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Don’t be afraid of ceviche. Sure, the first time you “cook” fish in citrus, you might be a little skeptical, but soon you’ll be hooked by how easy it is to make a summer meal without heat.

This recipe makes more crema than you’ll need for six ears of corn: Slather the extra on toasted baguette slices, BLT sandwiches or grilled chicken.

This quick, unfermented sauerkraut gets an extra boost of flavor and color from seasonings traditionally found in Southern chowchow.

This versatile aioli is amazing on asparagus, green beans, chicken, fried fish and sandwiches; a splash of OJ, and you've got salad dressing.

A sprinkle of bacon is just the beginning: These spuds glean their flavor from a beer bath that works equally well as a chicken marinade.

Any staunch Brussels sprouts haters may very well change their minds after one bite of these tender wit-braised sprouts.

Cranberries steep in a tart berry lambic to up the sour factor, which works famously within an otherwise heavy holiday spread.

Sweet pears and salty blue cheese mingle with a bitter pale ale reduction in this novel take on scalloped potatoes.

The perfect summer side: A weizen-spiked vinaigrette over sweet, mild (and beer-poached!) leeks.

Bourbon’s sweet heat and a dark beer’s roast make you forget all about the bacon in these vegan baked beans.


This light but fiery salad is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats and beer-battered fish.

For these collards, a Southern chef pours in a stout; the result is mouthfuls of meaty greens with a richness you can only get from roasted malts.

You'll feel the heat from this tapas bar classic, a platter of potatoes accompanied by a smoldering tomato “salsa brava.”


This sweet side works with whatever veggies are in season.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with this hearty side dish: new potatoes in a lusty beer-mustard dressing, amped up with really good bacon and really basic cider vinegar.

A Chicago chef serves these beer-soaked veggies alongside award-winning ’cue.

The "BBB" in these Southern collards stands for bacon, brown sugar and Budweiser.

A simple, IPA-infused coleslaw that’s perfect for picnics.

There’s a cup of hefeweizen in this creamy, dreamy risotto.

Sweet, tart red cabbage braised in crisp kolsch.


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