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A bottle of brown ale lends our beer-cheese soup a nice nuttiness; pimientos and hot sauce give it a kick.


We ix-nay potatoes and fill this summery soup with lighter but flavor-packed morsels: sweet corn, briny shrimp, bacon and bright, golden lager.

The only chili you should ever make is this brewery-born chili-beer chili.


Ladyface Ale House's French-style fish, clam and mussel stew goes down extra-easy with a pint of saison.

A sherry-cask-aged English barleywine takes French onion soup to an earthy, extraordinary new level.

Freshly roasted chilies and pork combine in a hearty stew; a crown of cornmeal dumplings makes the meal rib-sticking.


This Ghana-born soup’s a rich, addictive mix of sweet, salty and spicy thanks to sweet potatoes, chicken, peanut butter and a godly amount of cayenne pepper.

A traditional Louisiana shrimp stew revved up with a grassy pale ale.


A creamy, beer-and-Gouda soup any self-respecting cheesehead should try at least once.


Tomato soup spiked with pilsner that definitely packs a punch.


A tasty take on French onion soup with a little help from a lager.


A hearty Southern stew with a lager lift.


A creamy soup that benefits from a stout's smooth finish.

Rabbit Bistro's best-selling soup includes an entire pint of pils.

A bright yet hearty (and vegan!) corn soup with British flair.

A slow-cooker chili that comes together quickly.

A simple, satisfying stew made with a pint of stout.

Sky Fox's famous (and monk-approved!) stout-onion soup.

Beef stew leans toward Italy in this lamb version with an imperial stout from the Old Country.

Lamb and Guinness make a rich seasonal stew.


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