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Asheville’s City Bakery bakes these baguettes with spent grain from nearby Oysterhouse Brewing.

Beer bread loaded with rye, oats, beer and a sourdough smack.

Leftover brewing grain makes this sandwich bread hearty, while honey and a whole bomber of Scotch ale sweeten the loaf.

An IPA’s megahops nicely foil the heavy oil flavors you get from frying sweet cornmeal for show-stealing hush puppies every time.

A brown ale beers up our pizza dough; we throw it on the grill for pizza worthy of a backyard bash.

Blend hearty spent grain into pancakes spiked with vanilla and honey.

Infuses a cornmeal crepe with the megahoppiness of your favorite imperial IPA, then stuff it with meat and cheese for a meaty meal.

Whip up these porter pancakes and load on the cinnamon-cherry compound butter, a handful of cherries, candied pecans and a dusting of powdered sugar.

This super-moist, spent-grain coffee cake is a sweet treat to serve for brunch.

Let your imagination run wild with this simple spent-grain pizza dough.

Warning: Your stomach may start to growl as the garlicky aroma of this bread wafts from your oven.

A sweet, mild lager adds a yeasty lift and marvelous flavor to these luscious waffles.

Use pastry chef John Barricelli's pâte brisée crust with your favorite pie or tart recipe.


Twist up traditional pretzels, or try one of our toothsome variations.

There’s a cup of hefeweizen in this creamy, dreamy risotto.

A beer- and cheese-infused bread that’s an ideal base for BLTs.

A pizza pro's award-winning, lager-infused dough.

German pancakes with French farmhouse ale funk.


Sam Adams in the dough and glaze make these pumpkin-cranberry-maple cookies tipsy.

A cranberry glaze sweetens up nutty Guinness cookies.


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