grapefruit juice and grapefruit bitters.

A dead ringer for peach flesh and a perfect companion to barbecue pulled pork sandwich, this drink’s secret is a crisp pilsner base and maple syrup.


Lime, tangerine and orange liqueur in a witbier cocktail herald that sticky-chin-after-biting-into-juicy-citrus feeling.


This spin on a Moscow Mule replaces vodka with a dry mead to add flavor and flower.


Gin’s juniper tones harmonize with sweet mead’s fruit flavors.

This bourbon-beer cocktail rounds off stout and coffee roast with almond-strawberry sweetness.

A honeyed beer plus more honey plus apple juice can only equal a sweet beer cocktail; a dose of gin gives this drink its edge.


Juniper and elderflower take a session beer to cocktail strength.

A pilsner-and-mezcal spin on a Michelada.


Make this mint-strawberry sipper with a summery saison and a floral vodka you can infuse yourself.

Longman & Eagle's zingy, briny Bloody gets its smoothness from an oatmeal stout.

Spice up your glass and turn a bottle of Bohemia into a smoky stunner.

Classic eggnog with a strong ale spike.

A floral addition to an American classic.


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